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I went here on a recommdation for my birthday. I wish i hadnt!!! Their was no gap between starter and mains, they took my mother pakora away before she'd finished to make way for the mains. To top this off their was not one but two hairs in my average balti.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

During my travels through north korea, I enjoyed the delights of dog meat, this is available at the censored at a very affordable price. They also offer the delights of cat and occasionally if your very lucky, they might have a few rats to serve aswell. Finger licking good. Also for a bit of on the side entertainment the waitresses often work naked!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

i used to work in that place.they do not pay the tips and the service charge to the staff.please do not pay any tips in that restaurant.and inform anyone who wants to go to that restaurant.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Definitely the worst restaurant I've ever been to in my life -and I eat out A LOT. Horribly overpriced and made my partner and me physically sick. Avoid at all costs. There are many other restaurants on Upper Street which are far better.

Monday, December 25, 2006

censored restaurant are cheating customers and employees

they employe some expatriates on visit visa & do not pay dues & fire them without paying salaries

Friday, December 22, 2006

got a food poisoning that nearly killed me, was throwing up and having diaorrhea for the next 3 days.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

In contrast to another reviewer, I found the Polonium-210 dish a delight. It was full of bite and greatly improved my impression of what was otherwise a very bland meal. I suggest other diners request this dish also (don't be dissuaded by the geiger-muller counters being waved in your direction).

Friday, December 08, 2006

this is the crapest resturant i have ever been to. everything about it was horrible, the tables were dirty, floor was slippery, food was RUBBISH no taste at all, waiters are dumb. And anyone who thinks that they will get a 6ft dosa think again, coz when we ordered it they said they dont make it... but its advertised everywhere.... would not recommend anybody to go there,, even mcdonalds is better.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

worst experience ever,,,,,,,,,i fingd it dark dingy and cold .waitress didnt have clue of what thy were saying ,we went as family and we were almost ashamed to sit together,as it looked no more then a brothel house.

food was difficult to choose,toooooo expensive @£30 per head.

onle few chiken skewers were £28..mutton tejin was alomost as black as coal.too rubbery n horrible tasting.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I know of very few famous Mongolians other than of course Genghis Khan, but I think even he would distance himself from associating himself with this place

In onword censored was: awful. To expand on it would be: very awful. I was recommended this place by a friend at work and wished I had read the reviews here first.

I’ve eaten in many restaurants, as both my weight and bank balance will testify, but I’ve never had the misery of eating at such a dismal place.

First impressions as they say are always the most important. We had to wait several moments before someone came over and asked if we had a booking, so “exclusive” was this place the impression was you couldn’t eat without one.

We were shown to our table but given no introduction. Okay it’s food so what needs to be said right? But there was none of the “have you been here before?, do you know how it works?” ice breaker between host and guests. Normally I would find that annoying but in this instance, having never eaten there before it would have been nice.

The place lacked any real atmosphere, no music in the background, no real rapport with staff and guests. The seating area is like a pit with tables, whilst the food is set above you so all the “excitement” of having the food cooked in front of you is somewhat misleading.

Over our table hung a framed picture of an old man (presumably Mongolian) who had a facial expression some might describe as humble, others would say disappointed at what this place had to offer, almost apologetic that you came and didn’t know better.

The starters that were ordered were cheap. By that I don’t mean it was cheap for us, I mean it was made on the cheap. Deep fried wonton, spring roll, prawn in a crispy pastry, small handful of prawn crackers and half a bite size somosa and something deep fried that tasted like oyster, but I don’t want to think about, £5.45. All tasting blatantly from frozen and costing probably just over £1.

The main event was dull, yes there was a range of herbs and spices, chillies and garlic and probably more than a dozen various sauces but somewhere along the line it got messed up. Permission to only pick one choice of meat per visit to the assembly line, just seemed a little misleading for me at a unlimited buffet affair. I don’t know what happened between my selections of meat,veg,sauces and spices but the whole thing came back bland.

The only thing I enjoyed was the dessert, a combination of the fact it was sweet and yummy and that it signalled the end of this nightmare of a meal.

When the bill came, after our allotted 2 hours, the total had to be contested and the manager had to knock off £27, as not everyone in my group visited the buffet more than once.

And remind me again, why we were charged 12.5% service charge for what was to a large extent self service and where there didn’t seem to be much service?

Go again? Probably not.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

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