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Feng Sushi (Borough Market)

What a letdown. A friend had warned me it was disappointing but the menu looked so good I couldn't resist. Oh dear. The edamame was overcooked and mushy, how can you mess up edamame?! The tempura, as another review here mentions, was awful: many of the vegetables were still almost raw, and the batter is chunky instead of delicate as a good tempura batter should be and tasted suspiciously like an unclean fryer to me- my boyfriend thought i was having a whinge but when he had bad indigestion by the time we got home he was not impressed either! The sauce for the tempura wasn't even tempura dip, but tasted suspiciously like tamari. The rice was my biggest beef, it was gluey and mashed tight like plasticene. The handroll was the biggest disappointment, the worse handroll I've ever had, no added special ingredients and way to much of that glue I mean rice! The maki and nigiri were so incredibly skimpy on the fish front, could that salmon slice get any thinner? For the price I was stunned- for almost the same price I could have crossed the bridge and gone to Megen. I should have known better, Megen is full of Japanese clients and Feng sushi has none. Then again Feng isn't even Japanese. From what others around me had, I suspect their Asian fusion is where they excel so stay away from the Japanese and order noodles or the crispy fried duck- yes, this is actually on the menu- first time I've seen that at a Japanese restaurant! I guess that says it all. Oh and one more thing (now I'm having a rant!) like someone else mentions we waited a long time for service, and all the waiters were so glum looking as it was. The only good thing was the Japanese pickles, the real traditional pickles and a generous portion for the price.

Thursday, June 28, 2007
Overall rating 2 stars
Food 1 | Service 3 | Atmosphere 3 | Value for money 1

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