September 2004
Roast venison, braised cabbage, Jerusalem artichoke purée, and bitter chocolate sauce
by Allan Pickett at Aurora

Serves 2

2 x 200g venison fillets (trimmed of all sinew and fat)
1 small savoy cabbage (trimmed and washed)
50g of good quality smoked bacon (diced into small pieces)
20g of butter
150ml of light chicken stock

For the purée

250g of Jerusalem artichokes (peeled and kept in acidulated water)
300ml milk

For the sauce

100ml of good quality red wine
20g of bitter chocolate (minimum 70% cocoa solids)
1 small knob of butter
Good quality veal stock


Take the cabbage and trim all stalks, cook in a pan with the butter, bacon and chicken stock until tender.

Next, seal the venison in oil until golden brown all over and place into a hot oven. Cook to the required degree, leave to rest in a warm place.

To make the purée, drain the artichokes, cover with the milk and add a pinch of salt. Simmer until they are tender. Drain again, and put into a food blender (while hot), adjust the seasoning to taste. Keep hot.

For sauce

Reduce the wine to syrup and add the stock, reduce again to the required consistency, add the butter and chocolate and cover until required.

To Serve

Make sure everything is hot; put a nice pile of cabbage in the middle of a warm bowl, followed by a good spoonful of your artichoke purée. Next, slice each piece of venison into 3 and place onto the cabbage and finish the dish by adding the sauce.



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