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My friend and I went to XXXXXXX for lunch we ordered Potato and Leek soup with crusty bread, while eating my soup I felt something sharp in my mouth, needless to say I found a piece of wire had been in the soup, on complaining about this, I was given my money back, and told it must have been wire that came of the scouring pad while cleaning the pan,We certainly will never go back there.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

I went to XXXXXXXX on Tuesday night with three friends. While I was waiting for them to arrive I found the staff attentive and friendly. However, we ordered 2 starters between four of us including bruschetta, we received 3 slices between the four of us.

I ordered calzone which although good was served on a cold plate with a cold tomato sauce on the side. One friend ordered pasta arabiata which was too hot and too much garlic and when I asked for it to be changed the waiter's response was that was what she had ordered (true, but not very good customer service!)

Worse still, my other friend who ordered the salmon pasta got food poisoning and was very ill throughout the night. The next day she rang the restaurant to warn them to throw away any salmon they had left and was told;

The reason she had food poisoning was because she had Parmesan

on it...?!! They recommend not to have it and 80% of the customers don't

and therefore are ok. (So 20% get food poisoning by adding cheese to their

salmon???!!)" It is ridiculous. She's now angry especially that they didn't even say sorry!

Friday, November 02, 2007

well i used to like this restaurant, it started out ok, but got progressively more sloppy in service an food and very dirty. I was sitting in there one day with my boyfriend eating a salad and out crawled the biggest cockroach/hardshelled insect i've ever seen (roughly half the size of my thumb. this put me of the place for life) , they gave me the meal for free and got me out of there sharpish and luckily for them i didn't make too much fuss as i'm not scared of insects but the waitress nearly passed out when she saw it.

i wouldn't recommend this restaurant for anything!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I ate here and have been ill with bad stomach problems ever since. Am awaiting the results of tests back from the Doctor to determine the cause. This has also affected a friend who ate with me. Will definitely not be back!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm finally 'through' with XXX XXXXXX! Having persevered for years I look forward to the new owners ( assuming a sale is still on the cards ) taking over and shaking things up a bit. Is it just me or do others feel they want to put ALL the staff into a bath, burn their clothing and explain to them the basics of personal presentation, hygiene and the fact that customers are paying good money to be served in more than a very casual and diffident manner?

The final straw...? One of the staff members stroking a customer's dog (nothing wrong with that, dog owner and lover myself ) but then going on to slice bread without washing her hands! Plus, a particularly scruffy looking member of staff with really grubbing looking clothes spending too much time scratching his bum and serving my food. I'm really NOT that precious, honestly, but I have my limits!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I happened to stroll into XXXXXX this Saturday, hungry and tired after a few friends had caught the ballet across the road. Welcomed at first by a pleasant maitre D – we were brought to our table and sat down. As we sat, both females at the table noted the sub zero temperature point of our squared 30 inches. I never complain about the cold; indeed – I like it crisp – there is nothing better than some fresh air on a pleasant autumn day. But if I want to eat like this, I will sit out in Helsinki naked with my feet in bucket of ice.

Meteorology aside, the menus arrived. They were sticky. Uh oh – I thought; should have gone to the steakhouse across the street. The menus were being held by a humanoid waitress that I can only describe as being very ‘Olga’ like. She was a mix of something out of a Soviet freak show spewing the usual incomprehensible accented babble which shouldn’t belong in a restaurant that serves mains for £19.99. We decide on sharing some nachos – at the end of the day, we are all starving, and we do indeed enjoy the pleasant cheese melting on those crisp tortilla chips as they lay tingling on the fire-warmed plate.

15 minutes after our first order KGB comes back: our drinks will have to wait. There is a long queue of cocktails ahead – and we are at the end of the line. I look around surprised: its 10pm, the restaurant is half empty… and our order is 3 cokes and a juice. Hmm. That’s ok, no problem. Smile.

Our nachos arrived, with our drinks, without the extra guacamole I asked for – hey – but what the heck, I let this one go. At the end of the day, if she is a waitress then there must be a reason why.

Upon completing half our plate of nachos, we talk, converse, engage in that pleasant ‘chit’ and ‘chat’ which so many twenty-somethings now seem to engage in regularly. The nachos meanwhile transform – mutate, metamorphose, putrefy. Indeed, as the Japanese say, you must see what your food looks like cold before you judge whether its good or not – the nachos cold seemed everything but the original dish I had so eagerly awaited.

At this point the dinner was not going perfect – not bad – but medium. Given the time and location, the constrained incompetency of the waitresses and the theory of devolution – I couldn’t really complain – If I wanted a ramsey I would have gone to a Claridge. Then things changed.

Ten minutes became thirty which became 45. At 70 minutes the nachos had almost rotted – there were colonies of bacteria swarming over the sticky menus and the poorly cleaned tables.

After a series of complaints, which were duly replied by threats from Polish Mafia, – the food came. Cold. As my girlfriend and vegetarian friends (Sindhi by nature – awesome) dipped their opaque spoons into their freezing gumbo you could hear the saliva glands retract at the awful site. The food looked horrible even for England. But wait! We were four people at our table. And only three dishes in front….

I stared at my cutlery and where my plate should have been there was a big “w$nker” written in the air – it must have been the smoke from my fuming ears reminding me I had picked the restaurant. In just over 10 minutes, my steak did appear, cold, and cooked to the point of petrifaction. I sent it back.

I stopped the manager, who at this point was about to rip her hair out at the table that was causing her such anguish. “im a busy girl” she told me with a smirk. I paused and thought. Why does everyone use that as an excuse? You are supposed to be busy to work you pathetic Anglo-Saxon blonde.

The steak came again. Cold, grey and in need of a bin. A ‘new’ manager appeared – probably just a different waiter as the other one was breaking down. This one however was male and much bigger – they probably sent the bigger one in to pre-empt any violence. He apologised, made a bad joke and scattered off from the hole in which he came from. Our dinner was for free.

Did this make up for the experience I had? Did this make up for leaving cold, hungry, disheartened? Did it help towards my unresolved my anger of middle market restaurants ever more fuelled by the abysmal shamble of the tragedy I had just witnessed? No. The only thought that kept me going was that the worst had been over – I can not have a worse, more repulsive, ghastly, nauseating and incredibly sordid meal than what was served to me at XXXX.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I was looking forward to having dim sum and tea with friends and it seemed an ideal central London location for all of us and also the fact that we could book in advance was a plus. The food was mediocre and their dim sum selection lacked variety. The service was not great especially when to my shock, horror and pain when I bit into a vegetable dumpling and almost broke my tooth on a small 5mm block of wood which looked like the top of a chopstick! To my disappointment, I was offered no compensation but a mild apology and they took my dumpling dish I was so looking forward to eating! Although, they did offer me a replacement, unfirtunately, my painful experience, put me quite off the food. Therefore, needless to say, I was most dispappointed with the service.

Monday, October 29, 2007

You generally know what you get at an XXXXXXXX however this appears to be the exception.

Having popped in early on a Sunday afternoon for a light lunch, I was very disappointed by the standards and service at this bar.

The waitress was surly and uncommunicative, serving me and my partner with drinks which both had flies floating on the surface. On looking around us, we also noticed flies all over the walls.

One to avoid...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Went for dinner there. First of all the matre d/manager was a bit standoffish, not corteous at all. Food was ok, until my girlfriend found a hair in her food! They asked if they should take the dish away (like it wasn't obvious) and offered to give us another dish, or take it off the bill! They should have cooked her another AND taken it off the bill, like any half decent restaurant would suggest. Shocking. Will never go there again. For the price we paid we expect a lot better than crap like that.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

we thought that the food would be 'perfection.' well it wasn't. it was the worst food i have every had in my life. everything had the texture of the remnants of flu, bodily fluids, pus and gels. at one point i asked the waiter to taste the food, he say 'no way. another house manager looked sypathetic when he asked if i liked the food and and nodded with my not too complimentary descriptions of the teaspoons of vivid vomit that appeared on our plates. my husband and i both have had tummy ache for the last two days after tasting the taster menu two days ago. becareful of the shell fish. on top of that, take out a mortgage to pay for your bill. this no doubt is an experience - but you could spend the money on a holiday instead.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

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