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Bombay Dreams

Stay away !!! This was at £25 per head and we were offered an excellent 3 course dinner served at the table, live singers, bollywood dancers, belly dancers and dhol players.

Absolutely diabolical….remember, what they are advertising and what you actually get! You will be glad you read this review

We reserved the restaurant for 13 initially and changed it to 7. They had not bothered changing the reservations to a smaller table and we hung around like spare lemons whilst they tried to sort a table out for us. We were eventually, given a table right in front of the two double doors, one to the stairway exit and the other to the entrance to the loos /sheesha room / club area with cold air blasting overhead!!. Not a comfortable table setting in the first instance or we have a choice of sitting behind a pillar!! – what an audacity!!.

Drinks: we ordered, 2 cobras which were flat and not right. They took it back eventually after arguing that there is nothing wrong with it. We had to settle for another beer. One wine spritzer? Did not know what that was! Eventually after requesting what we wanted, got a small glass of pump flat lemonade with a drop of wine in it.

Food: we were shown a menu but we were going be served a set meal anyway so there was not option.

Starters: We had both veg and non veg starters…. For which we got a small place of salad, one plate of chicken drumsticks & lamb kebabs and another plate of paneer and potato chaat. Chaat first, this is obviously served cold but what we served was cubes of boiled potato with some raw pieces sprinkled with some chat powder…

We put the food on our plate and on starting to eat, realized that the meat and the paneer were cold. Eventually when we got hold of the waiter we told him so and he said, but we have already started eating the food!!!.

Main meal: Eventually, when the main meal arrived, again it was ALL cold…. The veg was Urad dall with kidney beans which were hard and not cooked properly and the other dish was peas on its own. Chicken and lamb were the meat dishes and naans served already wrapped on foil!!. Everyting was swimming in oil! Oh and cold rice. We asked if we could have hot food please and the water took it back and returned with hotter food. There certainly was plenty of it and it was still there when we finished. The food is terrible and completely tasteless.

Sweet: on the menu it said Gulab Jamun and ice cream…. No where to be seen. Instead there was a chocolate fountain with some marshmallows, and dried cheap cake pieces which were laid out open near the bar before we had arrived and oh! some kiwi slices as the veg option!

Live singers: – 1 male and 1 female singer completely out of sync singing to karaoke… absolutely horrendous and ruined all the songs they tried to sing… it would have been better off if they had left the karaoke machine on its own instead.

Dancers: well there was only one dancer and one dance by a young amateur girl with her mother in tow - even the girls on the next table sniggered saying they could dance better than that. Remember, this is a restaurant offering this entertainment to adults. If it was a talent show, it should market it as that.

Dhol players: – lovely young couple of lads – but still amateurs and you have seen better at music schools or even at temples.

This is pure untalented entertainment and treating the diners as if they are stupid.

Belly Dancers: again one belly dancer who danced around the diners and she was not too bad compared to all the other incidents

Sheesha lounge: do not frequent this so can comment

The manager or person in charge came around asking if everything was ok and we told her our concerns which she kept on challenging and arguing saying that they can’t see anything wrong. She only called over the waiter and started having a go at him – it is not his fault if he has been given cold food to bring to our table!! And not trained him properly to understand what a spritzer was? I felt sorry for the waiter and told him it was not his fault.

Thursday, January 29, 2009
Overall rating 0 stars
Food 0 | Service 0 | Atmosphere 0 | Value for money 0

Benihana (Piccadilly)

Very expensive mistake

Avoid like a plague where do I start!!!

Not a comfortable atmosphere at, no ambiance – in an out in just about 1.5 hrs and that was stretching it.

Not enough chefs so you will not get a booking easily even thought the restaurant is more than half empty (Fri).

When the chef did arrive, he was over and done with us within about 45 mins so that was eating your starters and main meal. Chef was good with the knife and some jokes but was not inspiring or very funny!

We ordered specials etc. e.g. Lobster special had 4 prawns for a starter and a piece of lobster and some small pieces of chicken breast £40!

The chef grilled them put some salt and lemon and that was your dinner with some ginger/onion and mustard mayo type relish…. I asked for some chilly sauce and they said they had peri-peri (this is Japanese cuisine) and I got a little dollop of wasabi after I asked for it. Oh, the chef had some sauce in one of those tacky plastic greasy café bottles which contained tomato sauce and soya sauce…. What!!

Oh, you got a fried onion slice, 1 whole mushroom, 2 asparagus tips and some bean sprouts, a tiny bowl of salad avoid, lukewarm onion soup and that was your lot.

Not a place, to socialize, celebrate or indeed enjoy good food!!. Unless you have a special price deal to eat there

Certainly a place to waste money on a full price menu .

If you want to donate, find a worthy cause!.

Go to a proper Japanese restaurant for a better meal for half the price!!

A far cry from the way it is done in the US and elsewhere at moderate prices.

Bad. Bad. Be wary! Be very wary!

Friday, October 05, 2007
Overall rating 0 stars
Food 0 | Service 0 | Atmosphere 0 | Value for money 0

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