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I have to agree that the food served here is tasty. However, on one occasion, my family has suffered food poisoning after eating dinner there. The service is dreadful and I will strongly advise people to order a take-out if you have a strong craving for South Indian food.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I usually like this restaurant and I have recommended it to many of my friends. I am very disappointed to have to bring this to light but- when I left my sunglasses on the downstairs table late in the evening they were taken by the wait staff. I rang straight after knowing the exact spot that they were left and told they weren't there. They are thieves and wont be getting any more of my buisness.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

the food is absoulutely awful..i went their for my birthday i was totally shocked, i think she cares more about making money than she does the food, honestly do not go their. its extremly expensive for the crap they give you. The only good thing was the service but you dont really go 2 a resturaunt just for the service. BE WARNED! before you go and waist your money!!!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

To all that eat in this restaurant, be warned, you will not be greeted by a pleasant well mannered and well trained individual, you will in fact be greeted by a Chinese person. They have yet to learn that we the British like to be treated well, especially when we are paying for the service. I live and work in China, I see this attitude every day, it is not rude to them! It is their culture, they snatch things from your hand, they are abrupt and they are down right rude. I am astonished that so many people continue to go to this restaurant, yes the food is fair, (by no means the best available) the atmosphere is poor, the attitude of the workers is poor, and the prices high. Of course so is the rent they must pay. So you must ask yourself, do you want authentic Chinese cuisene with authentic Chinese service? if yes go there, if no go somewhere else. Also, please remember "chicken feet" is a delicacy in china and the most expensive part of the chicken, any one who eats feet has a right to be unhappy in their work!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

I’ve worked in Donatello, well I've just left them. I arrived in Brighton 3 weeks ago so sorry for my very bad english. I worked for them this 3 weeks 13 hours a day 5 days a week earning less than 4 pounds/hour, cause I was working without any contract. Yesterday they kicked one girl out just because she took 5 more minutes in her break meanwhile if you finish out of the time they don't pay you for it. Today I've decided left this job because apart from that, the managers… etc are very rude, always putting pressure, screaming and threating. The first day they said me that I had to buy one white blouse for the uniform, I bought two, after working two weeks there, Robert (one of the managers) said me that I had to buy one smooth white blouse, I ask him why he didn’t said it to me the first day because I had already bought two blouses and he answered me: "If tomorrow you don't have a smooth one, I'll send you on your home" and like this, others situations, but the worst is that when this afternoon I went to Donatello to say that I wanted to left the job, this same manager (Robert) has said me: “Ok, goodbye, but it’s not necessary that you came back here to take your money because we wont pay you” And it is all. Everyone is free, but I don’t recommend to go in a restaurant with this kind of people.

Friday, May 04, 2007

I thought this was a lovely restaurant, and the roof garden was an added bonus. Both my friend and I had the tasting menu (which we though was vey reasonable at £42 a head), which was delicious. The wine was all really expensive though (as expected), but there didn't seem to be much inbetween the cheapest (£15) and the more expensive (£50+).

Unfortunately, as if like clockwork, both of us awoke at 3 am in the morning on opposite sides of London and began throwing up and everything else that goes with that for the next 10 hours. Neither of us can mention the words 'fois gras' out loud, so we are guessing this was the problem.

We haven't complained as we aren't really sure what good it will do. It is probably just a one off thing that happens now and again but it kind of ruined the evening and I doubt we would go back.

Friday, May 04, 2007

censored has a well-documented and long-standing agreement with censored of the censored in which censored feeds censored human victims to his pigs. Avoid the pork at all costs!!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I went yesterday, the service is so poor I had never seen that in a restaurant!! The waitress didn't say any word during the whole evening and every time we asked something we feeled like we were interrupting! I thought the sushi were quite good but on 3 friends we were two to be sick the whole night after! Not really fresh sushi...

I live just round the corner and I will never go back, the waitress is going to take down the restaurant if she does that with everybody…

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

my wife and i have literally just walked through our door - a 5 minute meander from Zilli Fish. OMG, quelle disaster! wouldn't normally bother to write a review, but felt compelled to save others from the waste of time that was bestowed upon us by mr aldo zilli...

... what can we say. we walked past a really lovely looking place on the way there. full of energy and atmosphere, lovely fresh fish displayed in the window, and very reasonable prices... but we walked on to our reserved table at zilli, only to be greeted by what resembled a morgue... appreciate it is only monday night but the place was like a ghost town - devoid of any life, and certainly nowhere near as inviting as the other place down the road...

we ordered a starter platter for two, which was described on the menu as "a selection of appetisers, chosen by the chef" - this conjured up images of fresh crab, lobster, scallops, fruit de mer etc... mais non, we were served with something that looked suspiciously like Tesco's £3.99 seafood medley... only not quite as tasty when it costs £17...

we had better luck with the mains.... i had seabass whilst my good lady wife enjoyed a medallion of monkfish... both were DIVIIIINE but nothing that we couldn't conjour up ourselves given a few hours and a good cookbook... (not the one by zilli on offer by the restaurant front door)...

despite all of this, we had a pretty decent rosé, which went well with the seafood... the bread we got before our meal was tasty too, but that seems like little compensation when the bill came to almost £100...

all in all, we were surprised that the name of aldo zilli was associated with such a mediocre restuarant... you can get much better seafood at places like fish works and back to basics (foley street) - if i was zilli, i'd be having a quiet word with the manager of this place... not the kind of experience i'd want associated with my name...

and brewer street is dodgy too... we got offered drugs on the way out... despite our meal having been so awful, we resisted the temptation - then again, we had no money left!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Its a sunny Monday afternoon and we decide to go here for a quick lunchtime drink.

It took 20 minutes to be served and then another 15 mins for the drinks to turn up !

One drink was missing and the spiced tomato juice contained no spices

The missing drink turned up 5 mins later together with the tomato juice with some

pepper thrown on the top.

Waitress comes over again - I mentioned the tomato juice and she promised

to make the best spiced tomato juice ever and then dissapeared

Lunch Hour almost up and no sign of the waitress

Another 10 minutes for an incorrect bill to arrive and lunchtime over

late back for work after a wasted lunchtime

This place is CRAP - Really Really Crap

Monday, April 30, 2007

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