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Garfunkel's (Oxford Circus)

The Oxford Circus branch of Garfunkel's is a very poor example of this chain. The food is slowly and inexpertly prepared, unless you're there for lunch, and you order a 'standard item'. The portions are very small. The waiters are utterly indifferent to their customers' needs or wants.

My companion had a chilli-cheeseburger, which he said was fairly tasty. He also had a milkshake which was too thin, although had a reasonably good flavour.

However, he easily finished his milkshake in the more than 30 minutes that it took to prepare his meal and my own, and was never asked whether he might like another beverage, nor was his empty glass noticed and removed from the table, although we were in eye site of the waiters' station at all times, and there were anywhere between three and five wait staff there at any given time/.

One of these was the manager, who seemed unaware until we inquired of him that our order was well over the half-hour mark and not yet anywhere in sight.

When it finally arrived, my food was of very poor quality. I had the mixed grill, supposed to be an English speciality, but not so in this restaurant.

I was disappointed to discover that the sausage had been originally cooked quite some time ago, and was then burnt while warming it up on the grill. I had been asked how I wanted the steak cooked, which was pointless, as it was a minute steak on arrival! Both the steak and the chicken bit (rumoured to be 'chicken breast' on the menu) were innocuous in flavour, but the steak was spoiled by the nasty large tendon running through it, rendering a large section of it completely uneatable--it couldn't even be cut with a knife, it was so tough.

The 'grilled' mushrooms had an odd flavour, as though they had been stewed and then grilled--perhaps a local variant of 'grilled'?

My 'grilled tomato' was completely missing from the plate, and when I inquired about it, I had delivered to me, about five minutes later, a raw tomato with blackened grill lines on it, which was barely warm.

Frankly, this place, overall, is a DUMP and should be avoided. The prices are high, the food isn't worth it, and the service is non-existant--the entire *concept* of service is non-existant.

The only up side of this place is that it doesn't subscribe to that all-to-common phenomenon, the Automatic Tip Included In The Bill. That's not much.

Friday, April 07, 2006
Overall rating 1 stars
Food 2 | Service 0 | Atmosphere 0 | Value for money 0

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