Fish! Kitchen (Borough Market)

Cathedral Street, Borough Market, London, SE1 9AL - View on a map
Telephone: 020 7407 3801

Fish! Kitchen (Borough Market) Restaurant In London
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This Is London

This Is London

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 - Celebrity restaurateur Tony Allan promises freshness, sustainability and good value for money' at Fish! Kitchen. Judging by his Borough Market branch, Allan is a man who keeps his promises. Fish! Kitchen is more than just an upmarket chippy, it serves good quality food so when it comes to the classic fish and chips, expect a cut above the usual take on the favourite. Unique twists are given to other traditional British fish dishes. It is also worth trying the succulent Oysters or the Swordfish Club Sandwich.

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I have to agree to everything said. I had the Whitebait & the Swordfish. I agree with all the comments The swordfish came with 4 pieces of very limp cabbage and 1 ring of carrot. If I had not been in a party of 12, I would have walked out. My husband & I had 4 x 330 ml Beers which cost £20,over £10 a pint. All our food was pre ordered, yet it took 45 min before we started eating I will never go back..
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Overall rating 0 stars
Food 0 | Service 0 | Atmosphere 1 | Value for money 0
Sunday, October 26, 2014

what a disappointment.

I am struggling to think of a good thing to say so lets start with the menu,

starter of whitebait: very small portion and so overcooked that I may have been eating sawdust.

accompanying bread was hard and six half slices between two at a whopping £5.90.

main course grilled dover sole with a side of chips: The dover sole was so over cooked that it was like eating rubber, the chips arrived after the meal after many requests.

dessert sticky toffee pudding: Overcooked and hard in places.

Service: very poor when you wanted something. I had to repeatedly ask for the side dishes, you only saw the waiter when they wanted to sell you something "more drinks sir" must be a catchphrase at Fish.

Price: £783.69 for two without drinks..... make your own mind up.

Service: 12.5% added onto the bill like it or not.

I am a local of London and with so many good places to eat in London, this was one of the worst I have experienced in a long time. I would never return to FISH. everything poor you have been warned.
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Overall rating 0 stars
Food 0 | Service 0 | Atmosphere 0 | Value for money 0
Tuesday, September 03, 2013

I can only agree with the previous reviews. This place is a complete rip off, the prices are sky high for extremely average food. How they can get away with such miserly portions and average quality for whitebait and calamari starters is quite extraordinary. Chips were unbelievably bad (ended up being taken off bill). The only highlight was a decent piece of steamed halibut. I can not recommend.
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Richard Curtis - View all reviews by this user
Overall rating 4 stars
Food 3 | Service 5 | Atmosphere 5 | Value for money 1
Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lousy food. The chips were rock hard and tasted like they were a day old - with fish and chips that is half the meal, and if you are paying £17 that is ridiculous.

Service is also distinctly average, and acoustics are terrible -- it was hard for our table of 4 to carry on a table-wide conversation that everyone could hear.
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Overall rating 3 stars
Food 2 | Service 4 | Atmosphere 5 | Value for money 1
Thursday, June 13, 2013

I fell victim to the 'lets ignore the reviews' brigade, silly me! The descriptions by others are totally accurate; complacent, overpriced, lacking atmosphere , poor service, all are honest and correct. The wait between indifferent courses was ridiculous and it wasn't that busy. The number of times drink orders were wrong or forgotten was unforgivable. To be frank the owner cannot read reviews because it appears that it is all ignored and if that is because he/she thinks we are all wrong, then there is your answer. I will not return and urge other to take note of these reviews because they are true.
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Russell B
Overall rating 1 stars
Food 1 | Service 1 | Atmosphere 1 | Value for money 1
Thursday, June 13, 2013

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