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money/quality... it's not a good Lebanese restaurant. Tweaked a lot to suit average taste... ambiance and presentation/layout was great, but the food awfull

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Been to Hong Kong Diner lots of times, and always found the food to be great, and the service acceptable. But not today - we were shouted at, chased out the restaurant, banned for life and told to 'Fuck off' by the manager, And all for refusing to accept the service charge as mandatory.

Walking past after a Saturday night out, we feel peckish and pop in for a quick snack. We order the starter selection, £6 a head. The food as usual is great, though a total of £12 for 2 spare ribs, 2 spring rolls, 2 prawn toasts, 2 chicken skewers and a pile of seaweed is pretty steep. We have tap water, eat fast and are ready to leave ten minutes after entering, so we pay and move to go.

The manager blocks the way, and insists the price of the meal is £13.20. We politely say that we don't wish to pay the service charge. The manager looks very unhappy, and says that the food doesn't get there by itself. We point out that we are regular customers, enjoy eating there but on this occasion have only been in the restaurant ten minutes and so won't be tipping. The manager starts waving his arms, screaming and tells us to 'Fuck off' and don't come back.

I've been in a lot of restaurants... I've never been almost assaulted for refusing to tip. And over such a small amount, in such a situation, was almost absurd if it wasn't so offensive.

(The last time I went there they cleared away the plates literally as we were eating,..)

So - if you want great food, go. Just don't forget to tip, or they won't let you back.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Oh dear. I just got a take-out from this place, having read all of the reviews below. It has to be under different ownership or something, because the quality of the food was WAY below average and the quality of the service when I went in to inquire as to whether or not they delivered was 0/10.

As I walked into the place, two women behind the counter just stared at me like I was covered in blood and had killed their children - and continued to do this weird staring/not-responding-to-my-questions thing when I asked if they could deliver up the road. It was a bit disconcerting, being ignored and that in a restaurant/take-out.

I then went home and ordered a couple of dishes and a rice/prawn crackers - which came to quite a bit over £20 - way too expensive for a Thai take-out.

The food was, to be frank, poor bordering on shit. The prawns were OK. The rest of it was like poor school dinner food - grated carrots, slightly off iceberg lettuce and too much fish sauce and too many chillis.

All in all, I won't be using the place again and cannot imagine that the restaurant experience is much better. There's plenty of lovely places to each in Crouch End. This is certainly not one of them.

Friday, April 27, 2007

A grim place. Went there for a leaving do and in the end wished I was the one leaving so I would not be in the vicinity of such a low grade 'restaurant' . Food was below average at best. Most of it tasted like re-fried dog poop with tons of MSG added to make it taste. I still have film on my teeth from eating there. Also the choice was narrow and very uninspired.

What I really hated though was the service. Taking 25 minutes to get your drink at your table is poor in anyones book. The 95 year old man serving looked as if he had been rudely stolen in the middle of the night from a rest home for old continental waiters and was only half as competent as you would imagine someone of that ilk to be. The woman behind the bar was so slow Helen Keller on Valium would be able to serve faster.

I can only recommend this place if you are either so desperate for food you would eat a scabby dog or if you are really trying to dump someone.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Went here and got food poisoning. Both me and my girlfriend were bed ridden for three days. After looking at other reviews on other sites as well. There seems to be a trend for 'unfresh' food. Staff in the restaurant were nice, as were the surroundings. Beuatiful restaurant layout. Staff in the bar downstairs were rude, unhelpful and ignorant. Even though we were the only 2 people stood at the bar we still had to wait 10 minutes while they un-obviously chose to ignore us. Very Snooty.

Friday, April 27, 2007

This is one of the worst place in London we have been to and believe me I have been to many restaurants in London. I was there with my friends yesterday - I am still in shock with the experience I had.

The manager of this restaurant is either an ex-convict or mentally-retarded psycho. We just asked for some service from him and he started swearing uncontrollably at both of us. The psycho manager of this restaurant pointed a pen knife at me and threatened to stab me - this was all happening in crowded restaurant.

I would never ever go to this restaurant, not even in my dreams - it seems to me that this is run by mentally-ill gangters.

There is something wrong with this place, where manager does not know how to serve his customers/guests + he was incredibly violent and mentally ill.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

I have not been to your resturant, i live in Australia, but after reading the story about the man removing his penis, and the police putting it on ice and taking the man to hospital. I thought it would be a great cocktail name .... penis on the rocks.......... If your resturant has the world talking, you may as well have something on ur menu as memoribila!

- Alicia (Sydney, Australia)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Great place to chop off your penis. Maybe this man was fed up waiting for his bill and decided to do something about it! Good food and atmosphere--but slow or invisible service.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007






Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Great restaurant - in fact so good I tried to cut off my pen!s

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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