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I booked 15 people for my stag do on 14th

February with censored* censored** for June and even booked limos so that we arrived in style.

We all went to the venue as planned only to find that it was no longer open.

I can see from reading other peoples reviews that they were sent a 3 line letter, I never even got this.

We were put in stressful situation because somebody thought they could make a few quid by taking people deposits for their stag/hen parties, knowing full well that they would not be trading by this time.

We had to re arrange a different collection point from our limo company and we had the inconvenience of trying to get into bars/restaurants and as you can imagine when they saw 15 blokes roll up, we were refused entry in most of the places we tried.

If School Dinners should ever start trading again, then I will be joining the rest of people who have complain, demanding compensation.

I am lucky that I had paid the deposit on my creidt card.

So thank you for a great night , I hope you get what you deserved. A JAIL SENTENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Run away- avoid this place! I became sick from salmonella last summer after eating there. I've never been so sick in my life.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The decor and music is good, however. Eeeeeeeeeeeevery time ive been here ive seen people knocked senseless, and the bouncers just shove you out the side door . Ive seen a guy punched so hard he didnt blink for like 10 mins, no ambulance was called. A girl last saturday got glassed in the face and was dripping with blood, nobody helped her.

This place is crap and the management/owners need to shut up shop !

crap hole !

Monday, June 11, 2007

I went to this restaurant on a friday and although it looked trendy i have to be honest and tell you all what i saw. This may shock you but the food was absolutely rubbish and you could tell the meat was cheap and nasty !!

The veg dish was average and nothing to write home about. The live singing was good and the dj was average. As I was standing by the bar I looked into the kitchen and saw the waiter emptying plates of uneaten food back into a big pot which they were serving out to other customers !!! so it seems that uneaten food is being recycled and offered out to other unsuspecting customers. It also seems funny that the table next to us couldnt eat their food and requested a take away but the waiter said they had no containers !! how convinient .I am disgusted by what i saw and I suffered a bout of stomach problems the day after !! I have heard rumours that this club may be shutting down due to lack of business and it seems they are cutting corners with the quality of their meat and food generally. As for the atmosphere, well the place was dead on that day and it comes as no surprise to me judging by what I saw and experienced. People beware and if you do go there then watch carefully and see for yourself !!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

my name is eleven...actually i m malaysian,i never went 2 hakkasan before..but my girlfriend was working at there.she told it is a wonderfull and nice place to celebrate party or anything...because so romance there...u heard UNISS LU before?hehe...she is my girlfriend...she introduce me one....hehe...nice to meet u hakkasan...i will try you soon...we meet there....

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I pass by the restaurant every day when walking to college and it stinks... my Greek friend says its the lamb LOL.

The dishes and glasses were not clean... we had to send them away, they had remains of oil and meat... not only its gross, its also dangerous... some hygiene department should check that!

The service was ok for the minimum wage they get in all this cheap eateries. We paid 15 each, including salad bowls, tatziki and some more starters, mains, dessert and soft drinks, which was quite fine. The food was very good, specially the tomato which was really red inside, soft and tasty which today is very rare... and the Greek friend I was with also agreed.

However, we will not go back due to the lack of hygiene, which is unacceptable.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The food was lovely but completely ruined by the bad service and the very rude waitress. She didn't seem to understand that the 12.5% service charge was discretionary and was hoping for a tip on top of that!

We would usually have left a tip but the service was so poor (any the people on the next table found a hair in thir food which the same waitress then argued with them about...) that we didn't leave a tip or pay the service charge.

We were then shouted at by the waitress who tried to stop us leaving the restaurant.

Don't bother going there unless you fancy a full on row with the waitress!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

One of the most dissapointing restaurants we have ever been to. My parents and my 3yr old niece had come to UK on a holiday. We decided to have lunch at censored* Restaurant in Oxford Street during our day out in London last week. We had ordered glasses of water for all of us before ordering our main course. We faced one of the most shocking incidents. The glass broke in my niece's mouth as she was sipping water. We all jumped with shock as there were still pieces left in her mouth but luckily she did not injure herself. How can a glass break in a 3 yr old kid's mouth? We strongly feel there must have been a crack on the glass which was ignored by the restaurant staff.

The service was pathetic and the staff was not at all apologetic for the incident. The food was not good either and we all suffered from food poisoning after our meal from censored Restaurant. We would never ever recommend this restaurant to anybody. Not recommended for value for money either!

Monday, June 04, 2007

I had my bag stolen here last month blackberry, ipod, house keys, car keys... it was under my chair at my feet - miles from the door I should add and far too large a day bag to go on my lap. I have no idea how they did it but I'll say this: it would be nice if the proprietors had the courtesy to provide those under counter bag hooks, because if they did (and I looked for them before reluctantly placing it on the floor) this theft would not have occured. They did let me use their phone to call the police, I have since heard it happens a lot in this venue, so watch it ladies. grrrr

Monday, June 04, 2007

Dear Customers (especially the one below)

Please, if you are looking for trouble...go somewhere else, we try our best and sometimes if that doesn't fit in with what you expect......go elsewhere. I am fed up of putting up with 'pain in the arse' customers, some you just cannot please, others you would not want to please. If I walked into YOUR place of work and started to pick holes in bizarre insignificant things I am sure it would be upsetting, so please, if a fellow customers wishes not to flush the toilet before you enter the cubicle.....don't make an issue...just flush it yourself!!! And if a waitress doesn't speak the perfect 'Queens English' I apologise, but these Polish workers are the only ones I can find that are WILLING to work, unlike the lazy English.

So if you want a decent meal in decent surroundings that isn't too expensive then please come in, however if you are looking for trouble why not try the Restaurant down the Road!!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

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