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Tom's Kitchen

I was very excited when I a friend suggested that we had brunch on Sunday at Tomís Kitchen run by Tom Aikens. ď You can even eat bar style,Ē my friend told me with great enthusiasm. American style breakfast as well as English Sunday lunch he marvelled. It all sounded a lovely way to kick start Sunday.

Reality? ď Welcome to HellĒ. As a sat at the bar I felt I was with on a long haul flight in economy with twenty or so screaming kids. I needed a headache tablet when I left. The place has no atmosphere, even the decor is repressive . The staff placed a woman behind me at a table, meaning I was bashed so many times I lost count. Maintenance people staff, people with prams, all bashed into me.

The staff where pleasant. When I asked for an egg white mushroom omelette omelette, my waiter had to get the manager as it seemed to be a rare thing. When it arrived it was truly awful and watery. My friendís pork was very fatty. The pea soup was nice, how ever only one came as the waiter had not written the second one down. It took ten minutes for the other one to make an appearances a long time as I counted the minutes to escape

Considering we only had two soup, one pork an omelette chips and beans. Orange juice and water. Bill was £57.00 seems expensive for what was a truly awful experiences. May I suggest Ballanís in Earls Court they do a much better brunch. Only go if you wish to inflict your screaming brats on the public. You donít mind very average food on the wholes.

Steven Smith

Sunday, April 29, 2007
Overall rating 3 stars
Food 3 | Service 5 | Atmosphere 0 | Value for money 3

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