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Afghan Kitchen

It was not easy to find, even though it is right on the main drag (Islington Green). It doesn't stand out much from the antique and clothes shops around it. Indeed the décor is far more North West London than North West Passage. That is unless I am being as uniformed and prejudiced as normal and this year the Afghans are decorating their homes in an airy, minimalist manner with light wood dining tables - more Conran than Taliban.

Lutfiye asked the blonde, blue eyed waitress with the East European accent if she was Afghan but she claimed she wasn't. Probably just playing it safe. She did assure us the cooks were though.

The food was as much in between curry and kebab as the country is between the Indian subcontinent and Kebabistan, as Mark has christened the lands of Mezzes and grilled-meats-on-skewers.

Christened - good choice of word that.

At first I thought the waitress was being a bit pushy when she kept asking if we were ready to order but then I looked at the menu and realised that if it took you longer than thirty seconds to make your mind up you either have the I.Q. of a radio 1 DJ or a four year old to settle down. You couldn't call the choice extensive. I have seen more food staining the menus of some places than was listed here.

The food was itself OK. No that's a dis-service. The food was very nice, especially the fresh bread. But if you were after a taste and flavour of the country, rather than just the food, it was a disappointment.

P.S. Don't try the sweet. In this case that's sweet singular not sweet plural. There is only one on the menu - Baghlava - and you only get one square when you order it. And it may look like Backlava both on the menu and the plate but it doesn't taste like it. OK it may be home advantage talking here but it wasn't any where near as nice as the Turkish stuff.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Overall rating 5 stars
Food 7 | Service 5 | Atmosphere 4 | Value for money 5

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