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Hakkasan Restaurant In London
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Overall 7.5
Food 7.5
Service 8.0
Atmosphere 7.5
Value 7.0
Based on 2 reviews

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Everything was OK and every dish broadly tasted different (the better one was the king crab), service was uneven, the restaurant was at the limit of feeling crammed and the setting was trying to be classy but without much character.

This would be fine for any place with substantially lower prices, and the reviews I have read everywhere made me expect something better.

Not somewhere to avoid if offered, but not worth going out of my way for.
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Justin B - View all reviews by this user
Overall rating 6 stars
Food 6 | Service 6 | Atmosphere 6 | Value for money 5
Sunday, February 22, 2015

First up a confession, I've never been to Hakkasan before but I actually no showed for a Saturday night dinner there 10 years ago. My lovely wife, or lovely girlfriend as she was back then, had booked it for my 30th birthday treat. Problem was the night before I'd had a big birthday bash at 'Langans Coq D'or', we had inevitably all ended up in 'Purple' (people might need to look these up) and then back to my flat 'Chez Dave' where the revelling continued. I woke up about 5PM the next day so we decided dinner wasn't really going to happen. I think we have both matured in the time since then, with Hakkasan rolling their brand out successfully throughout the world and in my case settling down and becoming a parent. I'd heard Hakkasan was ruinously expensive so it stayed off my radar but then last week, a helpful cove on twitter, had waxed lyrical about the Dim Sum they do Sunday lunchtime. The deal was Dim Sum, cocktails and a half bottle of champers each for £58 a head! It sounded too good to be true and I was a little cautious after a similar 'deal' at Arbutus had resulted in some very underwhelming food. However as we had planned to go shopping anyway my lovely wife & I left Baby G at my mum's and headed off to Hakkasan hoping our transgression a decade ago wouldn't be mentioned!

Hakkasan is on Hanway place, a pretty charmless stretch of lane off Tottenham Court Rd that I imagine hosts all sorts of nefarious activities of an evening. Having said that the entrance to Hakkasan is inviting and we descend it's dark scented staircase into the stylish interior. We are greeted very politely at the cloakroom/reservation desk and led through into the restaurant to a nice table for two. It's a big space for a restaurant and though they pack a lot of covers in the high ceilings ensure it's not too deafening. On Sunday they have a DJ playing 'chill out beats' which makes for a nice atmosphere. Our meal involved various courses of Dim Sum kicking off with a choice of cocktail, followed by a shared starter of delicious duck salad, the duck shredded at the table. The Selection of steamed Dim Sum is possibly less delicate than The Royal China's on a good day but on the plus side there is no stinting with filings, plump juicy prawns, huge bits of scallop. It is tasty, perfectly cooked and leaves us impressed. Next up we have the baked and fried Dim Sum again all excellent. We are slowly filling up, helped by our bottle of Louis Roeder champagne that is included in the menu. They then bring the fried salt and pepper squid which is tasty and soft to be followed by our 'main which is XO Lamb chops and fried rice. The lamb is gloriously spicy, the rice cooked perfectly, even the soy sauce they bring us is a cut above the usual.

We finish off with a choice of dessert and another cocktail. My lovely wife has an assortment of huge tasty Macaroons whilst I go for a seriously tasty version of tart tatin washed down with a superior brandy hot toddy. This was a very good meal indeed which accentuated by some of the best service I've had in the West End. When my glass of iced tap water is finished they don't refill the glass they bring me a fresh one. Champagne is expertly topped up so that it comfortably lasts until dessert. Courses are well paced, we make full use of our 2 and a half hour sitting. We aren't pressured to leave or to up order. OK if you go a la carte it isn't cheap but I think you are getting a superior experience for your buck. Our bill comes to £131 with service which is pretty much a steal for all we have had to eat and drink. We glide out, serenely refreshed after our luxury interlude into the drabness and panicked furore of the West End in the run up to Christmas. If you like Dim Sum you should give this a go.
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david ginsberg - View all reviews by this user
Overall rating 9 stars
Food 9 | Service 10 | Atmosphere 9 | Value for money 9
Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I ate at Hakkasan earlier this week with a friend. All in all it was good and I would return but I was hoping for more.

Service was outstanding, the bar service was excellent and the cocktails are indeed expertly made. The wine list was interesting with some unusual choices alongside some more usual and classic wines.

The food however was a little hit and miss. We started with a salad of crab meat, cherry tomatoes and pickled lotus root. With that we had a duck with mango, a dim sum selection and lemon sauce.

The salad was the star dish which was surprising as the crab meat was insipid and had very little flavor. The dressing on the leaves along with the pickled lotus root (which was delicious) made that dish.

After that came the Dim Sum, the Har Gow were superb but no better or worse than I'd had at competent dim sum restaurants. The other two choices (a scallop mouse affair with salmon roe and a mushroom dumpling) were very nice. I'd happily just tuck into those on another visit and leave the other starters alone.

The duck was superbly cooked but a little ordinary and the mango was not ripe enough for my tastes, though the lemon sauce was lovely but when combined with the duck you lost the taste of duck completely.

For main courses we had a wagu beef with white asparagus, a spicy prawn dish which I didn't taste and a dish of crab and asparagus fried rice.

The beef with asparagus was very good, mainly due to the simplicity of preparation and the quality of the ingredients. The rice gave off a wonderful aroma of crab as the meat was mixed into the rice at the table, I ended up eating mostly rice and asparagus (because it was so good).

My companion had a dessert (a chocolate pot with fresh berries) and I had a glass of dessert wine.

All in all the bill was 275gbp with drinks and gratuity which was fair for the quality of the food but I there was a lack of the wow factor which I had hoped for. Perhaps I am being overly critical but a couple of the dishes (the crab salad and the duck) were just okay.
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Adam Daniel
Overall rating 7 stars
Food 6 | Service 8 | Atmosphere 8 | Value for money 6
Thursday, November 15, 2012

This did not meet expectations at all

Considering how much you have to pay to eat here, there are a number of complaints.

The tables are really too close together, i went with my wife for her birthday, and we were seated on a small table next to each other, rather than facing each other, this immediately kills the idea of an intimate romantic meal.

The service was efficient to a certain extent, but annoying where on a couple of occasions, after we had got our food, people asked how the food was just after we'd taken a mouthful. little things like make a huge difference between ok service and very good service.

The food was ok, you could say it was absolutely adequate, we had some very nice starters, the Mango Duck and the Ribs were excellent, but then the mains seemed a little bland and nothing like you would expect for that much money.

There was another complaint in that the starters appeared very quickly after ordering, this means that your dishes are not cooked fresh, which also shows that this is nowhere near worth the price of the dishes. We were rushed though, then whilst finishing our desserts told that we were required to leave the table in the next 5 minutes.

After all this, I took umbrage with the 'discretionary' service of 13% being added to the bill, and ensured, that though a tip was given, a more deserving 10% was given.

This restaurant does not match the hype and expectation.
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Overall rating 5 stars
Food 7 | Service 6 | Atmosphere 6 | Value for money 1
Monday, April 30, 2012

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Gourmet Chick

Gourmet Chick - 8/10

Monday, August 08, 2011 - From the tipping the bill end of the scale, Hakkasan's signature silver cod roasted in champagne was a must order for us despite the hefty price tag. The cod was silken and dripped with the thick, rich champagne sauce. We teamed it with a side order of sauteed morning glory which was crisp and slightly sweet and some crunchy deep fried squid which was addictively moreish...Not everything was perfect. The annoying two hour time limit at tables was enforced and on the food front the dim sum platter was overly steamed leaving the dumplings on the soggy side.

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