Quo Vadis

26-29 Dean Street, Soho, London, W1D 3LL - View on a map
Telephone: 0207 437 9585

Quo Vadis Restaurant In London
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Overall 5.3
Food 5.0
Service 3.0
Atmosphere 8.0
Value 5.0
Based on 1 reviews

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Matthew Norman - 8/10

Monday, March 12, 2012 - My friend's roast mutton came with chard, a celeriac gratin and a sweet, beetrooty relish on the side. 'Chewy, but a nice chew,' she said. 'It hasn't got that musky, bad aftershave taste that mutton often has.' My huge quarter of chicken (wing and breast), the skin glazed with a delectable savoury marinade, came with a medley of sliced courgette, mint and baby onions and was beautifully roasted to a crispy finish. Puddings franked the form. The sweetness of lemon posset was perfectly balanced by a topping of Yorkshire rhubarb, and a chocolate brownie was gingery, pleasingly bitter and unexpectedly light.


Jay Rayner

Sunday, March 11, 2012 - The gentle, restrained side of Lee is represented by a crisp salad of fennel, slightly bitter puntarelle and soft curls of squid, which come dressed with a spectacular olive oil. The butch side of the equation comes in hunks of seared pigs' liver wrapped in salty bacon and sage leaves, served pink, the pan deglazed with sprightly vinegar. There is a perfect wing of skate with capers and brown butter, and proper mashed potato and, best of all, there is a pie. Lee is the god of pies. And those wishing to write to me complaining that a pastry lid does not a pie make, please go find someone who actually cares.

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Booked last minute. Checked the menu - seemed to be quite a few things edible for vegetarians, although no an a la carte main. A few smaller plates works better for vegetarians than the usual monolith of starch. The pre-theatre menu had what appeared to be a veg main, so no particular cause for alarm. I put a note in the booking to say I was vegetarian anyway just in case.

Vegetarians go to general restaurants because their dining companions don't want to go veg. Most chefs I know - I've worked for a popular London chef - would rather we came with our omnivore friends and cash than not at all.

The good things - it's a lovely dining room in the Corbyn & King mould. I've been using well-spattered recipe cuttings of Jeremy Lee's since the 90s. The gorgeous menu makes you want to run to the place immediately. Super wine list offering interest at all price points. The grilled cheese sandwich is worth going for alone. However....

- Arriving early on a quiet night I asked at the bar for the cocktail of the day (as per the menu on the internet) and the barman looked blank. Ah...was this was something to do with the restaurant? (which was 1 meter away)

- You got the feeling staff had better things to do than look after you. Staff should do a study tour of C&K joints to see how it's done at this level.

- Sea kale with mousseline came with unadvertised anchovies, as did a side of purple sprouting broccoli, which many omnivores would be unhappy about. The waitress knew I was vegetarian.

- The two salads were murdered by dressings with way too much vinegar and mustard or horseradish. The second one went untouched and was removed without comment.

- Chips and salsify were damn fine and amazingly crunchy. As in, I would be amazed if this was not cooked in duck or goose fat or dripping. No - I didn't ask because it's pretty tedious for everyone. I already knew from the anchovy experience that if there was fat in here I'd be the last to know. £80 p/h.

Last time I had to go somewhere not really geared up for vegetarians, they told me up front. I respect that. I actually had to go anyway. What I got was delicious. Despite the fact that there were even fewer suitable dishes than here, there was no mis-step. Staff were amazing.

My companion's food here was mostly fine, although she's not a big fan of anchovies either and would like to have known. Also her experience was coloured by mine because that's how it goes.

Apart from the crazy salad dressings, there's a customer interface problem here. It's not that the staff were rude or not nice - the opposite. But they just didn't care enough.

If QV doesn't want vegetarians in here than don't let em through the door. But once you knowingly accept them as customers, you cannot feed them stuff they have told you they don't want to eat and hand them a bill.
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Overall rating 5 stars
Food 5 | Service 3 | Atmosphere 8 | Value for money 5
Saturday, April 25, 2015

what the bloggers say

London Eater

London Eater

Thursday, March 22, 2012 - A charcoal dusted crust, a rim of bulbous fat and then plump perfectly pink pork inside. This is genuine comfort food. Middlewhite when cooked ever so slightly under like this is always incredibly tender and juicy. With a delicate lick of smokiness, this was a version of perfect grilled pork...While bare bones, unplugged cooking is trendy, it isn't always delivered with such class, efficiency and style. Lee's kitchen doesn't dick around with concepts or gimmicks, they seem to just be interested in delivering delicious cooking, which is all anyone expects from a meal. Jeremy Lee is certainly a master of his craft.

Gourmet Chick

Gourmet Chick - 7/10

Monday, August 02, 2010 - A summer inspired dish of tagiatelle was dotted with cherry tomatoes, courgettes and ricotta making it as light as a pasta dish can get. Equally appealing was the lemon sole which was served as two grilled fillets draped over a small salad made up of multi coloured beetroot...This was almost the perfect pre-theatre meal as it was light with portions that erred on the side of being too small for a normal, lengthy dinner, but were just right for our quick and early meal.

A Girl Has To Eat

A Girl Has To Eat - 7.5/10

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 - A starter of octopus, chorizo and artichoke salad was generously filled with the bite-sized pieces of soft octopus, hearty chorizo and tender artichoke. The dressing was light and pleasing...Rabbit pie with carrots and curly kale came with a crispy, light puff pastry topping. The pie was filled with tender pieces of meat and a lovely rich sauce that made this dish extremely satisfying. The accompanying curly kale had been cooked in chicken stock to remove any bitterness. Nicely cooked, it was however over seasoned.

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