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Le Cafe du Jardin

Went here for my birthday, and unfortunately it was my choice to come here.

the guy who reviewed this place before me clearly enjoyed the service - probably because he was spending a fortune and the scummy pretentious waiters saw £ signs-a-flashing.

We'd had a lovely day out at the tower (because i've lived here 21 years and never been) and fancied finishing it with a light meal. So we went for their set menu. The first guy who served us mumbled a bit, we guessed that he something about wine so we got the house which was really sharp and probably came from the local co-op.

The starters were nothing special, and as for the main... well. My girlfriend assures me her Satay Chicken was juicy6 and tasty. So they can have a point for that. But their salmon was just so bland, and served on a bed of soggy lifeless veg. However it was still good value for money.

The saving grace of this evening was the company, although we had to whisper because the waiters were hovering and staring. The service was in fact so crappy that we asked for the service charge to be reduced, which was not greeted by 'why? how can we do better?' but a ' now i have to print another bill!' To which we replied 'Yeah, and what?'

Please, if you want a quick lunch at a reasonable price, this place is probably great, but for dinner? No. Don't bother. Don't justify this kind of useless service and disregard for customers, and general pretentiousness which killed any soul the place may have once had - if it ever had a soul, the staff certainly don't.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Overall rating 4 stars
Food 6 | Service 0 | Atmosphere 0 | Value for money 8

Bali Bali

I usually judge oriental restaurants by the standards of the major chains - wagamama and the like - And i have to say, I was absolutely delighted by this place.

My girlfriend and I came here on a monday evening for our anniversary, and the first thing we noticed was the atmosphere and feel of the restaurant. Although it's small, the staff were happy and cheery, there were more than 3 tables of malaysians/indonesians (always an easy way to tell the grade of a restaurant, if the other patrons are native to the cuisine) and everyone inside was chatting happily.

The food though was the best part of the experience - for £45 we got a bottle of wine - which considering it was the house went really well with the meal - 2 starters, 4 mains (rice, delightful smoked veg and tofu, a succulent ginger beef dish, and the best Deep Fried Tiger Prawns I've ever tasted) and a very modest and tasty desert. The prawns were much better than the Ebi Katsu at wagamama, they use a higher grade breadcrumb and a lighter oil. In fact all of the ingredients were of a great quality, and as fresh as you like. The ginger beef as well, you could tell, used excellent quality and very fresh ginger.

All in all, a great place to go, for a first date it would be top notch, for an anniversary or just if you fancy something different. Highly recommend it. my girlfriend was of the same opinion!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Overall rating 10 stars
Food 10 | Service 10 | Atmosphere 10 | Value for money 10

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