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George at Esher, or George at Asda??! The service was very much the latter. This was a first time visit and I was extremely disappointed. Whilst the food is very good, George seem to have a problem deciding whether they are a hip and trendy bar, or a good restaurant and their door policy and layout means that one interferes with the other. We were seated at a table close to the bar entrance. The doormen continued to let people into the bar, until it was over-flowing into the restaurant. Result: we had drunken thirty-somethings standing (or stumbling) around our table whilst we were trying to enjoy our meal and generally standing around chatting noisily right next to us. The staff were apologetic but did little to stop the problem. The staff (particularly the Sommelier) seemed to be on first name terms with everyone in the bar and the Sommelier thought it was acceptable to stand around chatting to people right next to our table and ignore his restaurant customers. As if to highlight the problem, whilst we were complaining to the restaurant manager (if he indeed was as there appeared to be some confusion), people wandered through from the bar on route to the toilets, and actually placed their empty glassed onto our table, whilst we were still eating -unbelievable. When I asked for the restaurant manager, the waitress said that was her. When I complained quite strongly, she then said she would find the restaurant manager, so another person came over, followed by the Sommelier, it really wasn't clear who was in charge but I got the distinct impression that if you weren't part of their 'known crowd', then they really didn't care what you thought. Having received a token gesture deduction from our bill (almost £300 for 4), I was told that the general manager would call me to discuss our experience further. Needless to say nobody called.

As I say, food was very good but the whole experience marred by their inability to juggle both restaurant and bar customers. Some simple changes to layout (e.g. having restaurant not share the same entrance and exit as the bar) and to the door policy could really improve this but my overall impression is that they are making enough money from their regulars and from the bar not to give two hoots about any new comers. I definitely would not recommend this venue based on my experience. For the same price, you can eat at a good number of top London restaurants where the service and treatment does match the food.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Overall rating 3 stars
Food 8 | Service 1 | Atmosphere 1 | Value for money 2

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