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Myself and two of my best girlfriends were in search of an intimate restaurant to have a relaxed meal to celebrate the start of the Easter holidays (4 days off is a genuine treat!). We found censored, with its candle lit and homely ambience we thought it would be perfect. We are all 24 and have to be careful how much we spend, sofor us, it was pretty pricy at first glance. censored did NOT take to us. We felt rushed and were treated as school girls from the word go. We ordered a bottle of house white wine and were given some bread, which adminttedly was quite good. We were in the process of ordering our meal. We were trying to to discover what came with our meals and attempting to break through the horrendous exterior that censored was presenting us with. At which point we were told we "had better leave". We promptly did as we were told and were all left speechless.

Our conclusion is that no matter how good your food, nothing makes up for bad manners. If you are spending £16-£25 a main course you shouldn't have to work to get friendly service. Friendly service should be a given at any level of the restaurant trade.

Me: "Do the fish cakes come with any vegetables?"

censored: " No, you might be lucky and get some parsley."

Never will I return..... I'm upset that this restaurant is popular!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

I have to say that I've never felt so unnecessarily insulted by random Restauant/Pub staff/owners like this before and I've leaved in different cities (Paris, NY and now London). I work close by this pub and, undeniably, it is very convenient to just go to the local pub for a quick one after work.

It happens to be the only pub close by censored. Which is probably why they seem to think that showing disrespect to their customers is absolutely fine.

I'm foreign and this place is packed, probably over the allowed number of people, on Thursdays and Friday evenings.

It didn't happen once but twice, on two different nights.

First bartender got annoyed or should I say actually angry with me, because he couldn't understand what I was ordering - place was packed and very loud. Sure I've got an accent but people usually think I'm Canadian so not that bad is it?

Second time the bartender was trying to ask me if I wanted a small or large glass of wine, I understood red or white, so answered white. He lost his temper, went through the trouble of going and get a napkin at the other end of the bar (!) and actually wrote down in capitals letters "small or large" with a massive question mark. Again, the place was full and extremely loud. I said to him "why is it that every time I order drinks in your pub someone is unnecessarily rude to me just because Iím not English?" The bloke replied ďbecause thatís how we do business baby!!!"

Paid for my drinks, I couldn't leave, I was with friends and didn't say a work expect for "you're pathetic" after he commented "aren't we having fun?" witnessing my long face. I bet you this character only speaks English and hasnít travelled away from his pub much. Heís very lucky that they are the only Pub close to censored and our offices. They totally take their customers for granted.

Moreover, half of the disgusting ladies loo cubicles don't close or are out of service and it always smells terrible in there - not sure how much they clean their toilets, I let you imagine the kitchen...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The censored is the worst restaurant that I have ever been to.

The service was poor waiting, staff seemed only interested in talking to each other.

The food was awful (and this is an under statement). From my table I had a view into the kitchen and was quite put off by how I saw the food was being prepared and to top it all off the sign on the white board in the kitchen read 'easy on the cheese tonight'. Obviously no one had understood this sign in the kitchen as my food was absolutely covered in the stuff, so much so my enchiladas looked like pureed baby food. I could only manage one mouthful of this mush before I had to visit the toilet and was actually sick in the restaurant's restroom.

The tables are positioned to fit in as many people as they can into the restaurant space. I could hear word for word conversations one every table around me. Plus the straw chairs that you are made to sit on are flimsy, uncomfortable and you feel as though you are going to fall through them (and I'm only a size 8-10, so I dread to think how other people feel).

I wouldn't recommend this restaurant to my worst enemy.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

.... You don`t have many censored restraurants to choose from in London. If there were, not many people would be coming to this one. The owner should pay more attention to the staff who work there. Some of them are really unfriendly and not helpfull. The place needs proper cleaning. Dirty clothes on the tables are big NO NO.. they just put you right off. Prices are fairly good for the portions you are getting. Also chefs in the kitchen shoul be more carefull with their hair!!!! You can find some unpleasant surprise in your meal sometimes! Dobru chut!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The worst restaurant ever!!!!!!

The portions were so small and the price huge!!!

The censored owner was so out of his brains!!! I think he was stoned!!!high on drugs!!!!

The food is no good!!!

The waitress was so clumsy and dropped the tea on my friend's lap!!!! They didn't even mentioned the dry cleaning!!!! Of course nothing was on the house!!!

Anyway dont you ever go into that restaurant!!!!

Not to mention the bill!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Desaster!!!! I have never been in a restaurant like this before!!! The front of house-an algerian guy-treated us like shit, the only thing he wanted was our money, if possible without even eating at all!!!!

The food was awful and the service the same, we were so happy to go!!!

Small portions, greasy food, good-but very expensive --wine(well, it was our choice:))

We have seen the chef, "combing" the hair with the hands and afterwards touching our food, whhhahhh

The one who helped him has 6 fingers, dirty nails and greasy hair(does he touch the food aswell????) not to mention the clothes and the shoes, very very dirty...anyway the whole kitchen and the bathroom were dirty so we will never NEVER EVER go into that place again!!!!!

PLEASE if u care about yourself and the food that u eat, DO NOT GO THERE!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

march 2008. this is the worst restaurant i have ever been to and I have been to many. it was noisy, extremely smelly and overpriced. Dont be deceived by the cozy appearance as you enter. When we asked the staff to tell the big table full of football drunks to quieten down so the rest of us could hear eachother speak, the waiter said that we are English too and so we should appreciate their disgusting behaviour as we are all the same!!

I think they should be closed down to be honest.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Good food though a limited menu. The poor waiter clearly hadn't been given proper training and was waiting on far too many tables all in different parts of the restaurant - very badly run. The bouncers were OK, doing their job and following orders from the inept manager. We asked for the *discretionary* service charge to be removed from our bill so that we could determine our own cash tip for the waiter rather than an extortinate and undeserved tip for the rude and unhelpful manager. We actually wanted to stick around after dinner in the bar, for drinks and to enjoy the music (i.e. spend a lot more money there). They cleared away some of the tables (including ours) at 10 as the place opened for the 'club' and so we were at the bar when the bouncers came over and asked us to leave. We had no idea why, or what was going on and then we found out that we had been asked to leave for not paying the service charge even though we were perfectly within our rights not to do so! Absolutely shocking and we were man-handled out to the front. I then spoke 1-2-1 with the manager, when I say spoke, let's not be under the impression that he was listening, it was clear his attention was elsewhere when I said 'you're not even listening' and he carried on nodding and 'uh huh'ing. A real disappointment but we went and spent our money elsewhere and had a great time after leaving censored behind.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Friends and I went to censored on Saturday. The venue is very well decorated and the seating is comfortable. However the food was awful. Many of us are now suffering from stomach aches!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

We went to censored last night and as we were waiting for our table we saw the Police turn up to deal with an unruely customer. Judging from the way the member of staff greeted the Police it looked like it wasn't the first time they'd been there. The service was terrible, we were given what looked like supermarket bread with butter but no cutlery (we had to ask for it), our drinks that we brought through from the bar and the bread plate were not cleared away so we had to leave them on another table once our plates arrived as there was no room and the water we asked for never turned up. We were also told that they had run out of one particular dish and it was off the menu only for the table next to us, who turned up after us, order it for two of their party. A service charge of 12.5% was automatically added to the bill, I was tempted to ask for this to be removed but just wanted to leave. I've eaten far better in more lovely surroundings.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

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