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Visited this bar 17th March - used my credit card to buy an expensive round of drinks. Fast forward 4 days and a fraudulent transaction appears on my credit card statement for £30 to T-Mobile. Definitely nothing to do with me.

What a shame - future visitors beware, cash only!

Friday, March 23, 2007

I went with my man on Monday night to celebrate his birthday. I was looking forward to it - I loved the ethos of the whole thing. I was initially taken aback by the price of the starters, though the wines seemed quite reasonable, & their house wine was light & delicious. I was also a little disappointed to see that the offer of different sized portions to avoid waste - a factor that had caught my attention in a magazine article - did not appear on the menus. I do not have a large appetite & often have to restrict my restaurant visits to a main course which can be irritating.

However, the ambience was good, the staff friendly & the service quick. A good sign for us was the instant appearance of lovely bread & butter & the quick service of the starter for my partner. He was particularly taken with the pork chop - best he'd every had. I had organic salmon - at least that's what it said. My main complaint being that later that morning this same salmon proved the source of a bout of food poisoning which lost me a couple of days (& yes, it was the only thing I hadn't eaten in common with my man that day, so it could'nt have been anything else). Worse than that, when we left a message designed to warn them before lunch of the problem to avoid foisting on anyone else they simply ignored us - & never replied to our email. Head in the sand? Had they made an effort to distalk to us we might have been persuaded to return - however, definately never again.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Hey would you believe ....

ate there and suffered from food poisoning all night - wonderful place

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Four of us ate at censored last night. I am leaving the review here as I believe it is the same chain and one of my comments relates to this restaurant. Bascially, I was pleasantly surprised by the food. I had the borek to start, followed by the incik. Both were excellent. However, what wasn't a surprise was the rude and disrespectful staff. When placing the dishes on the table one waiter told another that one of the dishes was for 'the old woman' when referring to one of our party in her thirties. This follows on from a previous meal in the main censored restaurant last year when two male friends had their sexuality debated by the wait staff in downtime (we visited during the day when things weren't so busy). Of course, everything is said in Turkish as they stupidly presume that none of customers can speak or understand it. I wonder how many of the positive service reviews on here are from non-Turkish speakers who don't realise what is being said about them? We certainly won't be going back, no matter how good the food.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

We ate at this restaurant on March 3 and although the food was good, I was completely put off my meal by the sight of a mouse running through the dining room at the end of the evening. When I later called to bring this to the attention of the manager, his reaction was very disappointing. He assumed it must have run in off the street (although it was more in the vicinity of the kitchen than the street . . .) and reminded me that we do live in central London where I suppose he was suggesting these things are meant to occur! So, I'm not at all impressed by the cleanliness or the customer service.

Monday, March 05, 2007

once upon a time i ordered a sam siu fan here (charsiu, duck & crispy skin pork on boiled rice £5 or thereabouts) - after a couple of bits of duck i picked up a piece of

char siu and there... there... on my plate was the biggest motherfunkin' cockroach, legs up and akimbo... very dead... i still wonder whether it was the rest of the food at pc tha killed the poor thing... i called the manager over and i picked-up the plate - he pushed the plate down onto the table so as not to offend the other diners i presume... i walked out... never to return... sh*t... really sh*t...

Friday, March 02, 2007

The atmosphere reminded us so much of lovely place in Amsterdam that we went to years ago. That's where the good times end! The chinese waitress spilled my glass of lambrusco over my trousers. She did make sure that she seated new arrivals before bringing me a glass of soda water to clean my trousers. I ordered a spagetti marinara. It was pretty bland. The processed seafood sticks were an interesting touch. My wife diverted from the menu, and this confused the b****y out of the waitress. In the end, I had to write down what she wanted. 'Veal with mushroom sauce on the side.' (not difficult). Our meals came. Mine was HUGE :). Not the nicest, bland, but certainly edable. My wifes meal was so terrible, that she could not eat it. How can veal with mushroom sauce be screwed up? She sent it back. The bill came (with the soda water charged to it). I refused to pay for the veal. The little old Italian lady (who seemed very nice initially) threatened to call the police if I wouldn't pay. The waitress told her that my wifes meal was almost completely eaten by the time we sent it back. Fibber!

Anyway, she believed the waitress. I told her that I would wait for the police if she was to call them. When I said that, she pulled out a big kitchen knife. Yep!!! She said in her very-cute-old-Italian-lady-voice "You pay! You pay! I cut you! You pay!" and there was certainly lots and lots of cursing and cussing in Italian. Man! She was loud too. I was very quiet a calm about the whole thing.I then told her that if she doesn't call the police, then I will. (not really giving the knife thing a second thought, I decided not to). I then told her that I will pay the bill minus the veal, and leave. She then went to stand at the entrance to the place, and said that she will not let us leave. At this point, my wife phoned the police.

In the mean time, another patron decided to mediate. I think he could speak Italian. In the end, I paid for the meal minus the veal. She let us leave, and we cancelled the police.

If nothing else, it was certainly a night to remember. My summary.... Give this place a miss.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Without a doubt a NOT TO GO AGAIN restaurant!! Restaurant very poor in food, some tasteless other completly raw, the salads even with dead worms. Absolutly disgusted! Staffwise, they were excelent! try to do make us feel at home but the conditions in there were absolutly terrible. The atmosphere with a strange smell!! I was absolutly ashamed of myself in front of my friends telling them that this was the place to be.

Friday, February 23, 2007

We ate here this week (Feb 2007) during a visit to London. We booked a table for after the theatre and were just finishing what was an average meal, although we were having such a nice time we weren't too concerned, when we saw a MOUSE running around under the tables to the side of where we were sitting. I beat a very hasty retreat leaving my husband to talk to the staff and pay the bill etc. The staff were mainly concerned with making sure we didn't tell the other customers who were still eating in the upstairs area. I am still in shock.

Friday, February 23, 2007

I visited censored late on Friday, 5th of January. It was one of the few that were still open at about 1 am when my friend and I were feeling peckish. While the food was decent (though slightly bland), the appetite was spoiled by a medium-sized cockroach landing on our table half-way through the main course. Needless to say, we stopped eating and the waiters removed the insect immediately. The ridiculous compensation involved giving us a 10% discount and so my only recommendation to diners is to avoid this unhygienic restaurant even at times when everything else is closed!

Friday, January 26, 2007

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