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Run by a bunch of wankers, i hope the place burns down.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

An example of "build it somewhere nice, and they will come", despite the food. Not a very good experience for an upmarket (with prices to match) restaurant. We went on Xmas eve - it wasn't particularly busy, but it took ages to rustle up a glass of prosecco and some water.

Quite nice decor, and if it was busy it would probably be quite atmospheric, and the waiters might wake up a bit.

For starters my wife ordered soup which was OK. I ordered a beef carpaccio - I ate a couple of mouthfuls when it began to dawn on me it wasn't at all fresh. The edges of the beef were stuck to the plate, they had definite creases where they overlapped, it was going blue, and it didn't smell good. I returned it and they brought another out swiftly. The waiter was quite apologetic and mentioned that the other plate was from a batch made the day before. This amazed me - I would always expect it to be cut fresh, and I felt offended that they were contemptuous enough to try and pass off an old carpaccio on me.

Anyway the pizzas were OK only - nothing special - really I think they are better in pizza express.... Strada is miles better.

I've since had food poisoning symptoms Xmas day and Boxing day - I'm not happy with that, and paying £42 for it...!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

EAT HERE AT YOUR PERIL - this restaurant is truly APPALLING. The food is

EAT HERE AT YOUR PERIL - this restaurant is truly APPALLING. The food is

disgusting, the service verges on the downright insulting and the standards

of hygeine are highly questionable.

I went to censored in a party of three on Christmas Eve and it was the

most horrendous dining experience in memory. This is not an exaggeration -

we have all suffered with illness since we ate there. My girlfriend and I

were unable to eat anything at all on Christmas Day, and are still feeling

nauseaous as I write this. I intend to make a personal visit to censored

City Council's enviromental health department as soon as they re-open.

Although we live round the corner from censored and eat out regularly,

we had never eaten there before, mainly because common-sense tells you not

to dine at a place that never seems to have any customers. But on Christmas

Eve we were stuck for somewhere to eat and took a chance on it . What a

terrible mistake.

Upon arriving, my girlfriend visited the ladies toilet and was disgusted to

find that the hand-towel was completely sodden and BLACK with dirt. We

should have taken that as a warning, but our hunger got the better of us and

we ordered the £25-a-head banquet.

From the off, it became clear that the kitchen was re-heating old food and

trying to pass it off as fresh. The opening course was a foul-tasting

hot-and-sour-soup, and my friend commented on the prawns - which tasted off.

The prawns were supposed to be 'king-sized' but had shrunken to the size of

tiny shrimps - a tell-tale sign that they have been cooked for a very long

period of time. We couldn't eat our soup - but we hoped the other 'starters'

would be better.

We were disappointed. The spring rolls had obviously been deep-fried several

times and were dark-coloured and dripping with grease. The seaweed was very

heavily salted (presumably to hide the true flavour) and the spare ribs had

virtually no meat on them.

Then came the crispy aromatic duck. What a joke.

There was nothing aromatic about the duck - because it HADN'T been cooked in

the oven. It had been dropped into the deep-fat chip frier! The meat was

dried-out and sinewy and was virtually inedible. To add insult to injury,

the 'pancakes' that came with it were ROCK-HARD and COLD! The texture was

akin to playing cards.

We complained to the waitress, who said she would inform the chef, but she

then simply walked back to her position in front of the bar (there were NO

other customers) and left us with our dirty plates and un-eaten duck. After

complaining again, she eventually cleared our table five minutes later!

We decided to hang around for the main-courses, as we were still hungry. And

the food could only improve, couldn't it?

No. It didn't. The beef in black bean sauce was so chewy it was inedible.

The 'clay-pot' chicken was luke-warm and had absolutely NO flavour

whatsoever - and the 'speciality' 'Lily Kwok curried chicken' consisted

simply of pieces of pre-boiled chicken put into the type of cheap green

curry sauce you find in your local chinese chippy.

It all came served with fried-rice - which contained more of the 'off'

smelling prawns.

Needless to say, we ate very little of it and complained to the

waitress/manageress - but we found her response truly appalling - even more

so than the food!

We were not rude and calmly explained why we were dissatisfied, but she

offered NO apology, NO explanation and made no discount on the bill. She

simply arrogantly shrugged her shoulders and walked off, refusing to make

eye contact with any of us.

As we left, I told her we would tell all our friends just how bad the food

was. But she just carried on ignoring us.

It is, of course, clear why censored is always empty. And after

experiencing it for ourselves, we can only imagine that they will probably

go out of business soon.

And that would be no bad thing - because I wouldn't wish the experience on

anybody. What a disgrace.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Has anyone actually ever eaten there? It is always empty.. The only good thing is the fit fake blond pakistani woman! and the stud in the wig... the food is DISGUSTING they can't coook reallll Pakistani cuisine.. They have to much money but yet the decor is tastless and i thought there was an olive on my plate but it turned out to be a cokoroach. I will not be returning any time soon.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A horrendous place. I went in there in January and one of the waitresses put tabasco in the coffee we had. I had been there many times before but this particular waitress was always rude..When I complained I was thrown out. I went back this Xmas eve and The arrogant owner admitted that she had done it and instead of apologising said that they did that to customers they did not like...Maybe I was lucky only to get tabasco in my food. I will be taking this up with Health and safety, however when I challenged the owner on this he said they did not bother him... Dont complain in there otherwise you may be eating more than you bargained for!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

this place used to be so nice. used to love it. last time i came the standard had gone so downhill. i also found something in my food that i thought to be a piece of cement. the cretinous waiter spent 10 minutes trying to persuade me it was a dry chick pea and only took it off the menu after a lengthy argument. i won't be going back.

Monday, December 24, 2007

The decor looks like Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen has thrown up everywhere. The food is the vilest I've ever had. I mean, how the hell can you spoil a Christmas dinner?

For starters we had some hideous carrot sticks that were actually grey! And they had the cheek to serve bread that was warm and soggy - because it was obviously frozen bread that had been warmed for a minute in the microwave.

The turkey I had was WORSE than a Bernard Matthews processed slab of meat. The sprouts were so watery you could have drunk them like a smoothie. I don't know how they managed to make the roast potatoes taste of nothing - but by God somehow they managed it.

Please avoid this place like the plague. I hardly ate anything and went to bed feeling slightly queasy - why pay through the nose for that? P.s avoid the lamb shank at all costs. The size of that beast meant there was no way is was from a lamb as it was the size of a dinosaur bone and was probably drier than one.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Attended censored last night for a Christmas meal. Four of us attended, two of us now have severe food poisoning.

Poor service was also thrown in for good measure.

We won't be returning!

Friday, December 21, 2007

My, lets call him, close friend and I went to censored last night. Food fab, menu fab, people generally fab, but whilst we were eating a dodgy looking old man came in, went into the cellar and sneaked out with an armful of boxes - very strange - maybe it was his bed for the night. The drugs are good but they're not that good!

The resaurant is great though.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

what a dump! Had our staff xmas part here and never again!

The staff were rude, snide and laughing at us all the time.

The food was vile worse than prison slop.

This place is a con and i've had bad guts since going.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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