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My husband took me here for my birthday as a special occasion. Being a major sushi afficionado from Vancouver (where sushi is fresh, cheap, fun and ubiquitous), I was really worried about the big splurge to UBON given the mixed reviews below. I have never made it to NOBU so cannot compare. It may have the backwards name to its older sister, but no backwards food here -- this place did not disappoint! The fish is extremely fresh and the wonderful dressings and presentation is what set this restaurant apart from other Japanese restaurants in London . The view is great from the Docklands (Iíll refrain from further superlatives -- itís just the skyline of London after all which is pretty darn flat and unexciting); the interior design is not exactly warm nor cutting edge. The service was friendly enough but not as professional as what one should expect for a meal at these prices. I suppose this is a minor complaint as after seven years living in the UK, Iím just happy to get a smile out of anyone serving me which we did receive in abundance by the staff. So overall must disagree with the reviewer below Ė the service does not overshadow the food, on the contrary, the food overshadows all the other shortcomings of the restaurant. Come here for the food and the food only Ö I even forgive them for using those stupid disposable wooden chopsticks! If you donít have a special occasion, create one Ė finding a good sushi restaurant in London is an occasion in itself. By the way, you could easily visit and order only the Ďnormalí sushi (rather than all the specialty dishes) and not spend too much more than what you would spend at any other sushi restaurant. But do try to save up and try that melt in your mouth Black Cod with miso sauce Ö

Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Overall rating 7 stars
Food 9 | Service 6 | Atmosphere 6 | Value for money 7

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