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Good God this place was awful. First - and to be fair - I went there on a dead Sunday between Christmas and New Year: therefore, my friend and I were just about the only people there. I'm sure that it is usually more buzzing.

But the food! I had Moroccan stew, which was tasty enough but, unforgivably for a stew, the meat was rock hard. Clearly it had been hanging around for a long, long time - since before Christmas? It was not even particularly hot (defrosted and reheated?). What's more, it was a tiny portion. My friend had pork with mashed potato, which looked very much like the sort of thing you might get at school (pre-Jamie makeover), or in the 1950s. Utterly insipid. There was a meagre (I mean, really meagre) portion of spinach for £2, and some unappetisng fried plantain for another £2. The house wine was not hideous. But it was utterly bog standard for £14.

The poor dear waitress tried her best; the manager listened to our complaints politely enough, and offered a free pudding, which we declined.

Suicide atmosphere, barely edible food, indifferent service ... Wretched, wretched, wretched. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Monday, December 28, 2009
Overall rating 1 stars
Food 1 | Service 2 | Atmosphere 1 | Value for money 1


Wow. What an overrated place. For years I have been meaning to come to Nobu, and when – finally – I get round to it, the disappointment is almost unbearable. It wasn’t just the bland, sub-Wernham Hogg décor. It wasn’t even the not-terribly-friendly greeting on the door – you sort of expect that in a place that only allows you to book in two-hour windows. It wasn’t even the outrageous prices - £200 for dinner for three, two of whom weren’t drinking. No: I had come here solely for the food, and the food – amazingly – disappointed me. It’s not that it was bad - just that it was nothing special. The tempura was no better or worse than tempura I’ve had in cheapo Japanese cafes – if anything the batter was a bit greasy. The sashimi was good and fresh – but as good and fresh as you should expect anywhere decent. The beef teriyaki was fine – but, well, ditto. The soft shell crab was blandly enjoyable. And the black cod – Nobu’s signature dish – tasted good, but not much better than the black cod I recently had at Bento Box and Asakusa (both in Camden) for a third of the price, and not as tasty as the same dish at E&O – a genuinely exiting place with genuinely innovative dishes. Nobu was no doubt revolutionary when it opened. Now, it just seems tired and a little bit complacent – not terribly attractive traits in a restaurant.

Sunday, November 19, 2006
Overall rating 5 stars
Food 7 | Service 7 | Atmosphere 4 | Value for money 2

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