Original Lahore Kebab House

2 Umberston Street, Aldgate, London, E1 1PY - View on a map
Telephone: 020 7488 2551

Overall 7.8
Food 8.7
Service 6.3
Atmosphere 7.3
Value 8.7
Based on 3 reviews

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We have been going for years, food is so yummy. i love the lively atmosphere, love the fact that you can bring your own alcohol. yes its not your fine dining but if thats what you want then go elsewhere.

I think personally the most important thing is the food and it is beautiful fresh and the service is with a smile. its more than reasonable for where its situated. 5 stars for me.
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Overall rating 10 stars
Food 10 | Service 10 | Atmosphere 8 | Value for money 10
Saturday, October 11, 2014

This place started as a lunch place for first Pakistani and later Bengali workers in textile factories. There was no card menu and menu items were indicated each day on a small board. Day's special was most popular.

Later, when most workers stopped coming as either that their wives had arrived or that textile manufacturing declined in the area, the place was used by wholesalers, etc for lunch. Many were Indians who did not cook meat at home. Sundays, it was full with Pakistani families.

Some of these business lot then commenced to go in gangs in the evenings for curry and lager outings instead of then popular Brick Lane curry places. Food was excellent. I was not a businessman but was taken by some business friends there. Non Asian custom was almost non-existent then.

I used to visit Halal place in Aldgate East for years. I then took my colleagues there and we used to go there once month. When Halal place changed hands and became standard Bangladeshi managed, I suggested Lahore Kebab place. Credit to me that it took off amongst the indegenous community. It expanded to upstairs and extended menu appeared.

The place was unrecognisable when i visited it with new collegues at another employer in central London. However, food was still exellent punjabi spice mix and service was excellent.

I then found as good taste Lahore places near my residence and did not visit LKB for years.

However, two years ago when my son moved to Limehouse, I had opportunity to visit it few times. The place has expanded many fold and there was queue on that Saturday night. Most disappointing aspect was the atitudeof young waiters. I requested that I wanted my lamb karahi tasty but not spicy hot. What we got was 50% lamb curry and 50% tomatoes thrown in to make the dish "milder"! We also had salad and did not need the dish to be spoilt thus.

Also, there was pressure to vacate as otheras "were waiting" outside.

Success has spoilt the originality and the atitude of waitors. Those years ago, my friends were highly impressed with the result when boned Tikka pieces were de-boned and cooked in dry spice at my request. The waiter even refused any extra charge.

There are "lahore" restaurants all over London but most sell rice/curry mix as Biryanis. Most local customers accept it since they do not know any better. However, if customers are told Biryanis are cooked at particular time then these joints would get regular customers coming more often.
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Overall rating 5 stars
Food 6 | Service 1 | Atmosphere 5 | Value for money 6
Tuesday, September 02, 2014

The food is amazing!!!.

Had a take away and a sit down meal and both times the food has been fantastic.

The price is excellent and we liked the no frills approach!

The staff are hard working and you can see the kitchen - so busy!
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Overall rating 9 stars
Food 10 | Service 8 | Atmosphere 9 | Value for money 10
Friday, August 15, 2014

Must have been here more than a dozen times. Best food of its ilk I have had in London and there are some Michelin starred places in that - they keep it simple and delicious. Service is just OK given it is more cafe than restaurant (and on busy Saturday night it is REALLY busy). Decor is functional - but really you are going there for the food - open window to the kitchen so you can see the men at work - and the outstanding value. Recommend the chops and the meat feast for starter. BYO from the shop over the road.
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Overall rating 8 stars
Food 10 | Service 7 | Atmosphere 6 | Value for money 10
Thursday, May 15, 2014

Today I went to order some tea but there was none. Also the biryani was like wet rice that wasn't cooked. They gave us the most disgusting curry ever but the somosas were ok. The daal turned rock hard so we think it was leftovers.

The chilli wasn't. Chilli at all. It was like they were rushing us to leave.

Overall it was a disaster. We will never ever ever return.
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Overall rating 0 stars
Food 0 | Service 0 | Atmosphere 0 | Value for money 0
Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Excellent Food, TERRIBLE Service

Our Saturday was RUINED by going to this restaurant yesterday evening. As soon as we walked a waiter dumped (literally) a bottle of cold water on the table. I told him we can't have cold water as our kids were having a cough lately and asked for a tea. As he said they don't serve tea to my surprise, I asked tap water instead. He didn't listen until I finished my sentence and walked away without saying anything.

I had to call him couple of times so that I could order food, and we came up to take the order he impolitely asked what I am going to have. I quickly ordered everything we wanted so that they can be started preparation straight away. But this didn't help as the waiter was adamant I waited as much as possible so he decided to go round the whole restaurant and helping other customers with food choices rather than passing my orders to the kitchen!

The tap water I ordered when I entered never arrived and I had to ask for it again. He went away and instead of just bringing that long-waited water, he kept serving others.

I knew then I was never going to get a service from this guy, so called another waiter, told him I didn't want to fight for food tonight and politely asked if another waiter could take over the food I had already ordered and told him that I didn't want to speak to the previous waiter.

A new waiter came to me and asked what I wanted to order. I repeated myself again and told him to take the food I ordered from our initial waiter.

To my disgust, the initial waiter came to my table even tough I had explained that I didn't want to speak to him. I politely asked whether he could pass the order to the new waiter. As he claimed not to understand, I had to repeat the request for the second time...

After a while a manager came up and asked what happened. I explained him everything once again. He told the new waiter to check our table in every 2-3 minutes which we clearly didn't need - we JUST WANTED A JUG OF TAP WATER!

Even though I didn't like his smile when he once asked whether we wanted anything I decided to tip him up to £10 at the need of the service so that the initial waiter had something to regret about.

The food was excellent, apart from undercooked grilled chops which was rushed to us too quickly most probably to please us. We had already eaten some of it (cooked parts) before they took it away, so I said I'm going to pay for the half of it. We were told not to worry about it.

Properly cooked chops came late, and as we had lost our appetite due to what happened earlier, I politely asked the food we couldn't eat to be packed for taking away. The new waiter didn't like to request for some reason, and took away half of the food. I expected to came back for the remaining food so that they also could be packed away by the kitchen staff. But he instead decided to serve others and after 5-10 min I had to call another waiter again with the same request...

Finally he came back and I asked for a bill. He brought our bill and left straight away. after couple of minutes he came back without a PDQ machine and I told him I'd like to pay with a card. He came back, I paid tipping neither the service nor him. He saw us when we walked out, and rather than saying Thanks for coming or Bye he ignored us and loudly sang a Pakistani song as if they had won.

Needless to say We had lost, the excellent effort of the Kitchen was smashed to pieces, and the Waiters had WON!
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Overall rating 5 stars
Food 9 | Service 0 | Atmosphere 3 | Value for money 8
Sunday, March 02, 2014

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