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None of the reviewers point out that in 2006, censored was nearly closed down by health and safety after they started a salmonella crisis in east London.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Without doubt the worst place I've ever not eaten! Thats right we didnt even get our food! We ordered off the Express, 15 minute menu and after an hour of 5 minutes waiting and failed promises we decided to leave. This was met angrily by the staff who went nuts whilst the manager stood by. The waitresses final words were, "Fine, go censored yourself, censored off and dont come back." brilliant! censored service is beyond terrible.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I was a fan of censored, i am coming from France, and i was amazed to find a restaurant like, it feels like being in censored, but recently i have been with my husband to the one in Wembley, and the service was disgusting, and to be honnest i don't know if i will go back ever to that one. First of all, we were waiting 10 mn, then we had to call the waiter to take the order. We ordered drinks which never but for which we have been charged for, then comes the starter with an hair on it, we asked it to be replace, but within that time the main course came with again an hair on it, it was a nightmare. And guess what we get back the same starter just without the hair on it, they just took it off and reserve it. A the end when we were leaving and told them how the service was miserable, the waiter didn't say sorry, and just took off the drinks from the bill. The restaurants in censored are still find, like many of you said, the service is getting worse, and they will loose all their customers, i can't beleive that a such nice restaurant is becoming like that, because i really do appreciate the food.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gastro is a good start but sadly the rest of it should be enteritis! It was shambolic in the extreme. Half cooked and half warmed slop served by half-a-brain dimwits who were more interested in filling glasses with water which they could charge a small fortune for. The kitchen door was left open to reveal a most disorderly kitchen and the stains in the communal toilet tended to suggest that the last person to visit hadn't been impressed either. The food was worse than disgusting. I don't mind paying for pretentious food when it is half decent but this is crap food at a premium. How dare they offer themselves as a fine dining venue. Even the owners don't seem to notice how bad it is. Shame on them. All the reviews I have read suggest that this place started well but went down hill quickly. If I were you I'd nip in the takeaway up the road and keep your money for something decent like a night out. It's a shame as the place itself could be nice.


Monday, February 11, 2008

I bought a vegetarian Pad Thai on February 4th, The staff were not particularly pleasant - What you want ? Take away?! Sit there! It cost me £4.40. I was violently ill for the whole night. Its now Thursday and I still haven't fully recovered. It did actually taste disgusting at the time, I don't know why I ate it. Its the second time i've been there in about three years though I work around the corner. I don't recommend the place. I just googled them to find their number as I am about to phone them, and decided to leave the review.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


The attitude of the waitresses is questionable, the food was below average, monkfish was decent, vegetables on the side were poor, deserts were poor. What topped it off though, while waiting for the bill, a RAT ran across the restaurant into the kitchen. On mentioning to the manager, he made out that he'd never seen any vermin before, and was shocked when we asked for service to be removed from the bill. I'll never forget that queasy feeling after seeing that Rat. Avoid like the plague.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

very very disgusted last night with censored.. We SAW A RAT run across the room and head for the kitchen. This was after we had already had all 3 courses.!

I would advise not to in to this place - theres supposed to be a good fish resteraunt not to far away..... the food was actually not bad in censored - but after seeing a rat does that really matter?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

THERE WERE MICE RUNNING AROUND THE PLACE! At least two unless it was the same one dancing against a mirror picking chips off the floor then disappearing. I asked for the manager and he said they were aware of the situation and were doing all they could etc etc etc legal jargon nonsense... they were coming from the kitchen..... It is a restaurant (in the loosest terms as you would say McD's is a restaurant).

The food was from a packet. I mean, EVERYTHING was from a packet. Apart from the T-bone steak, but - get this - IT WAS FROZEN IN THE MIDDLE. Fake mash, frozen steak, lamb shank from a packet... Next time I'll stay home and cook Findus frozen meals.

And if you get the call from nature, hang on to use the ones in the tube - please, just do.

A sham. A tourist trap infested with rodents and smart alec managers in 50 quid suits. The waitress was lovely, mind. I wanted to slap the manager after he screamed at her in front of the till for the restaurant to see.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I have never seen such potential wasted. It is bitterly disapointing to have such a disgusting and hostile cafe in the heart of a town so steeped in royal and naval history.

The cafe that is situated in censored is an utter shambles; crowded, grubby, poorly lit and an extremley expensive and badly concieved menu.

The cutlery that we were given had dirty watermarks and a friend recieved a fork with dried cheese between the prongs. The table had tomato sauce and other food reminants dried to its surface. Plates and mugs left on the tables, aswell as just plain bad atmosphere. Our side salads where deydrated and noticably packaged from a store. The soup was not homemade either.

I dread to think about the hygene standards this cafe keeps behind close doors.

Beware, it is only a matter of time before someone gets food poisening. After reading other reviews from customers, i am sure this establishment needs to make some drastic changes before someone becomes seriously ill.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Having been disappointed many times with less than adequate sushi restaurants serving tasteless morsels of chewy salmon and suspect sticky rice, I was delighted to stumble across this charming little place tucked away in a discreet location. The place not only looked authentic but as I tucked into a delicious starter of spicy crab roll I started to feel quite smug about my fortuitous find and mentally calculated how many people I could show the place off too… So there I was sipping a perfectly chilled pint of Kirin and finishing off the last morsel of my teriyaki salmon when glancing over to the glass partitioned window, separating a probably poorly underpaid sushi chef from the clientele - I spotted a huge cockroach brazenly scuttering across the window making a straight trajectory straight into the food preparation area. Horrified, but not wishing to cause much of a scene at this point, I discreetly alerted a waitress who kind of laughed and shouted some instructions at said chef who promptly shrugged his shoulders and used his spatula ( yep… the one he was cooking with) to crush the omnivorous pest. He then continued cooking, (are you keeping up?) with the same spatula! On getting the bill, I asked to speak to the manager, who came over and with an extremely wide and sinister smile just told me in broken English that pest control had come in, but they must have missed one… she also went on to say that if I was to come back, (and please bear with me with this, as this is unbelievable) I -would -probably –not- be- happy -as -I –might- find -another –cockroach- so -it –was- for- the- best- if- I -didn’t- come- back- at all…. So I am barred from a restaurant that thinks it’s okay to have the odd roach scuttling about the place. Fine. And for those of you who wish to know I threw up when I got home. So here is my review. Dontcha just love karma?

Friday, February 01, 2008

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