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If you are looking for "authentic" Malaysian dishes, this is the place. But if it's authentic that you want - STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!

This is the worst place in London to get a Malaysian taste. Average price per head was GBP22 but you pay for the service and atmosphere. Why would you want to do that? I have no idea.

Simple advice, if they cant even come up with a better idea to name the restaurant, be wary of what you are getting money for.

Service is pathetically slow when only 1 table with 7 people. We were left starving for a long time, believe me you dont want to be near this place. And just to rub it in further, the chef didnt even speak to you but just keep enjoying the drink when we were bloody eager to tell him how awful the food taste.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

F**kin Cracking. Food - The Dogs Bollocks. The waiters, you'd take and shag to death.

Would go again

Friday, October 19, 2007

The food was very yummy & quite rich. All the dishes were hot & served very quickly. I would of liked my starter not to of come together with my main meal though. The Service was also very rushed & as they like all the customers to sit very close together the waiter kept asking me & my friend to move up more, he then pulled the bench down from under us & I nearly fell off the end! None of the staff had a smile or were friendly, if they hadn't charged 12% for the service I would not of left a tip.

Unfortunately 3 out of our party of 6 all had very bad tummies the next day & running to the toilet alot!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Been a few times (near my work) in hope that it'll improve but give up on this place. The restaurant is fine but the bar is hopeless. Sullen, slow, charmless, incompentent , impertinent staff, one of whom needs a good bath. Revolting, insipid, microwaved, disgracefully over-priced food. There werent even enough benches to sit down on at the tables despite the place being only 1/4 full (for the record I am surprised they mangaged to get it THAT full).

Just DO NOT GO THERE - plently of better bars and pubs in the area that deserve your cash more.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Went there for lunch with my colleague and our agent along with my rather over the top, blunt talking Aussie boss. When the Chianti was presented to him, he let blurted out at the top of voice, “Jesus, this is warm as old nun’s p***”, and indeed it was (from what I hear). I wonder if it had been left next to a radiator, or even micro weaved! Whatever, it didn’t stop us hovering up another two bottles as it was as smooth as velvet. The food and service was top quality, easily the best place to dine in the anemic confines of Canary Wharf.

Friday, October 19, 2007

This restaurant was recommended to us by a friend who eats here regularly, there were six people in our party, the night we dined here the restaurant was almost full, and there was a nice atmosphere in the restaurant, nothing grand, basic but very clean. We were very impressed with the service and the quality of the food, for the price we paid it offered very good value for money and the food was delicious, just as I would imagine would be served in a home in Cairo.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Disappointing experience, i do go out dinning, 4 times a week, and as ex owner of restaurant myself, i know what i m talking about, eatalble food, not good value for the money, small portions, lack of meet and sea food in starters and main courses..... very poor menu....non professional service.

I won't go back and i don't recommend it.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I’m still shocked and angry about my first dining “experience” at XXXXXX, which I mistakenly arranged to visit two days ago with my step father, mother and pregnant wife. On arrival, the plates all had a plastic spoons on- to get at the bottom of the following amusé course- served in plastic tumblers, as used for hospital pills or methodone! The later amusé were also served like this.

My starter was nice enough- a warm soup with hints of apple and cinnamon, all whisked into a trendy froth. Fair enough- except the chef had clearly found a trick and used it to death. My main course also had froth, and my dessert had froth. As did every course that everyone else had round the table.

Froth aside, every course seemed to have simply involved a purée of disparate flavours, with the main ingredient tossed in for good measure. In the case of the main courses; this was a minuscule portion of meat. There were no vegetables to speak of (they were all part of the sauce) and the only real texture in any of the courses was provided by seeds or nuts. This was borne out by the fact that the mains were sloppily dumped into bowls, rather than presented on plates.

The restaurant was very hot, and as mentioned in other reviews, no music had a detrimental effect on the atmosphere. The service was beyond shocking.

My wife, who is six months pregnant, was made to feel like she was being awkward asking about whether things were pasteurised or made with raw egg. When we spelled out it was because she was pregnant, the waitress said, “well I assumed that” before backtracking on her rudeness. To add to an already shocking experience, we asked if a fresh fruit salad could be prepared, as none of the desserts were suitable for my wife. The reply was that the kitchen had no fresh fruit! For a start off, what about the banana with the lamb, or the apple used in the soup, or the raspberry used with the rice pudding? Are they all frozen then? They couldn’t be bothered! Eventually they provided some slices of tarts begrudgingly.

The lowlight of the evening was before this, when my wife’s main arrived. The chicken was RAW! My wife mentioned that she thought the chicken was raw to the waitress, who suggested, “are you sure you don’t want to try it?”. Oh yes please! We came here to spend a fortune on crap, but if you could poison my pregnant wife into the bargain it would be a bonus.

Plastic spoons on plates. Amusés in Night nurse lids. Apparently no fresh fruit in the kitchen. Starters being served in the same glasses as puddings. Raw chicken. And froth on every sloppy course.

This restaurant sets a new standard in being dreadful- and dreadfully overpriced.

Monday, October 08, 2007

indeed...carbon monoxide poisonous gas alarm

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

first i will introduce myself as one of the idiots that "you" possible double idiot than me is judging the service in this restaurant. second, who the hell do you think you are to insult deliverely. I am going to tell you several things, one is that people like you probably do not deserve a fucking smile neither thank you or have a good day because just the way you talk about people that you do not know and about a job that by the way make you deal with around 100/200 different customers every morning and every evening, thanks god not everyone is like you!! On the other hand, i will clear some of your anxious doubts this company like every other has rules...if we ask you thousand of times if everything is all right is not because we love you or hate you,neither we want to annoy you or make your day as some dramatic person said destroying your good time out...unfortunally we have to check back every now and then, thus avoid losing our jobs. If we take your dressings away is not because we do not want you to use them, is because we have to clear the tables five minutes after the meal arrives to your table, plus 20 more like you want to use them as well, selfish stupid, so if you want to keep them just ask nicely!!...again those are rules we have to follow. If i have ruined your day believe me problably you have done it before with your fuzzy demands, if the food is too quick or to late, if the drink is too cold or too hot, if the service is to friendly or too know what i may not deserve your shitty tip do not deserve my smile at all, so go somewhere else where somebody can stand you or eat at home!!!

By the way, this restaurant has one of the best sunset views i have ever seen in my life, good and cheap food and very nice people working there, most of us are over 25, working between 45/50 hours a week , for a minimum pay/rate, bad and good days come and go like in everyday job, but if still you can't understand it...i feel sorry for you!good luck in your life.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

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