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Oh Dear. This was one of the most bizarre restaurant experiences of our lives. We dared to mention (very politely) that the food was not hot when it finally arrived. We were informed by the Maitre D that the kitchen was too busy to do anything about it. A few moments later a chef appeared and starting screaming at us. He actually threw us out. Try it, if you dare. Just don't mention your dissatisfaction. If you do, get ready with your camera phone. The screaming chef is hilarious.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I cant believe i even sat down too eat. My partner and i were really hungry and felt for some italian. Due too how far we were from home we couldnt go to our normal and must i say excellent italian resturant.

It was on Monday and their were four other couples dining to eat. We decided to sit near the kitchen as i always find it facinating to watch the chief work his wonders. After we finished eating we carried on finishing our bottle of wine. Once everyone had left it was just my partner and i left in the dining area. Suddenly i saw something run across the floor, so i flinched. i then saw it agian and to my suprise it was a RAT, yeah thats right a bloody filthy RAT. I jumped like what most people would do and shouted to my partner what i just witnessed. He didnt believe me until he saw one come from another direction, run towards the kitchen. The chief found it funny we were on the tablea and didnt understand what we were doing.

Looking very stupid standing on our chairs we shouted for the manager to come out. When he finally decided to show his face all his response was 'THE BUILDING IS OLD'. From that reaction he's obviously seem them their before. We refused to pay, but that again didnt bother him!!!. We were in complete and unter shock and refused too pay. We didnt even want to walk on the floor!!!!


Friday, April 11, 2008

Absolutely dead, i doubt this place will be open long, there were 2 guys selling crack cocaine in there so if your in to drugs probably the place 4 u. Toilets smelt like rotting flesh and food was rancid!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

When i stepped in The Monsoon, the restaurant was buzzing which made me feel really ecstatic! I felt really welcome and the service was just excellent. I went to nearly all the restaurants in Brick Lane and to be honest i wasn't sure about The Monsoon. But when i had gave The Monsoon a chance i was regretting the fact that i had not gone sooner. Now i am a regular customer! I reccommend this restaurant to everyone, this is THE BEST IN BRICK LANE! All the other restaurants are just all talk but Monsoon has that wholesome feeling and that family vibe! The prices are just right! It is definitely good value!

Friday, April 11, 2008

I have been there several times and it is a handy place for a periodic meeting with a friend before we both get on our trains. The food has always been on the better side of satisfactory, although it doesn't pretend to be anything too startling. portions are very respectable and it is largely free of pretension, as well as not unduly expensive. Service is generally friendly and quite quick.


Last night I was talk to my friend in there when I noticed his eyes glaze over as something caught his attention behind me. There is a flat ledge running along a few feet below the uppermost curve of the arch in the back room of the restaurant. Along this ledge a black and very athletic railway mouse was moving at high speed. It later materialised (or was this another one?) on the stone floor not far from our table, causing consternation among the handful of diners who spotted it before it vanished under a long pew which provides seating for several tables along one wall. When alerted to this, the staff were flustered and plainly anxious to try to hush it up: there was a lot of whispering and pointing but no action (to be fair, I don't know what they could have done).

Because the questions below don't really cater for my views on unscheduled quadrupeds interrupting my supper, I have given them as if the mouse episode hadn't taken place; but this wasn't far different from the rat in the cheese crackers in Fawlty Towers, -and the question does arise: how many of these creatures have free access to the place (probably through the large air vents near the top of the wall, from which they could escape very easily), and how many of them know the way into the kitchens..? Health inspectors would have a field day, and rightly so -I won't be going back. Perhaps the management would point out that mice are an occupational hazard? After last night it no longer seemed quite such a neat idea.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Just ate at censored. Been going there years. Was always fabulous and really good food and service. Has it changed owners? This evenig my friend and I ordered Mussels -came cool and tasted slightly raw and Tiger prawns-came with an earwig on the salad! Sent this back and had some nachos. Main course arrived I had lamb- looked good no earwigs. My friend had Chimichanga,a dish with rice- oh and an ever so curly hair, that didn't belong to me, her or either of the waitresses! At this point we asked for the food to be taken away and we left. No wonder they dim the lights!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

i hate this place i was served by a woman whos name was faye and she was the rudist woman in the world i found a dirty dead insect in my chips and told her and she was like i dont care! which i found very unaceptial and will put a formal complant in writing to the manger

Friday, March 28, 2008

The STAFF are UNBELIEVABLY RUDE!!! I´ve been to this restaurant several times before because the food is very good value for the portion size but today I vowed that I will never go to censored again. The staff must have some basic English yet they behave as if they´re mute, they don´t seem to know the meaning of the word MANNERS as they do not greet customers and you´d think they´d get shot if they were to manage a smile and a ´hello´, instead they can just about mumble ´How many?´ as they point to the table. When you order they´re not attentive, the waitress today didn´t have the common sense to think that as there were 2 of us that we´d both want drinks, so several minutes after my partner got his drink, I brought this issue to her attention and she just rolled her eyes, didn´t apologise and then just dumped the drink infront of me. Then when my partner had just about finished his meal the waitress quickly grabbed his plate away before he barely had the chance to put his chopsticks down! Keep in mind this wasn´t peak time, it was mid afternoon and there wasn´t the usual long queue and lack of seats. Then to top it all off, when the bill came the waitress gave us the wrong change and when we approached her about it she just slapped it onto my hand, again no apology, no thank you, no goodbye etc etc. If the staff were somewhat nice then I may have just left them the 5 Pounds as a tip but they´re not even worthy of 1p!!! If you´d like to experience the epitome of WORST STAFF SERVICE then by all means go to censored, otherwise spare yourself the misery and go elsewhere.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The food was absolutely fantastic! I ordered the Prawn puri and that was just a melt-in-the-mouth! The portion was just right and the service was really friendly. The waiters were really polite and the atmosphere was buzzing. The music was calm and sweet. It was quite soothing. It was definitely GREAT value. hahaha, coming back for definite, but with the family this time.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First of all: DO NOT GO to this restaurant at all! FOOD POISONING!

On Wednesday 19th of March 2008 we went to censored with a party of 4. When we entered the restaurant there was a slight smell of cleaning solutions, as there was a guy cleaning the floor, but unfortunately we didn't listen to our gut-feeling to leave immediately...

When the food arrived we all tucked into our fish and chips. One of us (a very fast eater) suddenly started wrenching and said: "Do you smell this, too?" And I had: there was a smell of ammonia coming from our fish. At first I had thought I must imagine it, when I had my first bite of the fish, that I had the distinctive taste of bleach in my mouth - thinking it was the all-over strange smell of the place. My nose and throat were stinging, but then my friend ran to the bathroom to throw up. The other two hadn't touched their fish, yet. They opened it and from all of the fish there was a strong nose-biting smell of ammonia coming. We were felling sick.

When we called the waiter, she told us, she could not smell anything, but she grabbed all the plates very quickly and carried them back into the kitchen. (So lucky for them we couldn't take a sample!)

Afterwards she tried to convince us, that it was either the strong taste of the hake they used ("It's a very unusual taste, you know") or the beer in the batter. Considering we ordered cod, that was funny enough, but to suggest that the taste of their fish or beer resembles bleach is wonderful!

She did not apologize for the bad eating experience once, whilst my friend still was wretching, water streaming from his eyes! She had the cheek to say he had a hypochondriac over-reaction.

They didn't charge us for the food, but for the water we consumed they wanted a steep £7.98, but to be honest we were very happy to wash down the ammonia taste and cool our sore throats.

We assume, that fish was contaminated with cleaning solution/ bleach in the kitchen, but was used anyway. Of course we can't prove this, but we think we should warn anyone to go to this place.

We were contemplating to go to the doctors, but after another two visits to bathrooms on the pier, my friend felt a little better and we didn't want to ruin our whole day out at the seaside (we had come all the way from London)


For the rest of the day however he had a very sore throat, red eyes and a stinging nose; I myself had a stingy nose for the rest of the afternoon. The other two had been lucky, that they hadn't consumed a piece of their fish, yet!

We have reported censored to the Food Standards Agency and are awaiting their answers!

We can just warn you one more time: Do not go to censored under any circumstances!

Friday, March 21, 2008

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