Singapore Garden

83 Fairfax Road, Swiss Cottage, London, NW6 4DY - View on a map
Telephone: 020 7328 5314

Singapore Garden Restaurant In London
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Overall 8.0
Food 8.0
Service 8.0
Atmosphere 8.0
Value 8.0
Based on 1 reviews

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Went here the other night. My husband ordered the signature dish Singapore Laksa which he said was just right. I ordered steamed seabass in ginger and spring onions - delicious and a great healthy option for new mummys trying to shed the baby weight!

Really recommend this lovely place.
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Victoria Ashcroft
Overall rating 8 stars
Food 8 | Service 8 | Atmosphere 8 | Value for money 8
Sunday, January 12, 2014

Had a great meal there last night. Really pleased we decided to go!

Staff are friendly, food always tasty and consistent.

Couldn't recommend this family run local enough.
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Jeremy Gold
Overall rating 10 stars
Food 10 | Service 10 | Atmosphere 10 | Value for money 9
Sunday, February 24, 2013

I decided to celebrate my Birthday and can't thank the restaurant ENOUGH for such a great evening. SGR never seem to disappoint.

There was 6 of us in total, we had enough food to feed an army... my favourites were the BBQ Spare Ribs, Kuay Pie Tee, Crispy Aromatic Duck with Pancakes - always moist, never dry. For mains, Singapore Noodles..Szechuan Crispy Beef..

The staff are so attentive and friendly - all of them seemed to be celebrating my birthday with me when the cake came out.

I really recommend this restaurant, for the atmosphere and food. A winning combo which is rare to find in London these days.

Many Thanks SGR!!
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Lyla Kerstein
Overall rating 10 stars
Food 10 | Service 10 | Atmosphere 10 | Value for money 10
Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This used to be a good restaurant, but it has gone down hill recently. And after the pathetic performance of the manager I will never go back. She is a nightmare and the staff all seem scared of her. Expensive with average food and a useless manager does not make a good night out.
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Paddo - View all reviews by this user
Overall rating 1 stars
Food 3 | Service 0 | Atmosphere 0 | Value for money 2
Saturday, November 10, 2012

Myself and my husband visited Singapore Garden for a quick pre theatre bite to eat on a Friday evening. When the bill came, as is becoming customary, a 12.5% service charge had been added automatically. We paid by credit card and I asked for the charge to be taken off the bill. Our plan was to leave 10% in cash - an amount we thought more reflective of the average service and also in the hope that a cash tip would actually make it to the pocket of the waiters.

The manager was called over and she proceeded to tell us in no uncertain terms how disgraceful it was that we weren't going to pay the charge as the money went to pay the waiters' wages and that if we weren't prepared to pay the service charge she suggested that we eat at home in the future!!! We were totally gobsmacked!! So rude!! Anybody would have thought we were refusing to pay the whole bill, not a discretionary payment!! A very embarrassing situation especially as all of the tables in the restaurant are very close together (uncomfortably so if you ask me).

Needless to say we left without leaving any tip at all and as we passed the manager at the front desk she muttered 'disgusting' under her breath - great customer service!!

All in all a distressing experience which left us with a very sour taste in our mouth. Anyone eating here can expect ok food but very overpriced. Make sure you pay the tip in cash as it seems to me that there is some dodgy practice going on with the service charge.
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Overall rating 2 stars
Food 4 | Service 0 | Atmosphere 2 | Value for money 1
Saturday, November 03, 2012


We had a reservation for 6pm and arrived at about 7 to 10 minutes early. We were greeted in the rudest way imaginable by rudely being told " we are not open yet". I informed the individual that we had a reservation and as it was just a few minutes before opening time expected a more welcoming tone but was I wrong. He proceeded to confirm the reservation name and time which my son had done BEFORE we got to the restaurant ;turned round and said "see you later". I had my reservations about going back but my son had looked forward to coming to this restaurant and did not want to go any where else.

We turned up at the appointed time and were directed to a the table near the toilets, when I objected to being seated on this table in a restaurant which was clearly empty I was told that it was the only table they had and if I wanted another table I would only have an hour as opposed to the two hours we had booked the table for. At this point I did not want to spend another second in the restaurant but it was a treat for my son and I did not want it completely ruined by this individual's brand of customer service - which seemed to be rudeness.

I had lost my appetite by the time our orders were taken and personally will not voluntarily EVER step foot in the restaurant again especially as I found out that the individual who had such bad manners was the manager!

The food when it came was enjoyed by my family, the waitress was very helpful and pleasant - a massive contrast in behaviour from the manager.

To the manager at singapore gardens on fathers day 2012 at 6pm shame on you. I would have waited for the owner to turn up and make a complaint. I couldn't hang around till 9pm and you have my son to thank for that. I hope she reads this and sees the potential damage you are causing to her business. Times are hard and you need to be able to treat ALL your customers with dignity, respect and most importantly a WARM WELCOMING SMILE!

Customer service has gone down hill in this place, the food is not worth being made to feel like a second rate citizen for!
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Overall rating 5 stars
Food 7 | Service 2 | Atmosphere 6 | Value for money 4
Sunday, June 17, 2012

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