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The first time I ate here they took an extra £5 on top of the 12.5% service charge saying it was a tip for the waiting staff.

The most recent time I ate here (last Friday) the peperoni pizza gave me food poisoning and I spent the rest of the weekend being too ill to even leave the house.

The other times that I've eaten here have been ok but I won't be going back because of the above.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm a great admirer of Mediterranean cuisine so I decided to try this restaurant with not too much expectation in mind! Last time I had been to a so called Mediterranean restaurant was in Brazil and I was not left disappointed.

But what I found was a very bland sort of cooking, without a hint of Mediterranean spices at all. Besides the service was very intrusive to the point of a waiteress, a Manuel from Fawlty Towers sort of girl, having the audacity of sitting at our table! The menu was very uninspiring and with classics like spaguetti bolognese I knew I wasn't at a London hot spot. If the cooking was anything acceptable I would understand having such a basic dishes on the menu but unfortunately it wasn't.

To make matters worst, the owner of the place, a very rude lady with a very strange name, was clearly drunk when came to our table to apologize.

The whole experience was just dreadful and I just want to forget that horrible place.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My first impressions of XXX XXXXX were my utter horror at the owners, i was greeted first by a woman who would have to diet to be fat cow, and a chef that was so huge, fat, disgusting and greasy that I thought that a 3 ton puss-oozing tumer was in the kitchen.

After drinking 3 bottles of JD so i could bare the thought of eating there, I was served a dinner that can only be described as smelling like bacon fried in urine. It was so horrible that i nearly had massive liver failure at the smell that was before me, but luckly the owner was such a fatty-fatty-boom-boom that his own gravitational field sucked the dinner off my plate, and the change from my trousers.

so in conclusion, i will not be eating there again

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sorry but I had food poisoning in this restaurant!!!

About 30 min after finishing the dinner I hardly made it to the public toilet at Charring Cross and almost died there.

Then I spent two days in bed with bad stomach cramps and then another 2 days recovering before I could eat properly.

Well the decision is YOURS!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Went for the first time to XXXXXX on 19-10-2007 and it will be my last time ever. Here is why:

-Mediocre opera singer was shouting so loud you could not have a normal conversation with your partner

-I am convinced that my food was heated using the microwave, as some bits were extremely hot and others were cold. After I finished my meal I made a comment to the waiter about this. He WHISPERED in my ear that he was not accepting my complaint because I finished my meal! Would you believe that? How rude can you be? Not accepting a complaint from a customer? Anyway, stupid mistake, will never go out there again.

Monday, October 22, 2007

be aware, the place's usual tranquility gets usurped when pi***d up Mike Skinner wannabes dripping in fake gold and sometimes up to two mobile phones hanging form branded B.F.C. lanyards attired in lacoste, nike and addidas shimmer as they fall trough the door with their plastic bags full of Carling or Stella Artios or "wife beater" as it is locally known. Except in summer when checked shirts are substituted for sleeveless t-shirts to display their gallery of tattooed swallows and odes to dead relatives and a consensus of their offspring, should they forget to claim maintenance When this happens the ambiance is replaced by crackling mobile phones placed on the tables unclipped from the lanyards whilst blasting out some repetitive song. Not a place to go to an the staff don't really help you either food was to bland and tastless.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Simple Food

Simple Staff

Simply Pay

But for gods sake.... never **** the waiters off.

I've seen a group of Rugby Players close to tears as the staff came out

with meat cleavers to "explain" that you don't argue about the bill.

My 4 year old and 11 year old think it's wonderful.

Should be on the 100 things to do before you die.

Monday, October 22, 2007

This is a perfect example that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. On Saturday evening my Mother and I were on a quest to find a good Chines restaurant behind Leicester Square. After seeing XXXX XXXX we were impressed with the restaurants entrance and it looked clean. Little did we know!

The waiter wasn't attentive and when he took our orders he rushed us after we waited 20mins to be served drinks. The food was over priced for what we ordered. A quarter crispy duck, one small boiled rice, prawns with black bean sauce (came cold) one still water and an orange juice. We were never asked if we wanted drinks or deserts after and we had to beg for the £40.80 bill! Whilst we waited for our change were repulsed to see a giant cockroach crawling past our table. The staff never apologized for this and one asked for a tissue to pick up the insect with their hand next to unsuspecting clients eating their food. I have never seen anything quit like it. The following day the food we consumed made us both unwell. I would like for them to put more money into improving the kitchens hygiene rather than the water and fish display they use the lure people in their cockroach infested restaurant. DO NOT GO THERE!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

used to good, cheap and filling years a go-my God, how its changed!

food was awful, place was filthy, staff werent much better and the pair of drug addicts who sat shaking opposite me just added to the atmosphere!!

i felt like i was in some sort of low-budget movie about heroin addicts!!

never ever EVER again will i step foot in that place

go there at your own risk & oh yeah, take your own cutlery & plate, its bound to be cleaner

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Me and the better half popped into this hole last weekend for a quick bite to eat and a drink and I have to say it was the worst food I have ever eaten in my life (I am not exaggerating)...

After sitting down waiting to have our order taken for a good 15 minutes (it wasnt even busy) We ordered a selection of Tapas.

The garlic mushrooms were disgusting..

The chilli beef was basically some very cheap looking and tasting mince beef covered in oil with a bit of chilli that had no taste what so ever..

The cajun 'chicken' seemed like some low budget sandwich filler that had been blasted in a microwave.

The deep fried crispy squid rings looked more like onion rings that you would get from a low grade burger van, they were overcooked and cooked in oil that must have been older than Thora Hird.

The final nail in the coffin for me was the glass I was given that should have gone to the glass recycling centre over a year ago.

Dont eat here, you would be better off getting a Brian Turner sandwich from a garage (and god are those sandwiches bad).


Saturday, October 20, 2007

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