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Myself and my family went to the Richmond restaurant on a Saturday afternoon for a nice treat, we were really looking forward to it. It was practically empty with only four other customers and a fair few staff milling around, we were ushered to a table at the back of the restaurant by one of the staff. My mum hung her bag by her side on her seat and we went about perusing the menu, my mum then went to put her reading glasses back in her bag ten minutes later and her handbag had vanished!!!

We alerted the manageress straight away and asked her to call the police, we soon discovered that the back fire exit had been propped open because their kitchen extractor fans were not working, this was behind a partition but only feet from where we had been sitting and leads onto an alleyway, perfect opportunity for a thief. After questioning one of the staff claims to have let a woman in through the front of the restaurant to use the toilet, which was located next to the open fire exit at the back and would have bypassed our table. Although it still puzzles me as to how we never saw anyone come into the restaurant and take the bag and none of the four other customers saw anything either. Obviously an accomplished thief.

Because of the lack of any witnesses or cctv, the police could not pursue this matter but advised us that the restaurant should compensate us as they were responsible for propping open a fire exit and for basically providing a thief with the perfect opportunity to commit this crime, the contents of my mum's bag (wallet with cash, cards, driving license, passport etc) have cost her £700 to replace and were not covered by insurance.

To say we have been unimpressed by the restaurant's response would be an understatement, they have offered absolutely no compensation whatsoever, we have even contacted their CEO Mr Mitchell Tonks, his email response being the equivalent of a shrug of the shoulders and an 'oh well there's not a lot i can do'. To be honest nothing would make up for the bad feeling that this whole incident brought about on what was supposed to be a lovely family meal out. So although we never even got to sample the food, i would not recommend this restaurant to anyone, and if you still have not been put off by this review i would strongly advise you to guard your handbag/wallet/any personal belongings on entering this establishment.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh my god...that one Grace from Big Brother...I'm sure she used to work incensored*! She looks like a Budgens version of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. She was always up herselfs and had a Louis V waitress wallet strapped around her emancipated waist.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Unfortunately, we chose a night when they were having two kids parties one after the other and it was about 7 in the evening. This is more of a family orientated restauant I guess.

Service was diabolical! We ordered our drinks first and had to wait for 20 mins before we got them, and that was only when my friend went up and asked them where our drinks were. Took ages for the starters to arrive, but they were good. Main course was nice, but it all looked like they were served from the same 'vat'(everything was in a nicely design bowl but it was all liquid really). I had the Lamb Keema and my wife had the Egg curry. Again service for the main course and more drinks was awful! We had to remind them again when we wanted more drinks and when the waiter came back to our table after my friend reminded him we were still waiting for our second round of drinks, he sais he had forgotten what we ordered, despite having wrote it down. I was not impressed. To top it all off, something that I ate didn't agree with me later on and gave me an upset stomach!

Would definately NOT recommend this restaurant. Food was sort of ok, but service left a lot to be desired and it wasn't that busy either!

Monday, June 26, 2006

La Dijonaise in Culver City, CA. - On my first visit there was a moth in my cobb salad. With no apology nor reimbursement. On the suggestion of a friend I tried returning there again since no food establishment can offer perfect service everytime, but this time around was far worse than my first visit. The same matre 'd that we dealt with the first visit screwed up our order, and when the mistake

was brought to his attention gave us major attitude and still did not apologize. I'm not sure if it was done intentionally; which it probably was, but half way through my salad I discovered a hair in my salad. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone. The food isn't all that great and the customer service is horrible.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Loved the atmosphere. Loved the decor. Great service. Shame about the food. Scampi and chicken kiev were definately "Iceland's Best" as my husband put it. And I had my suspicions that the cheese board was economy price. Mind you, at the prices this restaurant charge, you can't expect the best!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Check the kitchens out they are not clean.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

rubbish food, the gaffer got a big nose and his mrs is a slappa

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

We picked some dishes of our choice from their menu. But the waiter "ordered" us to order the dishes he wanted...which ofcourse were overly-priced ones in the menu.

We were very embarrased with his treatment that we walked out immediately.

My worst experience ever. After seeing their hospitality, I can bet these guys are not Indians !

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Monday, May 08, 2006

This is an underwhelming restaurant. The food is poor quality (and sometimes cold) pasta and pizzas. Strangely popular even after all these years. Unless you enjoy eating surrounding by screeching children and hen parties, avoid. Also expensive relative to the quality of the cooking.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

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