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YO! Sushi (Angel)

I read the negative reviews but was craving sushi. Why, oh why did I not pay attention? It was all wrong from the moment I walked in and was told to sit anywhere. After waiting what felt like an age to order a glass of wine and craning my neck looking around for some service I got out of my stool and approached the vacant waitress who was rearranging the bento boxes in the fridge. I asked whether I could order a glass of wine and she seemed rather stunned.

The plate of salmon sashimi was okay, albeit slightly slimy. A safe choice of edamame was my next choice, but it was the most measly offering of edamame I have ever received with a total of about 12 undercooked beans.

The dishes rotating endlessly on the belt looked wilted and tired. There was no way I wanted to go there so I turned to the menu. I ordered a salmon and avocado handroll and a crispy salmon skin handroll.

The 'chef' handed my both rolls in record time. I felt the soggy 'crispy' salmon skin roll and knew instantly that this baby had not been made in the time I had been there. It was cold and drenched in oil. The first bite I took almost made me gag as I felt the cold cooking oil drip down my throat and had to wrestle with the rubbery salmon skin.

After about 5 minutes of trying to get the chef's attention I queried whether she had made it fresh or just grabbed it from the belt. "Belt" she replied. So much for the "made to order" claim on the menu. She asked if she could make me a new one but I was so repulsed I told her to throw it away.

The salmon and avocado handroll was fine.

However, I was so put off my lunch I couldn't eat another morsel. This was not helped by watching the chef a metre away from me hacking into plastic bags of the fattiest chicken I had ever seen and letting it spill out onto the stainless steel before he started hacking into it.

When I left the restaurant my coat reeked of cooking oil. Not what you expect from a 'sushi' restaurant.

The most disgusting 'sushi' experience I have ever had.

Friday, December 16, 2005
Overall rating 1 stars
Food 1 | Service 0 | Atmosphere 0 | Value for money 1

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