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Sahara Grill (Leyton)

So busy today waited 45 mins for a table. Waiter was really moody. Drinks came for the table next to us who arrived way after us! Their food also came first and they ordered loads! So I was already annoyed! Not even finished eating and the waiter who didn't even come back to our table re-appeared to take our plates whilst we were still eating! When we finally finished nobody offered us any desserts/ coffees etc.... then the waiter clearing our plates dropped a knife on my partner and spilt his drink! Er really! Oh also the food was extra spicy today!

Shagufta parvez - Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mai'da Indian Eatery

Maida catered our wedding in London and it was excellent! The food was superb and the staff couldn't do enough for us. They did everything we asked for and more! Guests haven't stopped commenting on how amazing the food was!!! Thanks Farooq and team!

Narzny & Roy - Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Vineyard Restaurant

July 2016 I sent a thank you to the management and staff for helping organise my special birthday lunch. The food was excellent and beautifully served by very courteous staff. A large number of my guests enjoyed a super time and lunch. Mrs. L Kent

Mrs P Leadbetter - Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Tayyabs

Very impolite staff. Rude , they treat you as if they are serving the meal for free and you feel very bad about yourself. You regret why you came to this restaurant on some friend's suggestion.

Yes the food especially the starters are good. Main course is okay(not so good). But you can find much good starters some where else. Even Kebabis original have much better starter than Tayyabs.

Mohit - Monday, September 12, 2016

Raavi Kebab

Ngbd eatery serving the local communitu. Bare bones decor and casual service, but vry good food.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

The Earl Spencer

One thing they do really well is Sea Bass. Came here in July 2016, I'm not usually a fish eater but was the only thing I wanted to try from the menu. I must say it was the best thing I'd eaten in ages and could have happily eaten more!! Served with crushed potatoes in a sauce, magnificent. Definitely made a fish eater out of me!! I'd love the recipe.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Chennai Dosa (Tooting)

Read about M Patels review on Chennai Dosa's service was terrible for a takeaway, but it's worse for eating in the resturant aswell.We went for a meal on Friday night and the service was so slow,the staff preferred to stand and chat at the counter rather then serve.The food was also disgusting (eg sambar was thick and tasteless and rasam had no salt) Thay served us dosa without any cutlery,which resulted in us waving our hands to get their attention.Finally we ordered kulfi which they changed to newer version was terrible.(also note they had given us soup spoons for kulfi which was in the small plastic tubs)

Darshana Patel - Monday, August 22, 2016

Soho Joe

I had been to this place for breakfast a few times in 2015. It is a nice relaxed-looking place and I made a mental note to make it a hang-out and meeting spot when I was in Soho. It was always a shame that the waiting staff would never come to the table to take an order.

A few days ago on a nice weekday summer's afternoon I had a business meeting with an associate I had never met before. There were probably as many as six customers at the venue. This turned into a two hour meeting in the course of which I had a soft drink and she had a coffee. At the end of the meeting, she left and I went to the cashier to pay.

The owner and his wife were standing close by and she made a comment about that being a nice two hours of office time saved for me. They both complained at me at how little I spent and how if I had come at a busy time and spent what I had, they would have actually thrown me out of the place.

I decided to laugh the encounter off. I said that I had been several times in the past for breakfast and that I liked it because it was quiet and the staff didn't keep trying to push the menu at me. The husband and wife team then actually took sides against me on this. The husband also said that he had listened into our entire conversation and proceeded to make various comments about what had been a production meeting, saying 'we get them all in here'. I was trying to decide if this pair were just characters and went along with the encounter.

On reflection, the incident made me feel very uncomfortable and I was surprised that the proprietors seemed to know nothing about all the small orders adding up to quite a lot of money over the course of a month and of the importance of repeat business. I have decided not to go back. I don't like people fawning all over me when I go to their venue but this was at the opposite end of the scale really.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Wong Kei


do not go!!

Waiters and managers are rude and treat you like an animal.

Gabriella - Saturday, August 13, 2016


This review is directed to the private room in Hazev Canary Wharf.

I do not gain any benefit from giving you this feedback, and it is hazev who would benefit from this and I'm going extra mile to take my time and express my disastrous experience of the customer service - a service I have not come across before.

We felt the min cost of £500 for a private room was not justified at all. Very poor customer service, no planning and attention to the details and ignorance from staff including the manager looked after us on the day and still despite a very poor service we have been charged fully ( for service that has been accepted by general manager that it was disastrous on 8th Aug 2016).

The quality of service may be one of the reasons why this restaurant cant reach its full potential. 2 hours service has been stretched to 4 hours purely because of the mismanagement of the service overall. In average there was 30 min wait between each step of the basic need of customer service.

There were no planning or thought put together to accommodate the BAU demand of the restaurant as well as + private room on weekend day. Clearly no care for 'word of mouth recommendations' many restaurants thrive for. This place can not be recommended to none of the friends and vice versa will be strongly discouraged.

No one has taken a responsibility or accountably for service of the private room. No one came around to make sure guests have everything they needed - clearly no one cares of the customer experience.

Set up for 12 people has been requested however 10 was set up on our arrival - clearly there is no attention to details.

It's been requested to bring bottles of wine as basic on the table - none arrived until we wandered what happened to them - clearly waiter had not been briefed in by mangers in advanced or anything at all.

No one came in to us taking orders for drinks for 30 min - we had to ask personally for someone to come and take orders from guests. No common sense of basic service.

After 1st round of drink service we have not had anyone asking if we needed a top up till end of the dinner.

Not mentioning that no one even bothered offering tea or coffee as per the part of the set menu of the private room - to which we have been charged fully.

There were 3 pots of bread served on the table to 12 people - we had to personally ask someone to bring to the rest of the guests. Very poor service.

The starters were not calculated for 12people -it was for 6 people and therefore over priced unnecessarily. The variety was limited in little quantities. Guests felt uncomfortable and dissatisfying.

Manager looking after the room arranged only 1person to serve the dinner to 12people - by the time the waiter finished, everyone else's food was cold and unpleasant to eat. This was beyond what a street cafe could offer service.

There were no attention to kid's need at all, they had to wait for 15 min to get a ketchup, which meant to be a basic compliment to the fish with bespoke top up after it finishes off.There were no supply of kids play books or no arrangements of kids menu.

We personally agreed with the ignorant manager ( who also was finding hard to communicate) to serve the cake in 5 min after the dessert (which came with no coffee or tea) - clearly this has need ignored, we had to again search for someone to bring the cake in.

After bringing the cake we had to wait for 20min for someone to bring plates then 15 min to bring forks. You can see where the service of 2 hours had stretched to 4 hours.

Plates were put on the pile and not individually in front of the guests - all turned out to be a self service, for which we have been charged too.

After investigating the social media and reviews, I understand that the branch has not been popular with reviews either and we are not the only once that have felt that the high cost were not justifiable at all and do not match industry standards.

Asyl - Monday, August 08, 2016


I went for dinner on Saturday 30th July 2016 and thought it outstanding. I remembered the meal days later, which is unusual for me! It felt as though every ingredient was simple, of good quality and well-chosen on its own and could stand alone, but combined, created something cohesive and exceptional. I had the clams, n'duja and spring onions, which had the most delicious sauce (accompanied by good bread), followed by the cod and shellfish fideua, and finished off with the most luscious pannacotta with orange peel and raspberries. Accompanied by a recommended orange wine (my companion had beef and rabbit, so it went well with both our choices). Attentive service, and nice atmosphere. I just want to go back!

Anne - Saturday, August 06, 2016

Gow's Restaurant

An excellent seafood restaurant. My lobster bisque soup, crab and apple crumble with ice cream were delicious. Often go there when I am near Liverpool Street as I travel to Suffolk frequently to visit my family.

PHIL - Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Double Six Cafe

After looking for somewhere to get a good breakfast whilst in London on business trips I found the Victory Cafe and Double Six, both in Eversholt Street just around the corner from Euston Station. The Victory cafe was closed at 8am when I arrived but the Double Six was open and besides, looked the most appealing option of the two from outside.

The welcome was friendly and service was quick and efficient.

I decided on the scrambled egg on toast with beans and a mug of tea. The tea was very welcome after a long train journey.

The order arrived minus the beans at first but after chasing this up they arrived, luke warm it has to be said, but the portion size in general was very good and the food tasted great.

I will be calling again on my next trip as it is by far the best option I have come across recently, unless you really like the fast food options around. Personally I prefer to sit a while and enjoy a good meal.

Mr Reshopper - Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Maison Bertaux

I've always adored this great Soho institution which actually deserves the word "great" for what it sells, not just for who did what in the upstairs room. The pastry and cakes are excellent and the light lunch can certainly be recommended.

The last time I took my mother out to lunch, it was to this Soho classic and I'm proud I did it. She wasn't at all well at the time but she really enjoyed not just the lunch but the atmosphere.

If you think that service is about people really wanting you to enjoy the experience (which I do) rather than slickness, the service on offer is actually very good and rather charming. It's also a really good all ages type of place.

Adam Samuel - Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mar I Terra (Waterloo)

I came across this restaurant quite by chance, on my way to meet a friend at Tate Modern from Southwark Station last Wednesday. I'd initially planned to go to Brindisa in London Bridge, but suggested to my friend that we try Mar i Terra instead. We were very pleasantly surprised. There is a lovely garden at the back of the restaurant, and the service was warm and friendly. We could not fault the dishes (calamares; piquillos stuffed with crab; conejo - rabbit casserole; aubergine with manchego; almond tart and a most wonderful, rich chocolate mousse) nor the wine. Everything tasted home-made and authentic. I highly recommend this place, especially if you want to avoid the ubiquitous chain restaurants near Tate Modern.

Anne - Sunday, July 24, 2016

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