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Mango Tree Restaurant In London
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Overall 1.5
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Service 3.0
Atmosphere 3.0
Value 0.0
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It was a total disappointment for a fine dining Thai restaurant!

We went to Mango Tree Thai restaurant for my birthday dinner, we always wanted to try this place as it looks good from the outside when we walk or drive pass the restaurant. When we first arrived we were told by the receptionist to wait at the bar even though the majority of the table were empty!

Unfortunately I must say that we were both utterly disappointed with the meal that we received as we both love Thai food very much, we feel a bit sorry to say this but it's our genuine thoughts after having meal in Mango tree, it is the worst Thai meal we have ever had in London! Comparing to other Thai fine dining restaurants like Blue Elephant and Patara, we expected the food to be presented with interesting garnishing and good tasty food, but Mango Tree is over charging on price for the food quality that they provide! We have been to some non-fine dining Thai restaurant in London and we had much better meals compare to what we had in Mango Tree.

We ordered grill Thai chicken marinated with coconut and some other beautiful ingredients, it turn out to be like a chicken dessert if you can imagine the taste! Everything was too sweet on the plate, the chicken were sweet as well as the source and I couldn't finish the dish, we special requested for "green leaf only" stir-fry vegetables as we don't like mixed vegetables, but it still came to us as mixed vegetables that taste like they have put too much sugar in it. We do love Thai dessert but we don't appreciate our main course to taste as sweet as dessert!

At the end of the meal we were literally have the same thought which is we will never ever come back to this restaurant again!

The only good point that we would like to make is the staffs are quite attentive, although the waiter could not delivered our order according to our request.

*The above comments are based on the experience of our first visit in this restaurant. Overall it was a total disappointment!
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Overall rating 2 stars
Food 0 | Service 3 | Atmosphere 3 | Value for money 0
Friday, January 03, 2014

I ate at this restaurant with my Husband. We always wanted to try this place, so I was very excited to have booked a table although we could only get a booking for 21.30.

When we entered the restaurant it was extremely busy, we were seated after a short while. Our food took a very long time to arrive. We had the Mango Tree platter for 2 as starters.. The satay chicken was badly cooked, the rest of the starters was edible, but not terrific. When the main dishes finally arrived I WAS EXTREMELY disappointed.... OMG, the food tasted awful!! Absolutely AWFUL. One of the dishes was served in an empty fresh pineapple skin... I say again YUCK! Disgusting all of it!

Fresh Mint tea tasted like dish water! I asked waiter to take it back twice!

The atmosphere was good, service was slow.....

Value for money, no way!! Never ever again!!!!
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Mrs A Phillip
Overall rating 1 stars
Food 0 | Service 1 | Atmosphere 4 | Value for money 0
Friday, September 14, 2012

We dine out quite alot and just happened to see a Groupon voucher for Mango Tree so thought we would give it a try - we bought 2 vouchers for 4 people and went.

Pleasantly suprised by the welcome - but thats where it ended! - we looked at the menu and mentioned that we had the groupon vouchers and they immediately snatched the real menu's away and brought us special menus with the word GROUPON across it - nice touch..NOT!

Anyway the food was not too bad cant say it was the best I've had as it was chefs tasters and more like mini starters.

Then it got to bill time they did not take the Groupon voucher into account and charged us 12% service charge on a £250 bill - we told then that the bill was not £250 but half that due to the vouchers. Waitress seemed very agitated and called the manager but we stood our ground. The service was ok not great and I think the groupon special menu lacked taste.

On the overall the price paid for the tiny chefs tasters could never have amounted to £250 - clearly a con by Mango Tree and Groupon.

I also have stopped using Groupon after a couple of disappointments - my advice is save your money and try places like Clos Maggiore or even better Petrus!!
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Overall rating 5 stars
Food 6 | Service 4 | Atmosphere 6 | Value for money 2
Monday, August 20, 2012

Having been so utterly disappointed, I had to make a review whilst it was fresh on my mind.

Being a food lover - especially thai food, we had decided to book a birthday party for my friend at the renowned Mango Tree.

Having read there was a 50% discount on prior bookings, why not take advantage of this discount. so, we had called up for a booking, and had recieved a call from Mango Tree confirming the table and the discount. -- Brilliant.

Walking in, the staff was pleasant and and atmosphere was vibrant. It was a good start. The food was nothing special, but the atmosphere of the restaurant made it a good meal and a nice evening

I asked for recommendations, and so we went for the fish, soft shell crab, and a mixture of almost every other dishes considering we had a party of 13.

The fish was a disappointment. Considering we are paying £25 for a fish (thinking at least half a fish), it turns out was it only two small pieces of a defrosted sea bass. it was not fresh, as the taste was not there.

The duck was also too chewy and not as juicy as it should be. The soft shell crab was greasy with too much batter. However, the Red and Green Curries were very nice. the Padthai was tasty, and the vermicelli starter was very refrreshing.

All in all, it was OK, but the feeling was that the price was too much for the quality of the food. However, we had a nice meal with all friends.

Problems started when it was Bill Time! We requested for the bill, a total of £700 for 13 people. OK.. we were going to pay, until we noticed that we did not get our discount. Having spoken to the resturant for the confirmed 50% prior our arrival, and on our arrival double checking with the waiter, we thought this was just a forgetten mistake.

The next thing I know is that another staff comes up to the table and says we do not qualify for the discount as we had made a telephone booking and not an online booking. We explained that some one from the restaurant had called us to confirm. She immediately said that no one would have called from the resturant to confirm this as it is not their policy.

Being very confused, we asked to speak to the manager. General Manager was extremely rude! very confrontational and decided to bring in the fact that they do the same as any 'chinese restaurant'! Considering we did have a few chinese on the table, including myself, I am not sure what he was insinuating. Having wasted 15mins listening to him banter, we asked him to give us a conclusion.

Having absolutely wasted our time, and ruining our evening, I would not recommend this restaurant.

The food is normal for the price you pay (they dont even have coconut rice)!

I would recommend a nice Thai resturant in Raynes Park called Ace. Better tasting, authentic and much better price. And in all, you would not get a rude, and malicious General Manager being agressive to you after one question.

A good start to the evening, ending in a pitiful and ridiculous management behaviour.
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Overall rating 4 stars
Food 3 | Service 1 | Atmosphere 8 | Value for money 2
Saturday, July 14, 2012

So I booked a table for ten people whilst booking it I was told about the cancellation policy that I have to give 24 hours notice to cancel or else I will be charged £20 per head. On the day my friends and I turned up and there was only six of us because friends were running late. half way through our dinner the manager came up to me and said I have to pay £80 for the 4 chairs that were vacant I told the manager that the four ladies are on their way and it's not my fault they were stuck in traffic she still insisted that she was going to charge my card if they didn't turn up. I was so disgusted and disappointed at the way I was treated by the manager, service was poor we had to keep calling for the waiters to come over, food was not what I expected it was not fresh and hot. In the end when our bill was given to us we were told that we had no choice but to pay for the service charge or else I would have to pay for the 4 empty seats. I will never be returning to this restaurant as it is not what it says it is. Rubbish.
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Overall rating 0 stars
Food 1 | Service 0 | Atmosphere 0 | Value for money 0
Saturday, June 30, 2012

On our last trip to LDN we went to Mango Tree. Know Patara in Maddox Street well so we thought that Mango Tree could be compared to it.

But the time of this restaurant seems to be over. The whole interior is quite worn off, the menu was filthy and spilled (it has been changed on my request). The food did not arrive on time and in the correct order (appetizer after first course). The staff (or head waitress) was not really as friendly as one could and should be, even if the trainees tried to give their best.

The quality and presentation of the food is much below average. The chicken was dry chicken and the salad very uninspired. Even regarding the special discount one gets with London eating booked in advance definitely not the place to go again.

Better paying a little bit more and having really nice food such as served at Patara and other good Thai places in this great city. Now back to Switzerland we are just wondering where we should go next, when we are in LDN again... Maybe we head for Patara again and the OXO-Tower (have not been there for ages).
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Overall rating 3 stars
Food 3 | Service 2 | Atmosphere 4 | Value for money 2
Sunday, June 03, 2012

A few Weeks ago I went with my husband to mango tree. I had a groupon voucher of the taster menu and was expecting to order from the menu any dish up to the value of the voucher but to my dissapointment there was a special menu just for groupon customer. Food was ok but I would rather have ordered what I wanted. If the voucher was to get more customer then this was wrong way to go about it. Not sure if I would go there again. dishes on the menu looked really good. PITY
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Suyangi galaya - View all reviews by this user
Overall rating 5 stars
Food 6 | Service 7 | Atmosphere 7 | Value for money 0
Sunday, May 13, 2012

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