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I go here quite often, it opens at 12 noon, so if you are planning to go I suggest you get there just before it opens to avoid a potential long wait in a queue and even in the doorway inside. It's extremely popular with Japanese students, and has a no frills approach to eating, in other words you are there to fill your stomach more than to relax or absorb an ambience. The décor is very basic, tables cramped in for maximum space use, and service prompt and often a bit hurried. Your food can arrive in reasonable time, or take ages depending on the day and the order. The food is usually in large to massive portions, and that's why it's so popular, plus of course, the very affordable prices if money is an issue.

If you like Sashimi like I do, don't get it on its own, as the portions is ok, but you will still be hungry, and for the same price you can get a Sashimi Bento Box, which has massive slices of Sashimi, biggest I've ever seen in London, and a bucket load of rice, and salad, topped with small titbits of pork, pickles, and a Gyoza, with also a free Sushi piece added on. In other words, you get a fantastic meal for the same price you pay for just Sashimi on its own! Some of the other dishes are of questionable quality, but the portions are nearly ways big, and bigger. One gripe I have is they have recently stopped using the Japanese chopsticks, and now use plastic Chinese ones, which for those in the know, are a lot bigger, chunkier and more awkward to use than the slimmer, shorter Japanese ones. I suppose they are trying to save money on the throwaway wooden ones, but why not just buy long lasting Japanese ones instead? Or are they trying to lure in more of the local Chinese? All in all, it's a stomach filling restaurant and not a lot more, but very good value and big portions.

Monday, April 17, 2006
Overall rating 6 stars
Food 8 | Service 2 | Atmosphere 2 | Value for money 10

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