Grilled Lobster with Apple and Ginger

Try this great Lobster recipe courtesy of Andrew Jones from Claridge's

Andrew Jones has worked at Claridge's for over 10 years and in 2004 was the Roux Scholarship National winner, leading to a 3 month stage at 3 Michelin Star Chef, Michel Bra's restaurant in Avignon, France. He was also a finalist for the Master of Culinary Arts in 2005.


1 Lobster
2 Spples
50g Chinese Stem Ginger
5g Star Aniseed Powder
35g Brown Sugar
1 Lemon
35ml Olive Oil
100ml of Apple Juice
1g Agar-agar
Table salt
Rock salt
Ground pepper
100g lovage
20g of fennel weed
50g basmati rice plan boiled
Handful of pea shoots
50g mange tout
5g orange powder
5g lemon powder


Bring the apple juice to the boil wisk in the agar-agar and boil for one minute. Strain into a container and set in the fridge for at least two hours.

Dice one of the apple and the ginger into a fine brunoise and dress with the lemon juice and olive oil season to taste and finnish with chopped fennel weed.

Peel and chop remaining apple and cook with brown sugar, when tender puree to make a chutney.

Cut the Lobster in half length ways, remove the intestine and gut and grill for four to five minutes on the shell side, boil the claw and knuckle for seven minutes, then crack out of the shell.

To finish the dish fill the head cavity with the apple and ginger mix and spoon the jelly on top, julienne the lovage and sprinkle on the flesh of the lobster and season with salt and pepper. Place under the grill for a minute to warm.

Dress the plate with the apple chutney and dust with the star aniseed powder arange the lobster and claw on the plate and serve dust with orange and lemon powder

Heat the rice and the mange tout and serve apart.

Mix the pea shoots with a little of the jelly and apple salad and serve apart.

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