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I visited this restaurant on Monday 18th August for lunch. The lunch was enjoyable and the service was of an okay standard. However, just as we had finished our meal we happened to see 2 mice run accross the floor. One of these mice then went under the door and into the kitchen We immediately told a member of staff, who proceeded to do nothing. I have since contacted the Environmental Health dept. Wil see what comes of this!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I went to this restaurant last Saturday, and even though I asked for a vegetarian dish (since I don't eat meet), I found a piece of meat half way through my meal.

When I pointed this out to the waiter, he said very rudely 'what do you want me to do?' and suggested that the bit of meet may have been flicked from my friends plate (impossible as it was a completely different type of meat),he was only willing to offer me the soft drink for free and after a discussion with him, he scrapped very violently my dish from his note, and snapped the my dish and my friend's dish off the table aggressively. Then he put down the bill on our table and said 'Pay and go' in the most rude way. I actually confronted him and he was even ruder! At no point a received an apology from my waiter or anyone else that worked at the restaurant. Moreover, when I asked to see the manager, I was told there wasn't one. Not only the service is horrid at this restaurant, the food is terrible too (and coming from a family of chefs I certainly know good food).

Please, visit any other Chinese restaurant in the area, there are some really lovely ones! Unfortunately I made the mistake of wanting to try somewhere new. Hope this review helps other people not to make the same mistake!

Monday, August 18, 2008

**** has mice! I just walked by **** last night (Sunday night at around 8pm Paris time) with my wife and we saw a mouse running around in the display case for the chocolates/patisserie! We were absolutely shocked as I have eaten here before and I absolutely love the chocolat chaud! The sad part is that my wife and I are on our honeymoon and this restaurant is one of the main reasons we came to Paris! I guess Ratatouille is based on a true story! Having seen this, my wife and I certainly cannot eat here today, as we can't simply ignore what we saw.

Monday, August 04, 2008

i have absolutly no clue as to why people say good things about this place.

extremley bad serviceand very bland food. atmosphere was very poor too as everyone was sat waiting for service.

i was very much looking forward to bringing 2 good friends to the restaurant . i booked a table for 9pm, we arrived 10 mins early and were turned away and asked to come back at 9pm, understandably the place was full but we did notice that no one in the entire room had meals infront of them.

we were seated when we came back at 9pm.

the waitress gave us our menus and left. she returned 5 mins later to take our drinks and food order.

20 mins later i asked for the drinks which had not arrived yet.

10 minutes later she brought the drinks.

30 mins later the starters arrived.

the empty plates were left on the table for a good 20 minutes.

50 minutes passed and then i enquired when the main courses would come?.... what was your order she asked....???

this was now becoming a bit of a joke.

having read the reviews online regarding the restaurant i recommended it to my friends, i was quickly realising that it had been a big mistake.

the waitress said she would check on the main courses, she did no bother to come back to say how long they would be....a further 15 mins of waiting and then 1 of the 3 meals arrived. 5 mins later the 2nd arrived, then she brought cutlery for them to eat it with, i then waited another 10 minutes for my main to arrive. by the time it came my friends had finished their meals... initailly when ordering i had ordered a side of potatoes which did not arrive. it was also not on the bill so she had obviously missed it in the ordering to the kitchen.

the waitresses had no finesse, were somewhat shy and had no knowledge of the menu or drinks. one friend asked for a coffee and she had no idea what coffee it was or what types of milk were serbed with it.

as previously said we all left very, very dissapointed

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I would not recommend this restaurant to my worst enemy! I have never met such unhelpful surly waiters before! Unbelievably rude! I like seafood but the ‘big boss seafood selection’ was disgusting. What on earth possesses a restaurant to serve a seafood selection in a white bland sauce in their shells (prawns and mussels) - it is impossible to eat, especially when you are not given a finger bowl!!!!! I was so disappointed with the evening that I asked for the discretionary service charge to be removed - something I have never done in my life, but felt so strongly that the staff/food did not warrant it!!!! The owner(s) should be ashamed of themselves! I will never go back there!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

fodd wass discuting do go the food was cold and i found some salva iin my food

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We enjoyed a nice meal until a mouse appeared on the restaurant floor. we told the waiter and he didnt care. we raised the issue again and his excuse was that the restaurant was near the tube and that the door was open. what the??

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Went to this place, was good food but had some trouble with the service. They gave us papadums without us ordering them so we assumed it was complementary but they charged us. Then we asked for some leftovers to be packed and forgot it on the table, went back to get it and saw the waiter picking it out the bin who looked at the manager who agreed it was ok to give it to us from the bin!! We asked for fresh food and the manager was rude to us....he said the food was in the bag and hasnt touched the bin....I would have just left if they had just said sorry we put it in the bin....but to actually remove it from the bin and then give it to us?!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

we went there to celebrate my sons 18th birthday as we were about to start out first course a mouse fell from the netting hanging in the basement which hit my brothers head and landed on the table dying from mouse poison. you can imagine we left the manager used my sons birthday card to flick the mouse on to the floor to stop the commotion. never been back since, just left without payin the bill. hope they have their mouse problem under control now as it wasnt a very nice experience. my sons 18th was ruined with no compensation offered and ended up eating a sandwich from a petrol station as it was 12 at night. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I visited this bar a few weeks back and had a fantastic evening, great service, great location and great atmosphere.

I liked it so much that I returned last week with my brother-in-law to be, all I can say is that I will never return again!.

I had gone to the toilet and seen two men looking very suspect, believing them to be dabling in illegal substances I thought I would do the right thing and inform the staff at the bar. The member of staff was very quick to react, only to be stopped from doing anything by a person I believe to have been the manager on duty. The "manager" then went and sat with the men in question when they emerged from the toilet and drank with them...... we where then constantly stared at until the point that we felt we shoudl leave before any trouble errupted.

I can not say for sure whether the men were up to no good or whether the "manager" was a friend of theirs. All I know is the entire situation was very suspect. I will never drink there again, which is a shame as the venue and the service are fantastic.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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