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Dirty Dicks

Had a meal with my wife and a friend. The food was very mediocre indeed - not quite awful but overpriced, and in the case of my steak underdone. My wife's venison was so tough as to be almost inedible. Service was poor too - we had to go up to the bar to ask for our bill after vainly waiting about 10 minutes for someone to come round. I know it's only a pub but it is not cheap and for that money I expected a lot better than what was on offer. Just go for a beer and you probably will be OK.

Andy - Friday, March 17, 2017

Strada (Canterbury)

We went for a birthday dinner - a voucher with free prosecco - on a QUIET MONDAY night. The restaurant was almost empty.

They were SLOW to deliver our starters. Then they took OVER AN HOUR to deliver our mains. WITHOUT AN APOLOGY. They ONLY delivered our food because we prompted them.

When the food came, the food was COLD. FORGOTTEN about, clearly. We ordered a piza with extra toppings - which they didn't even put on the pizza.

On the bill, they CHARGED US EXTRA for the toppings they never gave us, and charged us for the prosecco which we had a voucher for that covered the cost. They knew this before we ordered.

The waitress was RUDE, not very friendly standing with her arms crossed while talking to us and taking our order. Made no effort, seemed like she didn't want to be there.

She also didn't even know the prices of certain items that were no on the menu. On top of this she failed to tell us what was out of stock before we ordered - prompting us to change parts of our order. NOT very professional at all.

The waitress AND THE MANAGER were exchanging looks and smirking at each other whenever we spoke to them. They also seemed to think we had no right to complain about the disastrous service and experience we endured. IMMATURE.

Other times I have noticed the manager just stands around, refuses to serve customers, making one waitress serve a busy restaurant. Absolutely terrible management.

M Gonzalez - Friday, March 10, 2017

Spice Village (Southall)

Definitely Recommend this for Practising Muslim Families.

My sister's nikah was here on the 24th February and it was absolutely amazing. I come from a practising Muslim family where we all completely cover ourselves, including the bride. The segregation was perfect, we clearly told them that we did not want to any men in the women's side and the manager very clearly understood this and listened to our requirements. The venue was fab, the food was fab... they gave us all the leftovers including 20+ soft drink bottles. The manager himself helped me escort my heavy baby's pushchair down the stairs and was awesome throughout the whole time we were there.

A big thanks to all the staff... I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know.

nabila - Thursday, March 09, 2017

Zaman Indian Cuisine

Ordered from here tonight very disappointed. Once a source of good quality Indian food no more. Sauces are watered down and bland. They do not contain the thickness in sauce that makes a curry so special. Called them to explain my disappointment and they apologised.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Akash Tandoori (Northcote Rd)

This is my local. The service is second to none. The owner , Nasir, takes his turn in the kitchen. His son is an active manager. Loyal staff have been there for ages.

It is wonderful to be greeted like a family friend every time we show up.

This is a core part of the local community. Highly recommended.

Guy Mather - Monday, March 06, 2017

Carluccio's (Bluewater)

So it's 11.00, Sunday morning, missus is running round the shops and I think a wee breakfast, that'll do.

I spot carluccio's, few busy waitresses lots of empty seats, do I sit down I say to myself, yeah go for it.

Oh you can just sit down I am told, ok says me and I walk over in the general direction I was pointed.

Theres a girl by a stack of menus sorting cutlery.

Hello miss, can I have a breakfast menu, and if ok can I sit outside it's a lovely day.

No problem sir.

I take my seat - quick look at the menu, 90% is egg dishes unless you want a croissant so - eggs in some form was what i was happening (and would see if I could be cheeky enough to ask if they had any sausages or bacon)

15 mins pass, 30 mins, ok I'll head in and see if I can get someone's attention.

We'll send someone over says boy at counter. Ok

11.45......hi sir sorry for the delay, just here to tell you we have no eggs!!!!!

I'll send someone out to take your order in a minute. jaw drops.......followed by a cackle of laughter.

It couldn't get funnier until I popped round to pontis who told me the ran out of poached eggs, but could give me a fried egg.

Peter Duncan - Sunday, March 05, 2017


I do not like as service very poor.

Tika - Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I would like send review for Krantas in Walthamstow.Food is not bad could be more tasty as was very salty and portion does't much value. Service disaster with zero communication basically I would never back any more atmosphere so death. The big girl barmen I do not know her name very unpleasant service provided.Buy buy no any more me be there.Thanks

Fina - Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Diwana Bhel Poori House

Very very rude staff. I went there for a nice lunch with a friend and we ordered a lot of food (£30 worth excluding drinks, which is good for lunch I think!). There was no one else in the restaurant. The waiter literally took food off of the table before we had finished, and when I wanted to sip my coffee came by twice to ask us to order dessert. Finally I downed my coffee and asked for the bill because it was so uncomfortable. Then he told me I had an expensive brand of purse and should tip well, then put 30% tip into the machine! In the end we were only there for 40 min before we had to go.

Nastasia - Thursday, February 23, 2017

Firezza (Notting Hill)

Shocking service

The manager told me to 'go and write about them online if I was so angry" - so here I go.

My pizzas were never delivered. When I called to ask about them - they said they tried to deliver but couldn't reach me. They had my mobile and home number but made no effort to reach me.

Refused to re-deliver and/or refund my money. Even now I have no refund. Was told my a very rude manager to 'stop making a fuss about £30 quid!" Avoid these cowboys like the plague...

Wes - Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I have been to this restaurant many times

The food was delicious and freshly cooked

I really liked it and the service was great too

I recommend this restaurant for small parties

Mariam - Monday, February 20, 2017

The Vineyard Restaurant

Normally a lovely meal but very disappointed with the service and set menu for valentines waited over an hour for main meal and wasn't as though they had to cook loads of different meals as only 5 to choose on the set menu.

Alison downs - Thursday, February 16, 2017

Kitchin N1

My brother is not from London and said he wanted to go to Kitchin N1 in Kings Cross he kept going on about it on the 10/2/17 we went. He was having a good time food was nice cold but he was happy. Me and my partner got up leaving him with our 1 year and 6 months baby we got back and was told a staff member said to keep her quiet I was upset up let it go.

I am like everyone else i don't like a screaming child but my daughter made a sound and because i was cutting up her food and must have been too slow just as i was gonna give it to her she moan.

A staff member leaned across the bar and told me to control my child. I was so upset him shouting that out. 1st she's a baby they make noise. 2nd she wasn't continuing to do it as soon as i gave her food she was quiet. 3rd there was others laughing loud and 1 lady when she laughed she screamed he never told her to keep it down.

I didn't want to continue shouting from my chair to the bar we was starting to make a scene and him being an employee should have tried also I walked to the bar and said: Your very rude its clear you don't have a child, he said he did, I was shocked he should understand children like to express themselves.

He told me to calm down i said to him excuse me I'm not shouting or searing at you I'm staying calm he should have approached us in a different manner I work in retail and I'm a deputy manager so I've seen children kicking off hear is what he should have done.

Hello is everything ok addressing the parent waiting for a reply look at the child and said is that you making all that noise

acknowledging to the parent you can hear the child then say my little 1 is loud like you making the aware there child is loud in a friendly way instead of shouting out from the bar.

My partner came over and said your attitude is bad there are lots of people being loud and continued talking to him I had to jump in and say excuse me are you the boss or the owner when he said no I was shocked your a nobody making allot off fuss for nothing.

I went off looking for the manager he was more relaxed and said sorry for his staff

Its ashame how one staff member can make you feel like you just wanna leave

Summary - Kids will be kids if your child is making noise continously I understand talking to the parent but don't shout at us or give us dirty looks and tell us to calm down when you started the problem my daughter is not the quietest child but in no way was she screaming the place down. If you have young children don't go to this place it spoiled my brothers birthday


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Thalassa Seafood Restaurant & Bar

Under New Management

While the name and the menus remain the same the Thalassa has been sold and is under new management.

Sadly the Greek Cypriot cuisine has gone, to be replaced by Italian.

I expected my chicken kebab to be cooked over charcoal, but it was grilled and coated with some sort of Barbecue sauce.

Both portions of chips were burnt, and we were very disappointed with both the meals served.

I understand from the Waiter they will be changing the name in the near future, no matter, after eating there for the last four years, we won't be going back!.

Chris - Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kennedy's of Goswell Road

I have always enjoyed their steak and kidney pasties, which are good value and flavoursome with a nice amount of meat to gravy ratio.

I agree with the last poster, the staff are rather surly and don't seem especially happy working in the service sector, though they have never been outright rude.

Ate in for the first time last week, and as I am trying to be healthy I was worried there wouldn't be anything to eat for me, but I had skate wing with capers which was really nice.

Munch bunch - Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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