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I have heard that this place has lost its liquor license, possibly due to continued racist issues, not because of "refurbishment"?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hello, me again - it's like buses isn't it? The review below made me steam even more than MarkD and his boyfriend. This site is almost becoming my blog I am posting so much. These people are exactly the same sort of cowards as they never uttered a negative word the whole time, but once they get home they decide that I my restaurant is worse than MacDonalds.

On the sashimi - even the person who was so gutless she couldn't post her name concedes that the fish was fresh. Sashimi is fresh slices of Sea Bass fillet which is exactly what they received - most sushi places will serve farmed sea-bass but we only ever serve wild sea bass which is why it probably tasted like it did. Next time you come in please let me know so I can spend a fifth of what we usually spend on flaccid, tasteless farmed sea bass as you will love it. The foccacia is baked fresh for every service so although we may not have reached the heights of a "ready in 8 mins" supermaret foccacia I can assure you that we do not serve stale bread.

The reason we have had top ratings from every food critic that has reviewed us is that we use the top ingredients which are cooked with real love and care by my chefs who have all been trained to a high level and have worked at respected restraurants. This type of posting is very depressing because of the high standards that I apply in my restaurant - if I didn't give a shit then I wouldn't bother replying, but for every 1 complaint that I recieve in the restaurant there are at least 100 positive comments. Problem is that I only ever get the people that complain posting on this website and I am not dishonest enough like other restaurant owners to post fake reviews to bury the bad ones.

We are not perfect, we make mistakes like anyone else but we expect the customer to let us know about the mistakes so that we can rectify them. These cowardly reviews that keep appearing where they say absolutely nothing but then go home and bitch and moan just annoy me to the extreme. Next time there is a problem in a restautrant - let them know. Do not be a chickenshit.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The food here was good, but my experience of the waiting staff was not great.

My boyfriend ordered a bottle of champagne (we were celebrating) and requested a bottle of 'Moet'. Now we all know the full name is Moet and Chandon, but I do not think it un reasonable to ask for it by the name of 'Moet'. Our waiter staged an elaborate charade of not understanding what my boyfriend was asking for, only to eventually say 'what you mean is 'Moet & Chandon'. Completely unnecessary, I felt he was trying to embarrass my boyfriend in some way. At the end of the meal I saw a mouse run from under one table to another, and when I told the waiter, he replied 'there are nice everywhere in London'!! He then promptly brought our bill, checking all was ok with the food, so I think he thought we were trying to get out of paying the bill by complaining about the mouse. I also found my glass being topped up every time I took a sip a bit overbearing. I know we went on a quiet night and they were trying to make themselves look busy but they spent more time at our table than was necessary. Nice food, but you can get nice food elsewhere without condescending pompous waiter service. Would not go back.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Nothing wrong with the owner being Chinese with Chinese staff, but they should have the basic manners. We were made to leave service charge, food was not fresh, glad I even survived afterwards.

This has got to be one of the worst places that I've eaten in!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

The fat old thai lady is NASTY AND HORRIBLE to customers

there is no value you can get for money when an old hag treats customers this way!!!

No money is worthed a bad treatment

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Unfortunately, I did not get so far as sampling the food.

Called by, to discover the gangplank up. A notice from the local Environmental Health department revealed that rats droppings were in evidence and that the pest control contract had not been renewed since the start of 2007. It may be that the essential maintenance works in May / June will improve things, but I think I'll take the safer option and eat elsewhere next time.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Terrible place. Rude staff and a mouse running around freely in the downstairs bar. When we pointed this out to the bar man, he shrugged his shoulders and said ‘This is London, there is nothing I can do’. We then said the same thing to the Chef and he had the same attitude, adding ‘I see loads everyday, what do you want me to do about it?’ and walked off. Of course I realise this is London but I do not expect to see mice running around when I am eating in a restaurant and certainly don’t like to hear that there are ‘loads of them’ in a place where my food is being prepared. The fact that the staff didn’t seem to care and weren’t willing to listen to us didn’t exactly instil confidence in going back there. I certainly won’t return.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I visited the resturant after reading the reviews.

I accidently went into the kitchchen of this resturant and i found it filthy and a complete mess. there were severl dead and skinned chiken lying on the mudstained wet floor apprenly waiting to be cut and cooked.

There was grease everywhere and the cooks had very dirty clothes on.

When i did get to the bathroom it was dirty too with the toilet coverd with excreata.

I have a good mind to report this resturant for health and safety



Wednesday, June 13, 2007

what a load of rubbish. Indian curry house at its finest not. Pure crap. Service, food, atmosphere and dirrrty. Not to mention the pervert waiters eyeing us up all night. Yukkkk!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What an appalling place, manky food, indifferent, unattentive and downright rude waiting staff, ghastly decor (especially the chairs which where like torture instruments) and fellow clientele from the shallowest end of the gene pool.

Hideous and embarrassing (we took friends from Paris there. My god) experience.

Monday, June 11, 2007

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