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Hache (Camden)

We live local to Hache and agree that these burgers are the best in London. Unfortunately, the downfall to this restaurant is the service. I have been there a number of times, and recommend to friends visiting from out of town, and typically expect the service to be borderline acceptable. But because the burgers are so tasty, we overlook it.

After last night's experience we are sure not to ever give them our business and if will never recommend or bring visitors there again. The place was NOT busy in the least and it was obvious they had more than one waitress per table. I was sitting with my menu open and the waitress comes over and asks if I am ready to order. I wasn't and thought she could see I was still reading over my options but made a quick decision and ordered. We also ordered 2 beers. We waited, and waited and waited - watching newer customers being served their drinks. There was one waitress who was on the ball and kept making eye contact with each table - but ours was useless.

Finally I got up and walked to the till where she and the other two staff members were busy hanging around, talking and obviously not interested in the fact they are have customers around. I asked politely if there as any chance we could get our beers. She looked puzzled and asked what kind? I responded by saying that we had already ordered. She then brought our beers over AS our burgers were being served at the same time! you would think this would prompt her to be more attentive but if anything she ignored us and the next time she came over was when I was still finishing my meal and asked us whether we were finished or not!!!!! When we replied no she just walked away! Another waitress came over collected our empty bottles and asked whether we wanted a refill. We declined as I didnt plan to spend another penny at this place.

When we went to the till to pay my husband questioned what has happened to the place and how its a shame since we frequent there often and love the burgers. The girl on the till was not interested, rolled her eyes at us and then tried to overcharge us £7. I asked her to move the service charge as I refused to pay it...and instead gave a cash tip to the one waitress who was attentive to us all night, who happened to not even be our assigned waitress! The girl on the til tried to argue with me about how its hard to tell when someone is ready to order or not and I basically told her that I used to waitress for years and its not rocket science.

I think the one thing that put us off completely was not the mistakes the waitress made but the care-free attitude and non-apologetic manner we were given when we asked what had happened. I'd rather go to McDonalds. At least I know the staff there are more attentive than these pathetic people at Hache.

Thursday, June 12, 2008
Overall rating 5 stars
Food 10 | Service 0 | Atmosphere 3 | Value for money 5


Outstanding Service

We hosted a client for 55 ppl in the Zanibar Room. The night of the event was brilliant. The Event Manager, Richard was extremely proactive and took any strain I may have been carrying before the festivities onto his shoulders. The staff on duty were extremely attentive in refilling our champagne glasses and the quality of service during the silver service was outstanding. The decor in the Zanzibar Room is one of the prettiest I've seen in London - a colourful Moroccan theme with authentic Moroccan pottery in which the food was served. Our wine glasses never reached below the half way mark.

All of our requests were fulfilled throughout the evening.

Disappointments -I was slightly disappointed in the starters and sides and also thought the veggie main could have been more creative than a veggie "pie". In the past the veggie option coincided with the Moroccan theme (lentil tangine). The lamb main course was so tender and flavourful it made up for my side dish disappointments. In all fairness Moroccan cuisine is not known for its side dishes anyway. Additionally during the pre-event organisation I found the co-ordinator a bit lax so I was a bit concerned.

Hush will even accommodate any kosher requests. Richard informed me of this during the evening when he noticed one of our guests was not touching the food. I was sorry to tell him that I was told quite the opposite when booking - instead I had been told that I would have to find an outside caterer and make the arrangements myself! Due to timing and the difficulty in finding a Kosher caterer who would deliver one meal I was unsuccessful but our guest still was happy to attend. Richard was very apologetic and assured me he would resolve the misunderstanding with his day staff. In the past Iíve also received a follow up call from the Co-ordinator which this time I did not. Itís always nice to receive those type of calls. I am a bit surprised we didnít after the misinformation given regarding the Kosher meal.

Suggestions - perhaps soft Moroccan gnawa or Berber music to go along with the theme would make the vibe even nicer.

I would certainly consider this again for any corporate event. Zanzibar Room is the way to go!

Thursday, April 26, 2007
Overall rating 8 stars
Food 7 | Service 10 | Atmosphere 9 | Value for money 7

Locanda Locatelli


I was asked to book a business lunch for 6 people at 1.30pm. I was told they couldn't provide us with a table at 1.30pm but instead 1.45pm. One of my directors was then asking whether it was baby friendly so that he and his newborn could attend. I phoned at 945am to be connected with a recording that states their reservations department open at 10am and they could not accomodate more than 8 people per table. Fair enough. I phoned back at 958am as I am aware it is close to impossible to get through at this time. A woman answers the phone and then tells me to ring back in 5 minutes!! I explained we already had a reservation and just had a question but she insisted that I needed to call back. What would it take for HER to jot down my request and phone number, ask her colleagues and phone the customer back. Clearly she had the sense of a robot - programmed to only take information after 1000 -not 2 minutes before. It then took 45 minutes to get through to be told - yes, they are child friendly BUT we would now have to push back our reservation to 2.30 because of the one extra seat. We are now accomodating THEM as our wish was to eat at 1.30. This I found ridiculous. The day of the event we had one more request for an addition to the group. After speaking with their receptionist I was told that she wasn't sure whether we could add one more person on and that they were working on a table plan as we spoke. I was told someone would be getting back to me. I questioned her making clear that we only wanted to add on ONE more chair to the table and we didn't mind being crammed together. It didn't matter and I was told I'd get a call back. 1pm crept up with still no call back. I then phoned to ask whether our request had been approved as I would then need to find another venue if refused. I was then told in a non chalant matter "Oh yes, thats fine". Bascially I hadn't received a call back as promised. Everyone arrived aside from one of the guests but her husband was going to order for her. He asked the waiter who was pouring the water whether we can begin ordering our starters. He was first ignored and then told that we had to place that order with "another" member of staff! One of the guests ordered a tortellini off the starter menu asking if they can have it served as a main course (which most places do) and was told it was possible - 2 minutes before everyone else's main course was served she was then told the chef was unable to serve her a main course portion of this dish! It was a few tortellini's floating in some chicken broth! No flexibility at all and a little too late to be told that if you ask me. We were taking our time eating spending lots of money on wine etc and then were rushed into our choices for dessert. Once the desserts were brought out we were served a pot of mint tea in which no one had ordered minus a cappucino that had been ordered. Throughout the service the wait staff screwed up who was getting what so this was just an added bonus. A half hour later we were told that last drink orders had approached and a half hour following we were basically asked to pay our bill and go as they needed the room back.

Clearly the staff are inflexible with assisting the customers needs. They are in no way proactive. Would I recommend this to our clients for business lunches??? Absolutely not. A complete disappointment. I wonder if Madonna was sitting in our place if she would have been rushed out as we were. Probably not. To be honest how anyone can even find the atmosphere appealing is beyond me. It was as sterile as the office most of of work in. I guess the decor matched the personalities of those within.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Overall rating 1 stars
Food 2 | Service 1 | Atmosphere 0 | Value for money 1

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