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Called in today for a quick cheap meal.

3.00pm on Saturday afternoon the bar had customers the restaurant had only one cover a family of 5.

We ordered a bottle of wine house which was a white dry and was OK, half chicken with barbeque sauce and a Luxury Chicken Kiev with chips and salad, as the restaurant was empty we were surprised how long it took to serve the meal 35 minutes.

When the meal arrived my wife was disappointed that her plate was not hot and I was a little confused as my chicken was a breast and not a half chicken. As the Waitress who also appeared to be barmaid and everything else never made eye contact with us again and did not ask the inevitable question “is everything alright” we could not make our observations until we had finished.

The Chicken was a little dry and there was no garlic butter in it gave the impression that it had been in an oven for sometime, (although she has had worse) the chips looked homemade nice change and the salad was very nice.

The waitress seem unable to talk to a customer saying sorry but no eye contact when I asked about the Half Chicken I was told they didn’t have any so they gave me the breast, before I could ask should they not have told me before changing the order she was off to the Kitchen to tell the Chef.

He came out shouting that you can’t put salad on a hot plate my wife motioned to him to come over, apart from suggesting that it could have been put on a side plate we could not get another work in he started shouting that we would get 50% off the bill and we were never to come back.

He then stormed back to the kitchen my wife left, I followed him to the kitchen to point out that we did not want any money off and would be unlikly to return anyway but again his response was very aggressive.

Get out of my Fcensored* Kitchen, I tried to say what I had intended but he again told me to get out of his Fcensored* Kitchen and then he said we had eaten everything and were now complaining.

I asked how he would get me out of is kitchen and he told me he would send for the police and have me ejected.

Sad man, we left paid the full bill the Waitress informed us that we were the only people who had ever complained my wife pointed out that their customers must have low standards. As we left the restaurant one of the governments unclean (A Chap smoking outside) asked my wife what was going on at which point the Waitress appeared and said “don’t speak to my customers” leave the premises and don’t come back.

An interesting place to visit I suggest you complain and watch out for the reaction.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

What a rubbish place the fat stupid waiter is just the most rude and ignorant person you would want meet and the food is junk

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ate there last weekend as it is always really busy so myself and my girlfriend thought we couldn't go wrong... Well we could! Ordered two pasta dishes (not the cheapest either!) and my rigatoni was like chewing gum and tasted like it had been cooking for a week, my girlfriends linguine ai frutti di mare was even worse tasting like a few bits of seafood cooked in dishwater. Absolutely awful.. Oh and i found a hair in my pasta too just as I was finishing my starter-sized main course.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

PLEASE DO NOT EAT HERE!!!!!!!!!This is the worst dining experience I have had in an African restaurant. I wen't to this restaurant thinking I had finally discovered an African restaurant which would offer me a fine dining experience, unfortunately it was just your typical African bukka style eatery. Fair enough the decoration is not too bad and it has nice flooring but if you take that out of the equation all in all it was a bad experience.

I have a feeling this restaurant is under new management but still making use of its old website and name, as our experience did not fit in at all with any of the good reviews I have read.

To start with when we tried to call thinking we might need to book a table using the number on the website we were informed that the number did not accept incoming calls. When we got there we were greeted by a girl who was probably the owners daughter or niece and helping out for the evening. Contrary to the photo's on the website you can already see that the place is already deteriorating from when it was originally opened. The bar area is very diorganised and looks slightly unprofessional with cornerstore style posters advertising milk and bodylotion, and cartons of drinks stacked up in plain sight.

Once we were seated we were given a menu which differed completely from what the website was leading us to expect, there were no shared platters, coconut chicken or delicious desserts (or any of the other items). The waitress although sweet did not know how much of anything was going to be in one serving, what certain things on the menu were or what to recommend. so not being natively from Ghana (Yes this is a Ghanian restaurant not offering modern african cuisine) My partner and I ordered blindly from the menu going for things we thought we recognised. When our drinks came (slowly) they were flat and lukewarm, served with straws. I mean if I wanted straws I woud have gone to TGI Fridays. The appetisers advertised on the menu as spicy plantain with raosted peanuts was in fact just overripe fried plantain with KP salted peanuts, a very bad combination and also very badly presented.

Our main meal was definately not cooked that evening, even though it took about 40 minuted to get to us. I mean all we had was fish and rice. It all tasted microwaved and my partners fish was so dry it was in-edible. Needles to say we did not go for dessert.

The whole time we were eating we could see the owners and staff downstairs drinking beers and laughing like they were in thier own living room, not really caring if thier diners needed any service. The waitresses/daughters were dressed very causally in overtight jeans,tops and trainers, and believe me not in a sexy, nice or proffesional way.

It seems this restaurant is just going down the route of so many others, unproffesional and an uncomfortable evironment in need of renovation. It is not somwehere I would be proud to bring my non-African friends (or even African friends for that matter). Even if they could not be bothered to renovate they should at least have made the food tasty.

What can I say? I am still in search for a good west african restaurant which caters to the modern African and also to non africans. I recommend that the owners go and have a look at Zigny House on Essex Road and take a leaf out of thier book.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I had lunch at this restaurant a few weeks ago, as part of a meal + theatre booking via The starter was still half frozen, unfortunately I tried some without realising, requested a new portion, but by the time I got to the theatre, I was sick with food poisoning. I reported the incident, which was investigated, but resulted in....nothing.

Dont eat at this place.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A horrific experience... after asking whether they cater for nut allergies (as advertised on their menu), I received my meal only to have a severe reaction to something in it. We were offered a refund for my meal, but despite the fact that nobody else I was with finished their food as they were catering to me, were asked to pay full price for the rest of our food/drink. Worst of all, when we queried this, the manager simply gave us a blank look and didn't respond. We were later 'assured' that it was because of the same ladel being used for a peanut sauce as all their other sauces - an unbelievable lack of awareness of a very serious problem. I would urge anybody with similar allergy problems to avoid at all costs.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The worm turned! - At a recent lunch, my colleague looked down at her turbot to find a 1 inch long nematode worm escaping from the fish. Possibly the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed in my dining career. I'm not entirely sure that the restaurant was to blame, although I do question whether the worm should have been alive after the fish was cooked. What did startle me, however was the fact that the maître d'hôtel only offered to knock the one offending dish off the bill, despite the fact that the rest of us were trying hard to keep down what we had previously eaten. Possibly a tiny bit unfair but I shall not be returning.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

I have just had the worst restaurant experience I have had for a long time!!

We arrived and were greeted by a dull face - sat down at lunchtime and was told no pizzas. So instead we ordered a bowl of pasta each and garlic bread - the manager said when I said no pizza that meant the garlic bread too as there is no dough (even though the chef is kneading dough in his hands). We stuck with the 2 bowls of pasta which took ages to arrive - it was tepid round the edges - when i said this to the manager she said look at the steam - it was only coming from the pile in the middle. So, finally get tucked into the middle where it was steamy and couldn't eat it as it had far too much salt in.

However, don't bother complaining as you get nowhere!!

I offered to pay for the half I ate and we got nowhere - then I started to feel sick due to too much salt - is it normal to pay for a meal that makes you want to be sick in the nearest toilet. As a local business woman it would be great to have a place where I can take clients but NEVER EVER AGAIN....YOU'VE BEEN WARNED....EAT THERE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

we both had the burgers (safe in a meat market?) and got food poisoning overnight. On reporting this to a receptionist the next day (made worse as my wife is 11 weeks pregnant) we were told she couldn't deal with it and a Manager would call back. Needless to say we are still waiting for the call and have conveyed this story to many of our friends a couple of which have had the same story about the recent food quality in the Bistro

Thursday, July 05, 2007

This is the worst Italian restaurant I've ever been to. Very very bland, tiny portions, extremely overpriced disgusting wine and the rudest most un smiling bunch of staff I've ever encountered anywhere. Awful, do not go here ever!

Monday, July 02, 2007

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