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Olive Garden (Raynes Park)

I live down the road from the olive garden and was over the moon when a cute little italian place opened by.

The dishes were priced on the higher side at £9 for a pasta and up to £15 for a main. Reasonable, but I expected something pretty damn good.

The Pasta I had was of a generous proportion and tasty. However as I ate more of the sauce, it became more and more salty to the point that I couldn't actually physically eat anymore and drained my drink in one go. I mentioned it twice to the waitresses, once to ask for more pepper to cover the salty flavour and another time after my meal to ask them to mention it to the chef as I really found it hard to swallow.

The waitresses didn't apologise, look even the slightest apologetic and just walked off from my table. As we were paying, she came over and said that she spoke to the chef and they believed it wasn't the pasta sauce that was salty but the bacon in the pasta. I had to re-iterate that I found it salty despite eating only the pasta sauce and I found I had to defend myself as to why I didn't mention to them earlier in my meal so that they could replace it. The truth was, I couldn't as it was a gradual build up and I was already 1/3 into my meal by the time I realised I needed to say something.

I didnt' expect them to bring me a free meal.. but maybe a drink to drown the saltiness? A slice of bread to soak up some of the saltiness? An apologetic smile saying that they'd take notice and hope that I come back? Something??? Nope. Just stormed off from my table, no acknowledgement. only ''Well this is the FIRST time i've come across this.'' For the prices they charge, I'd expect some better staff than this!

The funny thing is, my friend who had been there before said.. ''you know, now that you mention it - my pasta *is* salty... and the chicken I had last time was quite salty too!!!''

Needless to say I did not pay the ''optional 12.5% gratuity'', wrote on the receipt the reasons why I wasn't paying it and made sure I wrote '' I am NOT coming back''.

And even though I walk by it everyday to go to work. I will not go back.

Sunday, October 28, 2007
Overall rating 3 stars
Food 6 | Service 2 | Atmosphere 3 | Value for money 2

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