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La Fabrica

Nice place, good food but I found the portions far too small - mistook the croquettas (apologies for spelling) for an appetiser! Also the cheapest bottle of wine is £24.

Wouldn't go back I am afraid, although seems I am in the minority..

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cottons (Camden)

Went to cottons for a birthday meal with my partner. We have visited Cottons previously for many years and have enjoyed ourselves. The change in management is very noticeable for the worse! You couldn't tell who was working, our waitress had no note pad to take our order never repeated our order back to us and just walked off,she wasn't pleasant .

When the food did eventually arrive (over 30 mins for starter and 40 mins for main course). My prawn cocktail was rubbery and there was not a finger bowl to wash my fingers after (which on every occasion I've gone previous has been at the table)! My partner had items missing from his starter and when we tried to tell the waitress she was no where to be found the restaurant was not busy at all! When she did come back without asking if we had finish she was trying to remove our plates! When our mains came it was cold and small portion size had to be sent back and then when it came back items were missing. Absolutely terrible service. From start to finish. My usual cocktail wasn't the same. We were extremely disappointed with everything overall and will not be returning and would certainly NOT recommend to any one wanting authentic Caribbean cuisine.

Kay - Sunday, May 14, 2017

Great Court Restaurant at The British Museum

To be fair, We ate a set menu lunch on a Groupon Voucher. And supposedly themed to match the Pop Art exhibition, 'American Dream'. It was 'American Nightmare'. Starter: innocent small piece of chicken drowned in some version of Marie-Rose sauce with a couple of slivers of raw celery. Main: cheeseburger with bacon and fries, a dry, wizened little patty that splintered when cut, and what appeared to be and tasted like fake bacon. Chips, McCain, I think, were ok. Dessert: Boston cream pie, a substantial slab of cake so hard and stale tasting that I left it completely and told the waitress it was inedible.

The red wine was perfectly quaffable, the service was pleasant (if uninterested in my complaint), and the surroundings of course are bright and airy with comfy seating. Why in heaven's name with such a lovely venue and a captive clientele do they completely wipe out all the pluses with such appalling food? Trust me, at this level of food McDonald's is a better eaterie, no kidding.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Chennai Dosa (East Ham)

Buffet currys not tasty at all. 3 Curry's are same type another two curry are same type. No chappati offered with buffet as advertised. No drink offered. Not value for money at all. I will not recommend to anyone. I had buffet an year ago was not tasty and gave a go again today. My lunch mood got spoilt.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Karavas Restaurant


TOM - Monday, May 08, 2017


It is hard to believe that Amaya is a Michelin-starred restaurant. We love Indian food but had the worst experience ever at any restaurant globally that we've dined at over the years (and we only dine at Michelin-starred restaurants). My wife and I were in London for business and were hosting another couple for dinner, one of whom use to be a high level British Diplomat to India. I told the maître d'hôtel that I was allergic to nuts, fish and seafood so would like for him to make sure there were none of these ingredients in the food I ordered. You know what he said. He said we can't serve you and you'll have to leave. My wife and I and our two guests had already ordered wine and cocktails ahead of placing our food order. Instead of saying let us see what we can do for you, the maître d'hôtel basically and incompetently did not even offer to try to accommodate my dietary needs. On top of that he handed us a check charging us for the full bottle of wine even though at the time only one person had a glass, i.e. the bottle was full. Unbelievable because the right thing to do would have been to say I'm sorry and there is no charge. Instead the wait staff tried to charge us for the whole bottle of wine. I screamed and yelled at the wait staff and the maitre d'hôtel and told him we were not paying for a full bottle of wine which we did not drink. The next thing we knew he brought the check back without a charge for the bottle of wine but charging my guest for the small pour of the wine she had started drinking but could not finish. Does this feel like Michelin-star service. The last time I checked at a Michelin-starred restaurant, the customer comes first. I next asked him what kind of bucket shop restaurant this was because who in their right mind would ask a customer to leave and charge them for a bottle of wine they had not been able to drink or finish. This restaurant is clueless with regards to customer service. We did not even get a chance to try the food because they asked us to leave. The maître d'hôtel has no sense of decorum and no sense of trying to accommodate a customer. Awful Awful service. We did not even get a chance to try the food. We were so offended. We went back to the Berkeley Hotel where we were staying and told the Concierge who recommended the restaurant that it was the worst experience ever and not to recommend this restaurant to any guests because it was the most offensive service we had ever seen. On top of that the wait staff was incompetent and spilt my martini on me when they brought it to our table. I can't comprehend why this restaurant is rated so highly because the service is absolutely the worst ever.

Worst Service Ever! - Sunday, May 07, 2017

Ravi Shankar

We were promptly seated for a celebratory dinner, which was fabulous. When we proceeded to order 2 Bhel Poori and a mango lassi with a clearly articulated intention of ordering at least 1 main dish based on appetite, we were denied of food. The reason quoted was 'it's not in the policy to order only starters without a main dish'

It is the first time in my life where I have been unanimously (by 4 different waiters) denied of the above food order for the same above quoted reason. It made me realise, it was not them but the order from the owner, hence the extreme disappointment with this restaurant's philosophy.

I have been brought up in an Indian household, and the ethos all Indians are brought up with is to never deprive others of food. After this visit, it is clear that the owner of Ravishanka Bhel Poori, a south Indian, is the first Indian I know to show a patron the door rather than serve them food.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Old Town 97

Bland food that is not authentic. Very indifferent service bordering on rudeness. Staff can be heard talking loudly amongst themselves in front of customers.

My wife's wonton noodle soup was tasteless with mushy overcooked noodles and my pork belly was just passable. The potions were also rather small.

Overall, very poor value for money, but what would you expect in touristy Chinatown when you don't have to maintain decent standards to fill a restaurant?

Lars - Tuesday, May 02, 2017


Amazing place with impeccable service and excellent food! Very fresh and flavorsome! Strongly recommend it!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Busaba Eathai (Westfield Stratford)

We decided to have dinner at this place spontaneously on a Thursday night (13. April) - three adults and one child. What a disappointment!!

I have eaten at other Busaba Eathai restaurants, but the dinner at the Westfield Stratford branch was a catastrophy!! We waited about 10 minutes before being seated, even though there were plenty of free tables. At first we thought that they were understaffed, but although there were waiters all about, they were completely disorganised and rude!! There was no greeting from the staff, no "good evening" or anything as such. The waitress even just threw the menus onto the table! Talk about a bad start!

We ordered our drinks first - two beers, a cocktail and water for the little one. After about 15 minutes, there were still no drinks, even though we could see them sitting on top of the bar. Another 15 minutes later, the beers arrived warm (not a surprise as they were sitting on the bar countertop for about 30 minutes, and the ice in the cocktail was completely melted, thus diluting the taste completely! We returned the warm beers and cocktail, and asked the waitress to bring us our drinks cold, as well as the water for our child.

Another 10 minutes passed before were FINALLY able to order food - two curries, pad thai and from the children's menu chicken skewers with noodles and satay sauce.

Well another 45 minutes passed and then we got one of the curries, and the noodles from the children's menu! We asked again for our drinks, and also asked if we could get the rest of the dishes so that we could all have dinner together. The waitress just looked at us and said that there is a specific order in the kitchen, but she will try to see if anything is possible?!! About 10 minutes later, we still had not received all the food nor our drinks, but the waiters came to us with our neighbours dishes (who by the way arrived later than us)!

When our food FINALLY arrived, they had forgotten the satay sauce from the children's menu so our kid ate dry noodles and chicken, my dish was cold and my husband's was so salty, it could not be eaten. We informed the waitress that the dishes were cold and salty, and she replied that this is the specialty of Thai cuisine! AS IF!! Having been to Thailand on a number of occasions, and also lived/worked there for almost a year, Thai food is amazing, unless you decide to eat at the Busaba Eathai Stratford City! We asked to speak to the Manager, but we were informed that he is not available.

We had to remind them on four occasions that the rice was missing, my cocktail NEVER arrived, there was no explanation why this happened or a discount off the bill, just a meaningless sorry. In the end, the waitress brought the satay sauce at the same time she brought us our bill!! NO JOKE!!

I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone. Considering that the food was inedible, the cost of the evening was too expensive. Such substandard food is expected in a typical fast food chain, even McDonald's and Nandos have better customer sevice standards and you know what you are getting with them.

As already mentioned, this restaurant was a complete dissapointment - do not go here if you are new to Thai cusine as it may put you off the food, or if you are visiting London, please note that not all service staff are so rude and disrespectful!

We will NOT be coming back again, and I certainly hope that no one has such an awful experience!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Zizzi (Canary Wharf)

Only restaurant that was liked by my children and I during our stay at Canary Wharf . Lovely and friendly waiter and waitresses. Was made to feel very comfortable. Best restaurant for vegetarians and alcohol free food. Have to mention the waitress Sonya, always smiling even though she was rushed off her feet, during the lunch time. We were amazed by the way she ran from table to table and how committed she was to her job. Keep up the good work Zizzi

Friday, April 21, 2017

Toby Carvery (Romford)

I'm not a fan of Branded outlets. The point of a brand is supposed to be reassuring but I beg to differ. I've had some disasters in outlets such as Toby Carvery and I have refused to use them for quite some time but on this occasion I was very pleasantly surprised.

The Romford Brewery Toby actually runs like clockwork. It has the same menu as other Toby's the same facilities (as you would expect from a brand) but this particular Toby bucks the trend for me and my guests. The food is hot fresh and very well presented, We were greeted by an enthusiastic lady whom I believe in her manner must have been the manager, she new exactly what was going on and was directing her team in an exceptional way.

Great experience Thank you,

SARAH PINKERTON - Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Jamie's Italian (Greenwich)

Booked well in advance to Jamie's Italian (Greenwich) for Easter Monday, very early evening with my wife and 2 children. Good atmosphere, very empty though. Family were happy but I wasn't. The limited menu had ran out (at 7pm!) of numerous things, like burgers, children's desserts, other desserts. The only thing Ieft that interested me was a steak but it was very expensive. I asked if it would be reduced due to not having what I wanted. They offered, 'a free coffee or wine perhaps? - we'll sort something out.' I accepted and let it go. The steak was very plain, had lots of fat and a very small cup of fries and a tiny, lettuce only salad. My young kids could have eaten it twice over. No kids desserts, so they had to share an adult one. My wife explained to them that she was happy but I was disappointed and they (i.e. the floor manager) said they hoped they could put it right next time. My wife was given a voucher off something we'll never use, not what was agreed. Review is for me, not my family, so I've unnecessarily added positive items here (e.g. about their experience) which I didn't need to do. Atmosphere let down by few customers. Value for money increased as kids ate free. Long wait for drinks dropped marks on service. Had bacon butties as soon as I got home.

Steve - Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Metro Garden Restaurant

It was my birthday yesterday and I went there with some friends. I was supposed to get a free bday cocktail but I received the voucher quite late that afternoon after we already had lunch at the venue. We were charged for bread which we actually did not have on our table and the service charge was too much considering the fact that we had to wait for someone to find us a table inside during not that busy day. Quite disappointed, would not recommend.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Carluccio's (St Christopher's Place)

Horrifically slow service! Waited 20mins for a Diet Coke! All in all food average but service just killed the experience. When we asked why service had been so slow, I was told it's busy with absolutely no apology! The restaurant wasn't even that full as we arrived at 2.30pm. It was much busier over the lunchtime period! Either they need more staff or take on less customers!

Christiana - Friday, April 14, 2017

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