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The Bramley Room

I am writing to give you some insight about the service I received in this restaurant.

I have recently been to this restaurant for a Christmas dinner with my colleagues from work in December this year (2006).

I found the restaurant overcrowded to an absolute limit. It was uncomfortable to eat at the tables as there was no space to move and everyone at the table was seated too close the person next to them.

The music in the restaurant was extremely loud. I could barely engage in any conversation with my colleagues because I could not hear what they were saying to me and I could barely hear myself talk.

I asked the staff to turn the music down to a more comfortable level but my request was greeted with a condescending reply that this was a party restaurant and it is peopleís conversation that is causing the noise and not the music.

On another occasion one of my colleagues asked for the music to be turned down when it was purposefully turned up and the reply in that instance was that it can only be turned down a little but it will get much louder later on.

The quality of food in the restaurant was below any acceptable level. Most of the people I spoke to during the evening commented on how poor the quality of the food was. I cannot see how it justified the £36 it cost for a taramasalata with pitta bread, vegetable moussaka and profiteroles.

We were asked to order our meal choices in advance but on the night we found that some of the items were not provided. My colleague went without a dessert she ordered.

I left before the dessert (for which I paid), as I could no longer endure the treatment I was receiving in this establishment.

I was seated opposite a couple of tables that appeared to be another party. Some members of that party were extremely loud and evidently drunk, but there was little done on the part of the restaurantís staff to contain their behaviour and ensure that everyone was having equally good time. At one point I actually felt unsafe seating in such close proximity to these people.

On one occasion, when one of that party was singing out loud to a song, the music was turned up to an unbearable level to accommodate him. No one seemed to care what effect that may be having on the rest of the customers.

I complained verbally to the staff and was told that I was the first person ever to complain to them - I find this incredible. I expressed my deepest disappointment about the service and the food, but was told that that was my opinion. I found this treatment of a customer appalling.

Friday, December 08, 2006
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