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It’s difficult to provide a review of the food, ambience or overall service of the L’Oranger, as we only got to stay for 5 minutes.

On arrival we were shown to a corner table where both my partner and I were positioned side by side facing the other dinners. A very good view if you are interested in other people, but a little difficult to hold a conversation with your fellow diner without getting a cricked neck.

Also, if you are romantically inclined and want to stare in each others eyes, then this would prove very difficult unless one of you is an arachnid.

We ordered a pre-dinner drink and started to browse the menu. Our attention was drawn to two waiting staff who were trying to quickly erect a further table in the middle of the room. We weren’t sure whether it was a temporary fixture to be used to layout some elaborate feast or whether it was a quick fix to sit two poor souls who had probably wondered in looking for an impromptu table. As they finished laying out the cutlery, we realised it was the latter. I turned ninety degrees to face my partner and started to make the comment ‘I wouldn’t be happy if I had to sit there’ but before I had chance to finish, a French version of John Cleese suddenly approached us and in a very forceful manor exclaimed ‘You will have to move to that table!’.

I tensed, my partner paused, lifting one eyebrow, then replied, ‘are you asking us or telling us?’ to which an over animated Maitre D suddenly shouted, ‘well someone is not going to be happy and this couple had requested this table, so whatever happens I cant please all of you’. Actually, I’d be hard pressed to believe he could please anyone. I quietly advised that we would leave, as I had visions of Monsieur Cleese being forcefully laid out over the table whilst I strategically placed an apple, for aesthetic purposes only!. However, this only provoked stronger animation as he held his hands in the air, grasped his head and let out a long sigh. We politely left, never actually seeing the menu or having our aperitif.

So as I said, whilst I can not comment on the food, ambience or overall service, what I can categorically recommend is for you to never cross the threshold of L’Oranger, unless you like your waiters to be pretentious, pompous, animated and rude. If however, that is your cup of Earl Grey, then L’Oranger is highly recommended.

Monday, August 14, 2006
Overall rating 4 stars
Food 5 | Service 0 | Atmosphere 5 | Value for money 5

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