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Cheap! That's all this place has going for it. Other than that, the food is ordinary, the vegetarian options are pathetic, and the rudeness of the staff is astonishing to say the least! It was as if the woman running it wanted to pick a fight with us. And whilst trying to hound us out before our 1 hour was up by standing over us and staring with murder her eyes, she tried to claim there were other people waiting which there were not and that they needed to set the table, which they didn't because they chuck the utensils on the table when they deliver the poorly presented food. I don't know what parts of thailand some of the previous reviwers have visited but it clearly wasn't the same places I went to where the food really was good and the service friendly. I would rather not eat than go there again!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

For people who know nothing about food. Not in the sense of 'don't eat in fine dining restaurants', but in the sense of 'literally know nothing at all about things that you can stuff in your mouth'. Ahem.

The menu looks sophisticated, ancensored's obviously aspires to be an establishment akin to a fine Parisian brasserie. I have never before enocuntered man, beast or vegetable who cannot make a halfway-decent mashed potato. I thought such a feat was contrary to the laws of physics.

I was wrong. Even school dinners hadn't prepared me for this.

And serving lamb's liver, with its distinctive bitter taste (or something very similar) under the title of 'calf's liver'? That smacks of fraudulent practice, trying to take advantage of those who don't know any better. Ie seemingly every other person eating in the restaurant.

That no-one physically assaulted the management for crimes against food during the evening was astonishing.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

After a night of fireworks we popped in here to a still very crowded restaurant, everyone seemed in good spirits. We were seated and place mats put in front of us and the waiters dashed off in order to squeeze more people onto the benches.

To our amazement, my friend looked down to see a nice big fat juicy maggot wriggling around on her place mat!Slightly agast we decided that we would tell a waiter and we were expecting someone to be rather apologetic. This however did not happen. We told another waiter this time and she also seemed to laugh it off. By this point it wasn't really the fact that there had been a flesh eating wirggly thing as a starter but the fact that they didn't seem to careabout health & safety regulations of their restaurant.WE pushed a little more for an apology and finally spoke to the manager who was very apologetic.

Food is good - but obviously keep an eye on what you are eating.

Service = 0. no care, no attention detail, no idea of what a maggot is!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Would not recommend this place to anyone. Although we didn't get to taste the food, if it's anything like the service I simply wouldn't bother.

We had booked a table for after the fireworks knowing that it was going to be busy. After the fireworks we had about an hour before we had booked so decided to go for a quick drink. Whilst in the pub we rang to confirm our booking (again knowing it was busy and they might give our table away). When we got there the very unhelpful and bad tempered staff told us that there was no record of our booking. They suggested we went downstairs and had a drink at the bar for 10mins while they tried to sort us a table out. We waited by the bar for 20mins for someone to come and serve us after which point we gave up amnd went to Tandori Nights in East Dulwich which in my opnion is the best curry house for miles around in SE London.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Read the reviews for censored and thought - wow, sounds like great value, too good to look over so went there with a group of friends.

The owner, Joy is very quirky and Nancy Lam-esque however initially easy to get on with. However, when the food arrived, it was the blandest Thai food I have ever tasted with all within our group being disappointed. Politely, I fed this back to Joy who suddenly changed from the charming woman she was into a shrew! She began swearing and insulting us in front of her other clientel - VERY unprofessional. We could not believe her attitude. The food was truely 'diluted' in taste and the experience was probably one of the worst I've had, however memorable.

I fear that the regular clientel are not familiar with true Thai food, which this most cirtainly isn't.

Do yourself a favour and find somewhere else from the 100's of other amazing Thai restaurants there are.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I already reviewed this restaurant and it was not posted because I told the truth about the fawns cavorting in the toilets. It is terrible!! My opinion counts!!! I am being censored and I'll let Watchdog know about it too.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We have dined 3 times at censored and the last time 4th November 2006 was memorable for all the wrong reasons. We had a table booked for 9.30pm. By 10.55pm we still had not got our main course, the waiter came over apologised and said there was a slight problem. Clearly they had messed up and finally at 11.05pm our dinner of suckiling pig arrived. It was carved with much ceremony, the only problem was the meat had blood on it, was too pink and clearly undercooked. We asked politely for it to be taken back. We then had a waiter come over to tell us in a rude manner that the blood was not from the meat but from the bone! Given the fact that diners next to us had seen what we had seen and agreed with us, we were a little taken aback. But worse was to come. 5 minutes later half the meat reurned, it had been cut up and pan fried. The meal was followed by Michel Roux himsel, an apology we thought, but no, he was furious and argued that they never serve meat with blood in it (not what his waiter had said and therefore why recook it) and then proceeded to to shout at us to get out of his restaurant , never come back at the top of his voice, he then had our untouched plates removed. So we waited 2 hours for no dinner and abusive behaviour. As we left the Head waiter apologised to us, said Michel Roux was in the wrong and agreed with us about the meal. I have never been to any restaurant of this calibre before and ever had to complain, however we had a legitimate issue with the meal and quite clearly this gentleman cannot cope with anyone questioning his food, an apology would have sufficed.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Had my birthday dinner here last Saturday - was so disappointed. The service was just appaling - some of our side orders didn't arrive until we had finished our main courses and no appologies were made. So much for the customer being right - the waitress nearly started a fight with one of my friends over some spinach which we hadn't ordered (and still got charged for)!

The food we got was very good but our deserts were not what we ordered and we couldn't be bothered complaining yet again to the surly waitress.

There could be potential to this place but we certainly won't be going back to find out.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Went for lunch on a Friday with my wife.The service is the best in London.the food was very good-saffron mousse with moules for her;raclette and beetroot salad for me.Mains were kidneys for her and quail for me.Desserts also hit the spot and wine was well chosen.We left very pleased.

However ,3 hours later,we both had major intestinal problems and basically spent the evening on the toilet.Hygiene problems in the kitchen???Can't say I want to repeat this experience.

Monday, November 06, 2006

This is the worst Italian restaurant that I have ever eaten in. The ravioli presented to me was from a tin! The pasta dish was congealed, cold and tasteless. After the complaint was made, the staff became rude, swore loudly in

Italian and became argumentative when we refused to pay for an opened but

untouched bottle of wine that had accompanied the refused food. The manager was not remotely interested and did not even bother to come over and talk to us about our complaint. One waiter did apologise as we left, but having worked in an

Italian restaurant for several years I was disgusted by the whole experience- avoid!!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

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