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I'd rather eat a dog's nut than eat at censored again!!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

PEST CONTROL! I ate here last night and we saw a mouse in the restaurant! It ran across the restaurant floor several times and other diners saw it too. We couldn't believe it. The staff were not polite and offered no apology. The manager even told another diner that it was something they already knew about. I cannot believe the restaurant's attitude to this problem.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Disgusted to have my purse stolen from my bag in this restaurant. The food at censored is great, expensive but good. But when I went to leave my purse had been taken from my bag which was hanging on the back of my chair. The restaurant was empty so we narrowed it down to a chap who came in and then left without eating - he spoke in Italian to the waiter, I truely hope it is not something the restaurant staff are aware of.

Lovely food - shame about the criminals.....

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Well what can I say,

It' about time restaurant goers know the harsh truth about this joint.

In a nut shell everything prepared. not cooked, is frozen from the sausages to the chicken to the razor clams the octopus and so on and so forth.

Iam actually surprised no food inspector has paid a visit yet to this outlet.

There isnt a chef actually, but rather someone who doesnt know much about cooking but knows how to insult people and disrespect the staff that works really hard there. the kitchen has no hygene standard whatsoever, food left open for the visit of the rat colony present in huge number there.

And to top it all up the front of house manager is teetotal hence make up a lot of fale information about their wine list, which is the only decent thing about the place.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Who is that guy behind the bar....Possibly the rudest barmen in London, and that's saying something. Couple of weeks ago told us to 'f**k off home' He then lit a cigarette and smoked it behind the bar!!!!! I thought smoking was illegal in public spaces.

I will not be back.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I have been to the censored like a shot in the dark as an improvised dinner between friends. I have to say as much as I wanted to have a great experience we were highly disappointed to say the least. First of all and in order to ensure the maitre d'H had got it right, my husband took care of repeating our orders considering we were a party of 4 people. This did not prevent a erroneous service of the starters agremented by a dismissive "sorry, you can have the right dish next time..." by the maitre d'H (I am serious).

The second reason of our dissatisfaction was the rather serious piece of plastic mistakenly left in my friend's mixed grill dish. It took him a good 4 minutes to manage to take it out of his throat. Further to raising the issue to the restaurant manager who was evidently ill-at-ease at the finding, it seemed obviously insufficient to rethink the bill and we had a fully charged diner bill landed on the table after we kindly refused to have the desserts... I was myself rather let down by a bland starter but pleasantly surprised I have to say with the chicken main course. I must also add that menu prices do reflect the portions size of dishes (not very generous).

Although by the look of the concept seemed initially a pretty good idea and a real change from the well-known popular indian dishes, I just hope that this not-so-great dining experience is a single occurence.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Simply the worst. When I refused to pay the service charge a weirdo wearing a hat begun to scream on me.We asked for a diet coke and the waiter arrived with a 1,5 ltrs bottle,the taste was horrible...........we ve been waiting 45 minutes for 2 dishes and the restaurant was litteraly EMPTY. Keep out from this restaurant . I agree about calling the police

Sunday, December 30, 2007

we went there as a group for a birthday, food turned up late and then we found a hair in it. Friends of mine have also been there and have complained of being left with an upset stomach!rumour has it that rats were also served in disguise as chickens. the place is filthy and the toilets get worse!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

What can I say apart from the most narrow-minded idiots on a clubs door that I have ever seen!!!! Having come down from London for the Christmas period we had decided to venture out to Birmingham for some drinks and unfortunately fell upon ****, in where we were told we could come in on the guest list, but one of the lovely pig headed door staff needed to show his authority, so said we had to wait! Jokingly one of our party said we donít queue, then when entering the club the brainless bouncer said I thought you did not queue, we just laughed, which he replied you **** cheeky****, which was lovely to hear, so I said you know what I donít wish to go in hear, and then was told to ****off you faggot, again such lovely manors and such lovely peopleÖ well that was not all, then was told to **** off by one of the club promoters!!! Well should you be unfortunate to go to this (what I would call hell hole of a place) then I wish you luck, because you will needed it with such vile door staff!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Bad food poisoning for two!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

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