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In response to the comment above, you are an expatriate and therefore not Burmese so your opinion is not as credible as someone who is actually Burmese. I have been raised on traditional Burmese food cooked by Burmese parents. I must say Mandalay’s food is really a credit to Burma. Dishes such as Ohn-no Khauk-swe and Let Thout are as authentic as Burmese dishes can get. I don’t recall walking into an Indian restaurant and seeing such items on their menu. Other dishes which you so clearly believe are ‘’indian’’ have some similarities with Indian food, which if you had taken the time to read, you would have noticed was printed on the menu; that Burmese food is a fusion of Indian, Thai and Chinese. I have been going to the restaurant for years and have never once been disappointed with the authenticity of the food. In fact it reminds me of my mother’s traditional home cooked meals. Having spoken to the owners on numerous visits to the restaurant I am aware that the brothers are the grandsons of U Wa Gyi, the first superintendent of BG press and the nephews of Dr. Ban Han; Attorney General and Dr. Ban Maw; the first Burmese Priminister under British rule. I do not think people with such deep rooted Burmese heritage would be serving anything but authentic Burmese food just to ‘’trick’’ English people. The restaurant is a family run place which genuinely takes care into ensuring food is served to high quality and customers are left satisfied. I know I am after every meal there. There is a great variety of dishes to choose from and one cannot go wrong in picking any because I’m sure they all taste exquisite. I would 100% recommend this place to anyone looking for inexpensive but great tasting food and to ignore ignorant comments and reviews from so called ‘’experts’’ such as anon. Also for other people who have commented on staff not being Burmese. When you go into Bella Italiana for example which from the name suggests its Italian, I can guarantee you that you are not served by Italians. The waitresses and waiters at a restaurant should not be expected to be fellow countrymen. They are just doing a job and that is all. I don’t think people would complain if that Gary Rhodes served them an Indian curry. The authenticity of the food being cooked is nothing to do with the person cooking it, the style of cooking and the ingredients are what make a dish!

Monday, October 22, 2007
Overall rating 9 stars
Food 9 | Service 10 | Atmosphere 7 | Value for money 8

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