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Been eating at XXXXXXXXXX for the last 2-3 years. I thought that the food is ok for the price that you pay. It's definitely affordable and you get what you pay for. The service is not that great. It's like a canteen where you sit next to strangers, but it's a great way to share your eating experience there with others. Having said that, I was greatly disappointed the last 2 times that I've been there this year. On one occassion, I was highly embarrased as one of my friend had found a hair in her pan-fried noodles. On another occasion, I found a squished bug in my rice as I was having tempura-don. I think there might be a question of hygiene?!? After reporting the bug, the server herself squirmed and offered to take the item off my bill, free of charge. I guess that is the least she could do as I didn't really get to eat my dinner. What I am upset about is that no one from the kitchen came out to apologise and offer to show some sort of shame about the situation. I didn't feel that they valued their customers at all. As a result, I would not return back there. And I will make sure that everyone knows the risks they are taking when eating at XXXXXXXXXX.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

We had cake here one Sunday lunchtime. I'd eaten half my chocolate cake before noticing it had mould on the bottom. The lady said they'd been made the day before which was impossible. I won't be going back again.

Friday, November 23, 2007

I very rarely feel compelled to write a restaurant review, but the censored*** deserves one.

It is foul. I have eaten here before and really enjoyed it, however I went yesterday and was gob smacked when I was served damp poppadums and flat tonic water in my G&T coupled with two rather haggard flies!

When I started to put some of the usual sundries (mango chutney etc) onto my poppadum I noticed that the spoon was filthy (like it had been there for years). Then, to my horror I discovered two flies distributed deep in the chutney. I know you kind of always figure that the mango chutney, lime pickle etc get re-used, but this was awfully disgusting!

When I complained that this was not what I had expected, I was met with grunts and blathering about how I had started drinking the gin and tonic and so would have to pay for all of the drinks.

Rude and crap.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Great, The waitresses were very kind and made our experience one of the best!

unfortunately though, we overheard the manager telling about a dead cat in the cellars... apparently the cat was living within the wine cellar and the food storage to keep the mice under control... I hope it was only a tale for the child at the table next to mine!!!!

a small place, full of character and... mistery!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Have been a few times and liked it - cheap and cheerful with excellent pizza as well. HOWEVER...

I went on Sunday and they brought my starter out with a cooked cockroach on one part. Perhaps they're getting complacent as they were far from apologetic... the waiter even started to grind pepper on the 'non-contaminated' section!!!

Not one to cause a scene so cancelled the starter and had a pizza that was nice, expecting an apology and maybe money off or free wine. Nothing though. One for environmental health who I will be notifying...

Monday, November 19, 2007

My experience with this restaurant was horrible and I found them rude and racially abusive.I will not recommend this restautant to any self respecting Asian. If they could they would have put a placard outside saying "Indians/Pakis/Asians not welcome". They will let you know as soon as u walked in that you are not welcome any way

We had booked a table for 8 and when we reached we were told there was no booking , later they checked and let us in saying it was their mistake. We were made to stand in the cold outiside before the lady at the door went and checked and came back.

We had informed they clearly that we were 6 adults and two kids and one was a 18 month old. The person on the phone told us they had no problem in accomodating kids

While we were waiting for our other guests to come, my baby started crying and we were preparing to put her back to sleep whenn the owner who was having dinner sitting next to us (which we saw as a good sign ) shouted on us in my local language that "whites do not like kids crying and they will lose appetite because of the baby " and went bonkers. It was humiliating in front from other customer although they would not have understoon what he said but the tone was quite apparent.

We walked out of the restaurant and spent our good evening in a chineese restaurant where any one was welcome

Sunday, November 18, 2007

On walking in you think you have stumbled across a rare gem, it looks fantastic and the menu is varied and interesting. When the starters came we were not let down, our liver parfait was suberb and other guests in our party said the same about theirs which included lobster soup.

Unfortunately it started to go downhill from here in, The main courses were a mixed bag, my chicken was lovely but the lamb tagine that quite a few of the party went for was described as quite poor and chewy.

Then we had an unexpected visitor A MOUSE came running down the wall above my head not even a foot away and very happily ran around our feet before hurrying back to his presumbed nest and family.

The waitress was very blase about it when we were told her we were not happy about it, we were moved onto another table but that was about it. The waitress was very rude and said 'what do you expect when you eat out in London'. We were given the dessert menu that looked like something from the little chef, and when the bill came , we asked the waitress if we could speak to the manager

as we were not too happy that we were not being given any compensation not so much as a free bottle of mouse oops I mean house wine!

She told us that the manager was not there and we had to pay the full price and so what if we had a mouse share our table.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

I took my partner here as it looks like a great place and had loads of great reviews !! WRONG ! Its a nice decor, service is good but the food is average. When our pizza arrived it looked nice, but tasted average. As i was eating I noticed paper in my pizza and assumed it was just paper they used to bake the pizza on and had forgot to remove it, but as I ate more I saw it was actually my reciept. Yes thats right my reciept was in my pizza. They offered me another pizza but I didnt bother excepting it as it didnt taste that great i would never finish it, so they gave it to me free. I would never go back as its overpriced and really not worth the money.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Whilst shopping we decided to take a bite to eat at XXXXXXXX !

I ordered the Jalapeno Burger which I have to say was very nice apart from the GLASS I found in it which appeared to come from the Relish jar.

On informing the waitress she informed me that they had been awear of the glass pots containg the relish breaking ??? my thought on this if that is the case why do they still use them.

sorry XXXXXXX but you have put me off

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

this restarunt made me throw up over my fiancee and she thought i didnt like her so she dumped me by giving me a slap attack and then thowing my boiling hot tea all over me witch i still have scars now so i am very disappointed in this restaunt.

so i say good day madame

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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