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The Terrace Restaurant & Bar

Lunch 03/2/07

As a teetotal meateater this restaurant pushes all my buttons. It's clean

and modern and very bright and seems to attract nice laid back people. When

I was in it was about half full and everything seemed to run smoothly if not

superfast - but then for Saturday lunch you don't want to be hurried along,

do you?

The waitresses were very sweet and helpful. I got offered freshly squeezed

blood orange juice when I explained I only really liked fresh juices, and

then got down to the serious business of eating beef rib and goat curry,

which was incredible. It was a hard choice with confit of duck and lamb

shanks also on offer cause I'm a bit of a mash fan. The curry was full of

flavour but so subtle, not at all raw or fiery like they often are, and the

meat was firm but somehow flavoured all the way through, leg steak I'd

guess. If you're put off by the idea of goat, don't be, it's very lean and

good for you, and tastes like slightly more intense lamb, it stands up

particularly well to being curried too. I can't quite describe how different

it was, but it's not at all like an Indian curry, and comes in a broth

rather than a thick sauce as you might expect.

Afterwards I found room for a bakewell tart, which came on its own except

for a couple of dabs of sauce - weirdly chocolate and a damson/plum, but it

actually worked okay. I'd expected ice cream or custard or something to come

with it but didn't really miss it once I was eating the tart. The pastry was

exceedingly crisp and the flavour of almonds came through well. I would have

liked a bit more jam but the girlfriend pronounced the balance perfect.

All in all it was really cool and we'll certainly return.

Monday, February 05, 2007
Overall rating 8 stars
Food 9 | Service 8 | Atmosphere 6 | Value for money 9

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