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Stockpot (Chelsea)

The convenience in both price and location of this restaurant is unfortunately destroyed by the irrational rudeness of the owner. I and a friend had been dropping in about 4 times a week for several months, during which time we sometimes ate a meal, sometimes just a pudding and occasionally just tea. Due to our schedules we usually went in close to closing time, the fact that they served until 11:30 being one of the main reasons for our visits. Last night, we arrived at 11:15, were deliberately ignored by waitstaff for 10 minutes and then told brusquely and with outrageous rudeness by the owner that they were closed and that we could go somewhere else never to return. We politely questioned him as to what we had done to upset him and he insulted us further, the jist being that we arrived too late and didn't spend enough money. The fact that we were locals and regulars who have brought many other people there and knew several other patrons eating there at the time, did not seem to matter. He was unbelievably rude. My friend and I have always tipped over the service charge, have never complained about the truly awful food, and have never had any indication that our late arrival was a problem. In my view, if a restaurant kitchen closes at 11:30, that means you can place your last order AT 11:29! I've worked in restaurants and this is standard. I later found out that this man had done something similiar to an elderly neighbour who had been going there for 20 years! Because she didn't spend a lot and sat at a table for a while, he basically threw her out one day saying she spent too long at not enough money. This man has no manners and obviously doesn't care about neighborhood goodwill, customer loyalty, or local business. In any case, and as I told him when we departed, never to return, the food does actually suck. If you're looking for someplace cheap on the King's Road, go a bit further down to the road

Thursday, February 08, 2007
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