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This has got to be the worst restaurant I have ever been to!! You walk in and it looks nice but slightly small, and very modern looking...But... The food was bland, and what little food did taste of something, the taste was overkill! The chicken dishes looked like they would get off the plate and cluck away! I understand that meat should be tender, but not alive!

And as for the service, the waitresses were so rude that some of the other diners that I was with thought they must be on some form of drug that causes them to be arrogant and aggressive, and that was from one of our friends who is a mental health assessor!! I don't think anymore needs to be said apart from - only eat where you have been recommended by friends/family/workmates etc.. Never again!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

If Princess Margaret did eat here she was probably too pissed to notice how bad the food was. This is food from the 60s, the sort that got British "cuisine" a bad name. Grim. Avoid.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Went there last night,never again.We should have walked out when we realised that the food was old and cold.When we saw it brought in plastic boxes on ,a trolley covered with a black sack, we knew then that it wasn't cooked on site and that there was no way they could heat or re heat the food.All of the food was just tepid,the brocolli was icy cold, and a spring roll was so old and dark inside that I had to spit it into my napkin!I tried to stick to things that looked safe,but I'm afraid I've had an upset stomach since. Be warnedif you don't believe me go and try it.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The last time I ate here I got the s**ts and my sister threw up.

Friday, October 26, 2007

I have never been to this restaurant but did dream about it recently. I submit my recollection here as a warning to others. To start with the very name fills me with dread - 'XXXXXXXX' being Spanish for poisonous snake. On my arrival all seemed well and we were cordially greeted by two giants and an egg-whisk. Things quickly turned sour when we were presented with bowls of sawdust and encouraged to consume the lot through the sorts of waxy paper straws that I remember from my childhood. It became utterly farcical when the head waiter brought our dessert - Pi, served to 14,000 decimal places. So long was the meal that I still dream about it every night and at the current rate will not complete the meal until 2017. My advice to others is to never dream about going to this restaurant.

Friday, October 26, 2007

I've always liked this restaurant for its old school yum cha trolleys...part of the dim sum experience is the selection from a trolley wielded by a chinese lady not proficient in English...yet my visit last Saturday has left a rather unpleasant taste in my mouth.

I lifted the lid on a steam basket of beef and ginger dumplings and crammed one in my mouth. As my friend turned to join me in the experience her jaw fell open...and not in order to squeeze in.

There on top of the dumpling, laying on its back with its legs in the air - a rather cooked looking cockroach had instantly made our dumplings less appealing. We actually stared in horror at each other, speechless and in shock that the cliche of all sub-standard kitchen offerings lay on our very own dim sum.

Moments later a waitress was called and shown the culprit. Words were not necessary...or so we thought. She said nothing and removed the offending dish only to come back a good five minutes later with some new beef and ginger dim sum...not a word of sorry...not an air of shame. This only added to our shock.

At this point we'd lost our appetites so we were not expecting a very large bill. We were keen to see if the incident would reduce the cost further if not wiping the bill entirely. But the bill came in its entirety and even still included the beef and ginger dumplings. We expressed our disappointment to the cashier who still could not manage a simple sorry. She seemed irritated that we did not want to pay the full bill. Instead of £26 we left £20...she all but threw the receipt at us and we left. Its a shame...but I doubt I could return after this appalling treatment, not to mention their questionable hygiene.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Extremely unsatisfactory experience here recently - my girlfriend was manhandled by the security staff downstairs for no reason as she tried to pay them for entry. The same security staff then punched two of my friends as we tried to take her away from them. In short, the security staff were dangerously out of control.

I have been going to the XXXXXXX to eat upstairs for 8 years and never encountered behaviour like this.

When pressed as to why we had been treated in this way, the manager informed me that they "would do fine without our business". An absolutely disgraceful way to treat a customer, particularly someone who has previously been a frequent one.

I will not be returning to the XXXXXX again and urge others to do the same. Bottom line is that this place has changed from somewhere that used to value its customers to somewhere which just wants to churn people through the door and make as much cash as it can.


Friday, October 26, 2007

quite possibly the worst meal out ever!

dreadful food (soggy, unappetising etc), hopeless service which included watching the staff (most were transient workers who didn't care less) eat and finger the parmisan cheese. i write this now because i have friends fom the USA here and am looking for a nice place to go out to. this certainly won't be it!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Careful not to piss the waiters off, they are extremely short-tempered.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

went to this restaurant last week with my family and on arriving we told the waiter that we we short of time and he told us that we had enough time (45 minutes). Each of us ordered a different dish and my sister's meal was cold when her's arrived. We pointed it out to the waiter who said that it would take 10 minutes to make a fresh one. As she had to get a train she decided not to change it. A short while after, the waiter returned and removed her plate with half her meal still in it. When she protested that she was till eating and that the very least he should have done was to ask before her simply took it, he said sorry, I thought you had to get a train. Having just stacked it with other dirty/used dishes, he then offered the plate back! The bill swiftly followed and we said that we did not feel that dish should be charged because first, it arrived cold, and then it was taken away while she was still eating! Three staff then appeared, circled the table and said we could not leave the premises until the bill was paid in full - service charge included! The child in the group began to cry, the front door was locked, and the staff became aggressive and threatening. So we called the police, and because of the train time, we had to pay in full to get out of there.

I would NEVER recommend that anyone eats there - and if you do, do not expect to be treated with respect or reasonably. They are bullies. The police officer I spoke to told me that they have had complaints from there in the past. Locking us in the restaurant is a crime!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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