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Parking is a problem... restaurant is small with too many tables. Price is OK but I heard some of them are being recycle or left over from previous customer being serve to new one.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

As a resident of XXXXXXXXXXX (the residential building above XXXXXX) I would have to say that this restaurant really is the worst of Edgware Road. I can’t understand where the good reviews of this restaurant have come from. The staff do not wash their hands after using the toilets whether this be a one or a two. There have been repeated cockroach infestations of the residential premises emanating from this so called restaurant. The large metal air extractor shaft which was erected without planning permission by this restaurant at the back of the residential premises has regularly caught fire. This being indicative of their lack of standards in maintenance and cleanness. The food is dry and cooked in a kitchen that breeches health and safety and is extremely dirty, hence the cockroaches.

I recommend not eating at this restaurant unless one wants food poisoning or worse. I suggest that only very desperate homeless people eat here and avoid paying the exorbitant cost of the food by asking to use the toilets that do not have toilet paper or soap and then after using the toilet turn left instead of right which would lead back to the restaurant. Such would then be able to exit the building unseen by going up the stairs which leads to a non alarmed fire escape.

If one wants to be treated worse than a dog with horrible meat scraps then this is the place to go. You have been warned.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

If I could give this ridiculous place a negative number rating, I would. I spent 300 pounds to book this place for myself and about 20 of my friends for my birthday. I had booked a table with bottle service ( ie, i pre-ordered 3 bottles)all night from 10:30pm until close.

Some of my friends had turned up at the bar around 11pm and were turned away, having been told that I no longer had a table, that my reservation had been cancelled, that they were painfully stupid for having shown up and not to have known these things. They were spoken to with the utmost rudeness. I was running late from dinner with my closer group of friends and showed up at 11:45pm and the bouncer stands in front me and says "YOU ARE NOT COMING IN HERE. I MAKE THOSE DECISIONS. YOU SHOULD JUST PISS OFF". He then pushed me backwards.

I replied that I had paid for a table, and reminded him he wasn't the manager. The manager is standing in the corner, the whole time, pretending to get someone's coat. He waits another three minutes and finally walks up to me and says, "I am NOT prepared to let you in tonight." I ask him why he was rude to my friends, why he had an attitude with me and why he had given my table away without my informed consent. He just repeated himself, and asked me and my entire part of 15 people to leave. I told him I needed an answer as to why I couldn't get my money back right at that moment. and he told me "our treasurer is not here, you have to come back on Monday" (this by the way is crap, if they overcharge you on a drink, they have to refund the money on the spot, so it is possible for them to do refunds...)The bouncer then proceeds to push me again. I am originally from New York city. Not even in the most exclusive clubs will bouncers raise a hand on you unless you are in the middle of a fight and pose risk to other patrons. I am a small Indian girl, about 5'3, with absolutely no way to physically threaten a 6'2 black bouncer. I was shocked. I told him if he raised another hand on me that I would call the police and report him for assualt. He manhandled me outside (by picking me up by my shoulders and physically moving me) and then proceeded to tell me that I was a fat bitch and that I should lose some weight. This was said IN FRONT OF THE MANAGER, who just stood there. All of my friends heard what this ridiculous idiot had said, had witnessed the rude treatment I received at the hands of the manager who had, in essence, tried to steal my deposit and thought he could get away with it. He filled my table last night, didn't bother to call and tell me he was giving it away and then became belligerent when I demanded my money back. What a painful experience to deal with on your birthday. I strongly urge anyone who is considering going here to avoid the obnoxious and the pretentious. There are far better places in East London to frequent. We'll see if management gives me money back tomorrow when I call and ask again for my (deserved) full refund.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ok place for its dim sums however I found a hair in one of them! Service is really poor I think the waiters have blinkers on!

Friday, November 09, 2007

All in all, the total meal was horrible. We ended up going to McD's to fill the gap in our appetites after the evening. I do have to say that they have a decent wine list for decent prices though.

Also - this place known to have the two most crude, rude, aggressive doormen at the entrance. They're known to physically assault patrons for little or no reasons out of their boredom and thirst for some type of action, which does not really allow for the patrons to relax and / or let off some steam. I think the bouncers are far more used to patrons conducting other activities of escapism rather than drinking. So to summarise, horrific food, decent wine list, absolutely terrible door men who are vicious, rude and neolithic and are enough reason to stay well clear of this place.

There are hundreds of places to go in London to spend your hard earned £ and this should NOT be one of them.

Friday, November 09, 2007

I went to XXXXXXX for dinner last night, & was really looking forward to going as I hadn't been back since the reopening. I ordered the rocket & prosciuto pizza. Halfway through, & buried under the rocket, was what appeared to be a small burnt crumb of sorts. On closer inspection, it was a medium-to-well done WASP! I quickly showed the waitress who was horrified. In turn, she ordered the manager. Fortunately, it would appear this happens often, as the manager was not at all surprised, quickly explaining that it must have come in through the rocket (well of course?!), before mentioning something about warm nights.... (this was November!?)... A second wasp-free pizza was brought forward - we know that it was wasp-free as my partner & I furiously searched the rocket, not that it was strictly neccessary, because as most people know, rocket provides little camouflage for our yellow-black friends. All was forgiven, until upon presentation of the bill we noticed that I'd been charged for the pizza! £12.75 plus 12.5% service charge! Unbelievable!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

the sashimi - i could cut a better sashimi from the sainsbury's counter

all the food - everything is sub- standard. we should have quit while we were ahead.

would not recommend this to an enemy. we were poisoned!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Dropped in on Frday night. Girls £5 and guys £10!!... For this price my girlfriend was groped by black guys during the 3 minutes downstairs, I only found out after :( , while I got a couple of overpriced drinks at the bar. The music was terrible downstairs (RnB and some MC) and upstairs was fairly tragic house. The place was dead… & couldn’t get out of there quick enough. Never ever would I recommend this hole.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Awful. Went here with a few friends who were visiting from abroad recently. The place was empty at 9pm on a Friday night. That, alone, should have started the alarm bells ringing! Given the absence of alternatives in the area, we forged ahead regardless. Restaurant is "old-style" Spain and quite homely. Food was really below par. I ate a what I think was was advertised as a croquette but which tasted anything but. It had been cooked in very old oil and my stomach kept reminding me of that fact for a good 24 hours afterward. One of my friends had a prawn dish which she said tasted odd. She was not very well the next day. Service was practically non-existent as our waiter spent most of his time speaking loudly into his cellphone (in Portuguese) about his sexual antics of the previous night. Quite entertaining if you could understand as one of my dining partners could. Good wine list. Wouldn't be be bothered with this place again as apart from anything else, the area around the restaurant is a bit rough and threatening at night . As we left the restaurant the place was awash with police as someone had just been mugged on the main road!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Worst Service EVER in my life!

if you are a believer in good customer service.

We were asked to 'GET THE F*** OFF' by a waiter and manager

was simply standing there. I was completely pissed off!

My friend and I (from Taiwan) went for lunch just today.

I'm not that kind of person who would be bothered to write a review

on restaurant. But I was completely overwhelmed by their WORST

service I had never experienced in my life.

We had lunch there for less than an hour and a half.

Just before we were about to finish, one of the waiters came around

and pretended to talk to other customers, saying (in cantonese)

that 'some people just dont finish their meal, how can we get other

customers to come in' without coming to us and telling us directly.

I wasn't happy about it, thought the waiter was WAY TOO RUDE

so right after paying the bill I walked up to manager.

The manager was the worst I have never seen either, he most

of the time without looking at us, pretending to be busy with his

check book while we were complainning about the DISRESPECT

from that WAITER.

We complained I believed in a very polite way saying that we

wasn't pleased with the waiter's service, and the waiter came

up and shouted us to 'GET THE F*** OFF' (he said it in English)

for SO MANY TIMES! And told us not to bothered to come to

the restaurant cos he doesn't want us to show up again.

(at the time the manager still didn't say anything)

What the f*** was that! I simply needed a genuine apology or

at least some kind of explanation.

Please, if you are a firm believer in good (well, at least not WORST)

customer service, DONT GO THERE to risk being humiliated!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

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