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A friend recommended we go here and I wish I hadn't. The restaurant was not at all busy and yet we were seated in a corridor by the toilets. We waited 20 minutes before realising no one had offered us drinks or service of any kind so we simply walked out and went elsewhere. The staff were all chatting at the bar and not one person asked what was wrong or why we were leaving. Arrogance does not even cover it. If you want a warm welcome and to feel like a valued customer give Gastro a wide berth.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Hi I recently when with my friends. We were enjoying the food and atmosphere, having a laugh. Good service and everything....until my friend noticed something moving in our salad. There was a worm. This has put me off this place...not sure if i will be going back very soon.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Really awful Food. Can't believe they get away with charging these prices for something that looked and tasted like a very poor ready-meal- very dissapointed, service slow and felt cheated out of money. They weren't even serving Pizza. Would be amazed if the £14.00 house 'Merlot' we were given was the actual wine as this was pre-opened (not in front of us) and the cork was stuck back in bottle and tasted rather watery.

The Salad was turning brown- NO garnish or sides offered with the lasagne. Anchovies were pickled and tasted awful. Really can't say anything good. ALL sauces looked like they had the same Orange tomato-like base that I can only liken to Heinz tomato soup.

There are far far better Italian eateries in Cardiff than this one. Would never reccomend. What a shame, it looked so nice from the outside.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

They call themselves a restaurant but the food is really junk.

The food is so bad bad bad the ambience is like a club then a restaurant.The waiting staff and especially the manager is so unprofessional and unpresentable.

the black cod taste like a rubber and the sushi and sashimi it seem like the fish been sitting in the fridge for more then weeks smelly and very fishy.You hardly see a oriental chef in the kitchen.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's in Leicester Square so you don't expect the Ritz, but as soon as we sat down my girlfriend and I noticed how cramped it was. We had a two-for-one coupon to use for mains so thought it would do after work. We noticed the waitress was coughing as she walked away from tables, but thought nothing of it. She appeared to be struggling with the cramped, corridor-like conditions and mounting dishes in a service area to the side, but otherwise everything was fine. My girlfriend had a salmon dish while I had chicken with veg. Both dishes were lukewarm though tasted OK and were well seasoned. However, later that evening we both felt sick, had hot/cold flushes and trouble sleeping.

We could only assume there was some kind of bacteria which had passed from a a member of staff onto our plates, either in the kitchen or service area.

I did take this up with censored and they said they would investigate, but I have heard nothing back. It was a poor response to a genuine complaint and needless to say we will be avoiding this entire chain like the plague from now on.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Went there for a meal on Saturday night. This place was NOT AS ADVERTISED!!! I went to the website beforehand to look at the menu. The place and pizza's looked quite impressive so we went ahead with the booking. Food was edible but not extraordinary!! Service was not existent. The staff did not come around and ask if we wanted any more drinks with our meal. (We got the first round in ourselves from the bar) When we finally got our food, it did not look like they cared about the quality of the ingredients. My chicken was tasteless and bland. Asked for tabasco and I received it 30 minutes later with our jug of water and fresh ground pepper. Not impressed! Ordered desert Waffles with Ice Cream and Brownies with ice cream. Received the desert looked great and we thought that this would make up for all the failures in the evening but once again they did little to be concerned about the customers. We did not have any spoons! Took another 15 min for the spoons to arrive. At this point the waffle had gone soggy as the ice cream had melted. The unusual thing was when we asked for the bill we received it almost immediately! The most amazing bit yet.. They had the audacity to include the gratuities on the final bill! Now I see why the staff did not try to earn their tip... One word to describe censored ---- "Pants" comes to mind.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Decided on an early lunch (12pm) and the place was empty apart from two other tables of two....result! Err...actually no. The boy had already warned me that the chain was not up to much but I was hungry and didn't want to trawl around looking for something else. We ordered garlic bread with cheese and roasted onions. While I like roasted onions the boy does not and the size of the thing was that of a pizza rather than the bruschetta type stuff most of us are used to. Not bad though. I orderd Quattro Stagioni pizza and the boy ordered some kind of chicken based pizza. His turned up, mine did not. Tell a lie, it did but it was Quattro Formaggio. I sent it back and then sat for approximately 30 minutes while the place filled to bursting point. By the time the boy had finished his pizza (which he said was "strange"), I had had enough. As with other diners' comments, the service was shocking. 3 waiting her to cancel the pizza (yeah right - like it was ever coming!) and bring me the bill. Cue another 15 minutes waiting. At this point I followed one waitress around the entire restaurant before telling her that if I didn't get my bill in 2 minutes I was walking out. It arrived. I did not leave a tip. If you want low quality, cheap (ish) pseudo Italian fodder and you don't care a jot about service then this is the place for you. Otherwise avoid like the plague.

Friday, November 28, 2008

If you want to be ripped off and pushed about whilst eating bland food, this is the place for you!

I went with a party of ten and was quite disappointed. The interior was quite impressive but we were rushed to our table before our guests had all arrived. The food from the set menu was overpriced and at best, average. We were then forced to leave the table by an abrupt waiter and felt that we were poorly treated.

My advise is to eat at the street vendors outside I'm sure the meal will be superior in every way.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The place smells damp, other than the head waiter the rest of the staff were nothing special, one member was actually miserable which was staring to ruin our meal.

Decor is rubbish not to put a too finer point on it, the whole place needs refurbishing.

Also there was no flexibility as far as the menu was concerned, maybe we've been spoiled by how flexible the staff are at the Ramsay restaurants.

On a high note the food was quite nice, but not nice enough for us to return.

Very disappointing im afraid.

Friday, October 31, 2008

i didnt like this hotel because i found a dead horse in my bed when i went to sleep.................. o that was my wife doesnt matter. i really disliked this hotel it sucks!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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