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The Bull

Firstly, what a great site and a great opportunity for restaurateurs to read what we poor punters think and feel but are too strangulated or British to say so at the time. L'esprit d'escalier lives!

Four of us went to The Bull on Saturday 10th February. They allowed us to book at table for 7:30 providing we were out by 9:30. My wife had some dull tapas to begin with a bowl of cubed cheese was a bit of a cop-out and I had tomato and basil soup, excellent value at £1.99 but this cost over £6. Our friends shared a large and expensive joint of beef which may have been a Chateaubriand (they had to wait a long time for it, but they were warned about this) which they thought was really, really ordinary. I had duck, which was insipid and overpriced. My wife's pork was the only item that didn't attract a strongly negative comment.

The trouble was we had just returned from a long weekend in Lille, where we had three dinners on three successive nights where the food was three times better and at least half the price. And ze Frenchies seemed positively delighted to see us, compared to the surly off-hand service we endured at the Bull.

Pretentious, overpriced rip-off cr*p, basically. We should be rioting in the streets. Or going on the Eurostar back to Lille, 'cos you could probably include the train fare and get a better meal.

You don't get the impression these people are the little guys struggling to do their very best to feed a hyper-critical and ungrateful clientele. It's more a cynical exploitation of a gullible public. "They wanna pay those prices? Fine, we'll charge them."

I could mention the fact we were served by at least five different waiters, none of whom knew who had ordered what. And I could mention the squeaky floorboard that bounced my chair up and down every time a staff member ambled past. But I won't. Because I won't get fooled again. Not by this co*k and Bull, anyway.

Thursday, March 01, 2007
Overall rating 2 stars
Food 2 | Service 1 | Atmosphere 2 | Value for money 1

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